Gay Feet Sex Cam Sites

Finding a male model who is into feet play is not that hard nowadays, but you still want to dip your toes in the water and check out who is up for it. Your best choice would be to use the benefits of a free chat with a model, so you get to know if their kinks match up with yours, and then head over to private and make your fantasy a reality.

Choosing the right gay cam site is incredibly important, but sometimes it’s too hard to pick, there are some who stand out, and I have no doubt that this list helps you with your choice. Review

As a dedicated gay site, Cameraboys offers quality service to their users, primarily because of its wide choice of models who not only are good-looking but also extremely professional. The majority of guys over here are masters of their craft, and they have a wide set of skills needed to please a paying customer.

Finding someone to perform some feet play is probably going to take some time, but you should do just fine by asking a guy you like in the live gay chat, or you might have some luck and see it under their preferred fetishes under the bio tab which is positioned on the left side of their cam window.

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You can expect a somewhat higher average rate for models going at about $2.5 per minute, which is worth it considering the dedication and quality you’re getting. One thing is for sure, those who have a foot fetish definitely know what they’re doing, and they will have multiple dildos at their disposal which are going to get stroked by their oil-soaked feet, while you’re beating off in rhythm. Review

Streamen is another men-only site and it’s populated with a wide variety of performers, any body type, race, fetish, you name it and they have it here. Finding a guy with a foot fetish is incredibly easy here, all you have to do is type it in the search bar, and you’ll instantly get at least 50 models listed.

Feet lovers rejoice, because there are even some models who are foot fetish only performers, and you’ll be met with a set of feet in your face, ready to wiggle those toes for your pleasure. If you like to dominate, then going cam-to-cam is your best choice, and you will get a gay sub who’s ready to worship your feet.

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Even though most of the guys over here are amateurs, it doesn’t mean that private shows are going to be any less entertaining, it’s their passion and that’s all that matters. The prices can vary, but they’re usually on the lower end of the spectrum, these performers are not greedy, and their primary focus is to have fun, so most shows go for $1 pre minute easily.

Do you want to see other gay cam sites that are worth checking out? We have got you covered, just go to the MyGayCamSites where we review them all for you.

LiveJasmin Gay Review

Ready to drool over some neatly pedicured toes of fantastic performers? Then you’re at the right place. Even though LiveJasmin’s focus is on female performers, there are some amazing gay studs who are at the top of their game, streaming in HD only.

The male section is less populated, averaging around 80 models any time of the day, but you won’t be able to take your eyes off them, they’re neat, polite, and will try their absolute hardest to please you. Finding a dedicated foot fetish channel is a bit harder, there are a couple of them, but you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled.

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One of the best things about this site is that you can call a model who’s not currently performing, he will respond, and be at your disposal in a couple of minutes. Foot fetish specialists here are pricier, you’ll have to dish out $3 per minute, but what you’re getting in return will forever stay etched in your memory.


Foot fetish is not a mysterious taboo that makes people scoff and shake their head in disbelief, it’s so common that you won’t be having a hard time finding some sexy gay models who are experienced in it and know what they’re doing.

There’s no wrong choice with either of these websites, if you want professionals with an interest in feet and knowledge on how to perform, then go for either LiveJasmin or CameraBoys, but if you like connecting with regular people who enjoy doing what they do, then go for Streamen.

I’m sure any of these would work well, and if you’re still indecisive just try them all out for yourself, make sure to create an account, and off you go finding a fellow feet enthusiast to sate your desire. Review Review

If you’re searching for a perfect gay site, you won’t find it, perfection is unachievable, but this one comes very close. It’s highly rated due to a delightful blue-colored layout which is refreshing for your eyes, and the user interface is easy to navigate through, some might argue that there should be more filtering options, but it’s not that big of an issue.

Your interactions with models will be fulfilling, every moment is enjoyable, and they will be dedicated to performing as best as they can.

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All gay models here on the are masters of their craft and today we are going to review them, try not to drool too much in private chats, but then again who could blame you? They are absolutely beautiful, and open to various experiences and kinks. The pricing is affordable considering the quality of shows you’re getting, some might charge more than others, but you’re also getting way better shows in return.

Getting Started allows you to view the chatrooms for free, it’s a good way to start so you can check out the models and tune in on what it is they do. Some of them are singing along to the music and teasing you with their sexy moves, while others are flexing firm muscles is tight tank-tops, whatever it is, you’re going to get some insights on their personalities and interests.

If you want to communicate through chat, as with other sites, you will have to create an account, it will take 2 mins of your time tops. If you go to log in through a chat, there will be a pop-up that is going to give you extra credits once you sign up.

You will also have to link an account to a payment option, of which there are multiple options:

  • Credit Cards – Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Electron, JCB, Discover, Solo/Switch, Bleue
  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Etherium, +50 Altcoins
  • Gift Cards
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Other Alternative Payment Options – Skrill, Paysafe Card, and many others depending on your geographic region

Pretty much any major payment option is included, which is hard to say for any other site. The amounts vary depending on your package, payment option, and geographic location, for example, $22.99 Credit Card NA, €23.99 Credit Card EU, €26.99 PayPal & Crypto EU, all of which buy you 17.99 credits.

The more you buy, the more bonus tokens you’re going to get, and you can even deposit a custom amount of money to trade for credits.

Types of Shows and Models

As mentioned before the filtration is pretty simple, primarily focusing on body types, but considering this site doesn’t have that many models compared to some others, you don’t really need that many.

