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Are you a fan of gay cams as much as we are? Then you must be looking for something new, so why not let someone else take care of that job? A thorough review is all you’re going to need in order to find out whether or not a site you stumbled upon is worth it, and today we’ve got GayCamShows on the menu.

Things might look all sexy and fun on the outside, but it’s never a good idea to judge a book by its cover. It takes a lot to satisfy a wide array of customers, pretty faces and hot bods won’t cut it by themselves, although they’re a good introduction. Brace yourselves, because we’re about to find out all about this live gay cam place now.

Can Beefy Boys Do All the Heavy Lifting?

A site is primarily defined by its performers, they’re the faces that hold the pillars of their success, and as such, they need to be held to certain standards. GayCamShows has done a great job of hiring some of the hottest guys around, we’re talking chiseled six-packs, muscular bodies, stunningly beautiful faces, the whole nine yards.

This also raises some eyebrows with the majority of users – there is not enough diversity. What if you desire to watch a twink stuff his booty with dildos while he’s wearing cuffs? Or imagine a mature daddy, spanking you and controlling your orgasm. Well, here they’re going to stay just that; dreams.

But if you’re a fan of that, then, by all means, go ahead, there is a tonne of gym rats you can jerk off with. On the other hand, you can choose another site, for instance, The reason why it’s used as a comparison is the fact that there are more different body types to choose from, making the offer a fair amount richer than on the majority of other gay webcam sites that we reviewed here.

What Kind of Shows Can I (Not) Expect?

When something’s so one-sided, you shouldn’t be too surprised that the rest is bland as well. You can find all the “jerking off together” types of private shows, though any fetish no matter how common is probably off the table. Really there’s not much to do, but that’s on the models, or maybe it’s company policy?

However, it is, as a consumer you’re getting stifled for a lot of fun because there’s mostly vanilla stuff here. Seeing as there are no twinks or bears, you’re not going to be able to have a gay BDSM session with him, and also, it’s natural for most beefy guys to be dominant, or at least in control, and unfortunately, even that is not an option.

So what are you left with? Maybe some teasing, flirting, the usual stuff, and I can’t say that it’s enough since most of us are searching for a thrill. Honestly, another webcam site is your best bet, you’ve got a good choice in the aforementioned Streamen, where you’ll find most of those kinks and fetishes offered.

The Test Run of Private Shows

I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but even for those of you who are okay with these types of dudes, GayCamShows is not the best choice. They’re snobby as if the roles are reversed, and you’re the one who needs to wait around if they’re going to respond to private messages, that’s if you’re lucky to get a response at all.

It’s rare to see, I can’t even remember if I’ve had the “privilege” of stumbling upon this kind of behavior. You can be a masochist all you want, and you still wouldn’t like it because there’s nothing sexual about being ignored. The ones which were kind enough didn’t give me a single thrill, even after I’ve lowered my standards.

If I’m being generous, I would call the shows lukewarm, they don’t help, but they aren’t bad until you count in the money that’s basically wasted away. For a cam site that has a couple of qualities, they’re failing to cash in on them as they’re poorly executed, so there’s still a lot to be fixed and polished before they’re any good.


Well, there you have it, GayCamShows should be avoided at all costs, it’s not worth the time or the effort. While it does look appealing to the eye, beneath that is an empty shell, straight up hollow with no real content to fill it.

You should go with Streamen, no, really, just go for it, and you’ll be blown off your socks. The enormous offer combined with a slick design and user-friendly approach is unparalleled. That in and by itself is the reason for such huge popularity and a large base of users, to which you’re definitely going to add a number.

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