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XHamster is a well-known porn tube site, but can their live sex rooms live up to the name? It certainly did help to attract a huge number of models, and despite them, we have to take a deep look beneath the surface and see what else is brewing in private chats. One thing that bothers me is that the whole idea behind this cam site doesn’t offer anything special.

You should expect some originality or more thought to be put into the live shows, especially when it’s kickstarted by an established giant in the industry. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, but it’s far from being a deal-breaker, so we’re setting off to see in this review on the MyGayCamSites what else XHamsterLive’s Gay section of the XHamsterLive has, or doesn’t have to offer.

The Hamster Is a Bit Confused

Regarding the interface, it’s quite slick and there are some features that need to be pointed out. For instance, the filtering options are detailed, they are located on the left side of the browser, and there’s pretty much anything an average user would need, as well as some important categories like the price of shows and such.

However, there is an additional “Categories” drop menu, which offers nothing at all. It contains some other keywords, but definitely not all of them, rendering it useless most of the time since there’s no actual value offered there. If you were to look at any other cam site, that function serves as a way to expand your search, or it’s not there at all.

Take Streamen.com for instance, you’ve got every category on the left side, with some expandable options, but there’s no need for anything else. As we progress you will definitely see us comparing these two, simply because Streamen is a certified badass in the land of live gay shows, so there are some standards a name like XHamsterLive needs to go against.

Lacklustre Model Diversity

The male section of this sex webcam site is divided into three main categories; Gay, Bisexual, and Straight. If we were to talk purely about the Gay section, then the number of models would drastically drop, to a measly 30 models. The thing is most of them want to attract bigger crowds so they label themselves as Bisexual.

IMO, this is an oversight on XHamsterLive’s side, since obviously some of them are not bi, and you’re lacking the choice around here. It’s another step added that should have been avoided, but it is what it is. Even though it may seem that you’ve got a lot of choices, they are quite vague, in reality, you will hardly find some BDSM, foot fetishes, roleplay, or really anything that’s a bit dirty, kinky, or however you want to call it.

When it comes purely to male models, there is another hurdle along the way, you’re faced with the majority of Latino guys. We all know that camming is huge there, but not having Euro or American guys is a bit unfortunate, and the whole sense of diversity may seem a bit lost because there’s hardly any.

No Cam2Cam No Fun

Private camming is the essence of any male cam site, and so it should be with XHamsterLive, but, unexpectedly, they are lacking some feature. Let’s say you want to get really personal with a model, you certainly expect a cam2cam feature, right? Well, not here, it’s not even an option, which is quite sad since it should be a staple of any cam site.

If you were to take a quick look at Streamen’s private sex sessions, then you would realize how crippling it feels to not have a cam2cam option after using it at least once. The shows themselves aren’t anything special either, and I’m fine with calling out XHamsterLive where it’s needed, maybe it’s them, maybe it’s the models, but there’s nothing around here that really grabs your attention.

Personally, I’ve had the “privilege” of trying out half a dozen male models, and they all seemed a bit uninterested, or really just dragging out the shows. Giving out commands meant you’re stuck with a couple of minutes of setup, and some ignoring since their primary concern is to juice out your wallet, not your cock, and it’s the first time I’ve felt like such.


As expected, XHamsterLive should have never ventured into the camming business, they just lack the understanding of what their audience wants. Considering what a huge name in the industry they are, hiring someone to help them shape live sex chats into something worthwhile would have been a better option, but it obviously isn’t going to happen.

If you really want to experience the gay webcam sites for what they are, I would recommend Streamen, after all, it’s the best one out there. Sure, those are big shoes to fill for XHamsterLive, but the way it is, they’re nowhere near the quality of private shows and the site as a whole, let alone the models and shows they offer.

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