Since porn content is pretty much all over the web and with new pages being made daily, it can be hard to keep track of the good ones. Not only that, but many of the paying or free websites can also turn out to be scams and ruin your experience entirely. Luckily, that is why we dedicate our webpage to finding and ranking the gay cam sites so you do not have to.

Our goal is to provide you u with a clear list of best places to have a live sex on and we take it seriously. We search the web and investigate new porn sites to the last detail and then compile the information in an easy-to-read form. Each and every website is fully explored by our staff and then presented to you in a full review containing information about accessibility, payment, looks and even a list of best features. The information is updated daily and you do not have to worry about scam sites because they do not even make it to our lists.

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No matter what type of guy or sexual activity gets your blood flowing we guarantee that there is something for everyone on the websites we review and put in our lists. These gay cam sites are hand-picked from all over the world and they feature endless streams of hot naked men willing to do anything you desire in front of your screen.

No fetish is left unchecked and unexplored. The live models are open-minded, passionate and willing to do anything to satisfy your needs. Whether you like to watch big bears or young twinks you will find your favorite content and be amazed at how professional these gay webcam sites are set up. The majority of the websites include Daddy, Twink, Musclemen or Big Bear categories, and these are just the tip of the iceberg.

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The biggest advantage of webcams in today’s world filled with porn content is the live-action aspect and the possibility of chatting with your favorite model. Whether it is a professional gay model cam or an amateur one, these guys will go to whatever hights they need to, just to bring you pleasure and fulfill your deepest wishes.

All of this is always available to you, at any time you want, from any device you own. The only downside is that your favorite gay stud may not be always online but with hundreds of other streams available, you will find another hunk in no time!

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Let’s be honest, no one wants to spend time or money to watch something that has blurry video or audio that cannot be heard at all. That is why our lists consist only of websites that are in full high-definition audio and video.

This ensures that every last detail on our gay models is seen and every moan from their masturbating sessions is heard and enjoyed. No more spending hours and hours searching for clear, well-made webcam content, just visit our lists and pick your favorite gay cam website!

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As I have said be before, we take our job and your pleasure seriously and this makes us go to incredible lengths to thoroughly examine every site before it can reach one of our lists.

Our team cannot be bought or influenced by any outside party and this ensures an objective and non-biased review of every webcam site we examine. So, relax, pick your favorite gay webcam site and start enjoying!

XLoveGay Cam Review

XLoveGay Cam Review

XLoveGay is the gay male and couple’s version of XLoveCam. A dull version to be honest. From the moment you open the landing page of XLoveGay you will immediately notice all the flaws on this platform. They have an outdated design, too many unnecessary filter buttons, and most importantly very few male models you can choose from.

I really do not know why would you filter the weight or height of your model and the length of their hair. What is next, the color of their eyebrows filter? I really do not think XLoveGay needs these options on their website. They should be focusing on more important things and that is attracting more male models to work for you, so your paid costumers could have a great time on your website.

Lack of male models – lack of paid users

In order to have more paid users on your site, you have to be doing something different from your competition. It will attract more customers to your platform. XLoveGay is missing male models and that could be a huge step back for them. When I was there, there were only 7 gay cams who were doing live shows. All the filter buttons on their website are really not helping because of the limited numbers of their models.

Annoyingly there is no option to filter or sort out HD streams, or to search based on common male criteria like cock size, cut vs. uncut, or sexual role. Most of these models are using plain lap top cam so you will not see many of them in HD resolution. Most of the entertainers come from Western Europe, predominantly from France and Spain and some speak good English and some use online translators to communicate with their clients.

These interactions between users and models can be really difficult because of the language barrier. XLoveGay should request that all male models who want to register as performers for the first time should need to know basic English conversation in order to start working.

No free action on XLoveGay

You will have to top up your account with credits in order to have more than an innocent conversation with models. Free image galleries are available on each model’s profile page, as are some free videos and pre-recorded shows. For private shows, of course, you need to purchase credits. You are not going to see models jerk off, play with their butts or even pose naked for you in the public chat room.

Credits are directly tied to euros – that is, €1 is 1 credit once converted. The cost of credits can vary somewhat based on the payment method used to purchase them. The rates for each performer are decided by the performer, so the cost for private shows can also be quite variable.


XLoveGay will surely need to work more with their new models. They should have good quality cameras and at least a decent knowledge of English. Most importantly, XLoveGay should find more entertainers or their platform will be quickly forgotten. There are better gay cam sites that you can visit and we list them on our homepage. Site Review Site Review is supposed to be a platform where you can chat with your favorite gay model but from the first moment you open this page you can tell that expectations are going to be different from the reality. The landing page can really paint the picture of something that could have been a great place to have some live sex, can be quite the opposite. Even if you do have some small portion of great looking gay performers, it will not cover the fact that you are way behind in quantity and even quality from the more well-known gay cam websites that we list here.

Where are the models on has a plain landing page with an average design and non-existing filter buttons which will let you choose something that you like in a model. Filter option is a very useful function on every major gay website and should not be exception.

The purpose of these features is to help you find what you are looking for, but on this website they decided not to have this meaningful preference. With so little models to choose on you do not even need it. When I was writing this review I could not find any single model online on their platform. Not even one.

The site also used to offer video clips that were free to watch for anyone, but they removed them so you will now need to pay to watch these videos. These videos are prerecorded cam shows and they are available at a size of 320×240, pretty small by today’s standards, with below average quality. Most of these videos are not even mobile compatible so you will need to watch them on your PC or TV. I could not find a date for the next scheduled live show, and the reason is lacking the numbers of online models. They will need to find a lot of male models if they want to attract more people who are willing to use this platform.

Should you top up your account?

There is no option to chat with these models for free. I do not think this site offers memberships anymore, although they did previously and it would be a much better option for the user. The join tab takes you to the free membership, and upgrading your account lets you only buy credits so you can buy videos of models.

Instead of a monthly paid membership for all model access, they made something that will shake your head in disbelief. These cam models run their own Fan Clubs which you can join to get access to videos, photos, and diaries. Some of the male models who do not have quality content offer subscription for $10 per month while another, who had lots of content, charges $30 per month. So, the standard price for a member site subscription, will only get access to the one guy’s content, which is if you ask me, is a bad way of running this business. 

Everyone can set their value for money on They should be using the old recipe for success but instead they wanted to revolutionize the game which only brought them a major fail.