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There is no doubt that gay cam sites are certainly a great piece of entertainment we can all appreciate, but not all of them are what they promise to be. It takes a lot of effort to provide the end-user with a pleasurable experience, and with so much competition out there, it’s safe to say that everyone is open to critique.

There are some basic things to take into consideration, the ones you can instantly spot, but others are not noticeable to the naked eye. You need to take a deeper look, where all the underlying issues might arise during private chat sessions, which is time and money consuming and can lead to serious disappointments, which is why this review of Jizzroulette.com is necessary.

Roulette or Not?

To kick it off, it doesn’t look good, maybe for a first-timer who sees a “roulette” type homepage it seems fine, but the reality is a lot different. It’s just a gimmick, possibly to play along with the site’s name, but there’s nothing random about it, nor is it a roulette site, it’s just a normal live sex site with an added feature to make it look (supposedly) cool.

What it does instead is give you a false product, you’re thinking it’s a bunch of random people chatting together with you, and it absolutely isn’t. They have even added your camera under the model camera, but there is no function to it, you’re just seeing yourself, and no one else does.

It’s confusing really, especially for someone who might not know what this whole site is about, so you’re just left there, wondering why this gay dude on the other side doesn’t respond to you. But, once you click on “Browse All Guys”, the who thing is revealed, and you’re redirected to the actual cam site where all the models are.

What Actually is Jizzroulette?

Further down the line, this site seems to be a completely different thing, once again. It’s a whitelabel of Streamen.com, or in layman’s terms, a copy of it. So not only is it not a roulette site, it’s not even original, and the disappointments keep lining up. To put things into perspective, Jizzroulette is a business built upon using something else and rebranding it.

There are some things that changed though, like the background color, from black to white. Does it look better? Of course not, the whole gay webcam site seems to have this cheap look to it, and I’m not a fan at all. Especially because they were keen to switch the homepage to something else, but they didn’t even bother to switch other things around.

Except for models, they sure made it a mission to copy that properly. Some guys aren’t even included, even if you put the sites side-by-side, there are some distinctions. So not only are you getting a false “original” product, but you’re getting it watered down and essentially ruined, which needless to say, is a real shame.

You’re Better Off Somewhere Else

I’d like to assure you that Streamen is an awesome site, a personal best gay sex cam site, so seeing it ruined by this attempted copy makes me even more furious. Wait until we reach the actual shows, I was debating whether even to try them out, but it had to be done. To my surprise, Jizzroulette made even them worse.

The quality isn’t the same, some shows are grainy where they should be full HD, others might be ok at first glance but the playback keeps buffering. They didn’t even bother translating that properly into their fake cam site. All around, it’s a massive failure, and a waste of brain cells, all you can do here is get frustrated, even if you knew nothing about Streamen.

Usually, when people make a whitelabel, it’s supposed to be different, or an enhanced version of the original, but it’s not the case here. Everything is downgraded, or you’re being lied to, and that kind of etiquette brings nothing but bad publicity. If you really want to experience these guys, who are awesome entertainers, it’s better to just head over to Streamen.


Jizzroulette is a massive disappointment, it pains me enough that they’re copying Streamen, but to actually do such a lousy job makes my blood boil. Instead of hanging out with some hunks, and knowing what to expect, I’m led to believe that there is nothing wrong, and it’s different from all the other live gay video sites out there.

This site is a certified failure, you’re better off going to Streamen or CameraBoys and actually grasping the full scope of male cam sites. The hot studs there are definitely going to give you a lifetime of fond memories, and the site as a whole is stable, user-friendly, and most importantly, honest about what they do. So don’t be discouraged by this copy, the original has a lot more to offer than you can imagine!

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