The number is usually hovering around 100, which in itself is a solid amount considering the quality.

One thing that struck my eye is how beautiful and professional these models look. Cameraboys has made sure to hire only the best performers, for which no one can blame them. They have strict rules when it comes to camera requirements, and most of these guys are pros at what they do.

Most of them are between 18-30 years old, and you will be surprised by how many 18-19 year-olds there are here, so in hindsight, there are a lot of twinks, some athletic types, and some next-door neighbor you would like to bank type.

It’s easy to check out what’s going on in the chatrooms, you can hover over the picture and see for yourself what’s going on, but don’t expect to see much other than usual chatting with potential private cam customers.

Their openness to communication stands out, always ready to reply to any questions, and will even ask you back, in order to find more about you, so it’s not all pretending, they want to know who they’re sharing time with, and it deepens your connection, making private shows an absolute banger.

User Options

Once you enter a chat, besides the big screen with the performer on, you can see everything about them through their bio, where they got all their interests and kinks listed, it’s a good way to find out more about the model.

If you scroll down, there are some pics and videos, some of which are free, but there’s also some locked content that you will have to pay for in order to see. The bad thing is, you don’t know what that content is, there is no preview, or just a snippet so you would have a clue if it’s for you, but then again it’s 3 tokens, so it might be a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Or you can buy a membership and have all that content free of charge.

You can also see how the model is rated by other users, and if you like him, make sure to add to favorites, so every time you log in, he’s going to be at the top of your list.


The shows will cost you around $2 per minute, and those can go up depending on whether or not you want to go cam to cam, and sound on, both of which are paid extra.

It might seem pricey, but considering the shows, you’re getting, and the kind of models you’re working with, I would say it’s quite fair.

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The whole experience in private chats is on another level, you’re guaranteed to have a solid, memorable show, and these hot gay men will make sure to treat you properly so you come back to for more.

Best Gay Cam2Cam Sites

Whichever kink you have, there are certain performers who can do it better than others, or there are some sites that offer a broader choice. Sometimes it’s not about that only, the price, user interface, payment options, every little bit plays a part on the broader scale.

Finding the right gay cam2cam sites can be a tough process, time-consuming, or borderline boring, and you absolutely shouldn’t go through it on your own. Here’s a guiding hand, with a compilation of some top-of-the-line live chat places which all have certain positives that make them stand out from each other.

LiveJasmin Gay Review

A well-done camming site with a stand-out red overlay. Livejasmin is an experienced player in this game, and they hold a certain level of quality. Models are required to stream on HD, and they are handpicked especially the male section.

You can expect beautiful faces greeting you as if you came to a 5star hotel, and making you feel comfortable and stoked to stroke at the same time.

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The price for shows can go as low as $1, averaging at about $2-$2.5 per minute. Pretty much any paying option you can think of off the top of your head is included, Credit Card, PayPal, and pretty much any Cryptocurrency. Review

Already by its name, you can guess that it is a men-only cam2cam site. It has a variety of performers, older, younger, gay bears, twinks, and most importantly some BDSM lovers. Including fetishes and some other kinks is what makes this site awesome, along with the fact that 4K is supported.

For payment options, there are PayPal and CC, so not that much diversity, but it’s mainly because of the system that’s being used. You don’t have to buy any tokens or some kind of a currency, because you’re charged directly for the time you’ve spent in a private chat, which is a bit pricier, $2.40 are the cheapest ones.

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With that being said, you might think it’s easy to get carried away, and you would be right, but hopefully, there’s a “daily limit” option, which bars you from spending your entire savings away. Review

Another one of the fantastic gay cam2cam sites also with an all-men policy. It reaps the benefits of professional models and high-quality cams, while at the same time having hundreds of performers live at any time, which from my experience mostly seem like twinks or athletic types.

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There are plenty of payment options, CC, Crypto, and PayPal, whichever suits you best, and you can even earn some extra credits on your first sign-up. You can use them to check out the models, and maybe your sights will be set on a specific hunk. The private shows cost $2 on average, and you will have to pay extra for audio.

Chaturbate Gay Review

The favorite website of all the freeloaders, pretty much because of the open-to-public live cams. It’s a simple site, easy to navigate, and there are pretty much all types of gay performers you can think of, simply because of the sheer numbers, but despite that, you will mostly find vanilla, playful-style content.

The quality of cams goes from the lowest to 4k, there are no rules and regulations in place. Private shows are a rarity over here, except with the less popular cammers, the higher-ranked ones are usually focused on making a big buck, and they do it with free, public shows.

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The token system in place is mainly used to tip the models, so you can make them do various stuff, which is listed in their chatrooms. The more you tip, the crazier it gets, from toy control to anal creampies, and it all depends on the performer.

Flirt4Free Gay Review

When it comes to hosts, the ones over here look as if you’re picking out of the pool of top models, as in model models, handsome, pretty, bodybuilder type, which you won’t see on other gay cam2cam sites. The user interface is slick, there are plenty of options to filter, you can even pick toy-controlled rooms, just so you get the idea.

Signing up will grant you 120 bonus tokens, which equates to about $13, and private chats cost $3 per minute on average. Some can go lower, as in half a buck, or you can join a multi-user chat, where you’ll pay less, but only the one who started the chat will have the luxury of going cam-2-cam, which along with the audio is automatically included in the price and doesn’t require you to chip in extra for. For the payment options, you can go for CC or PayPal.

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At the bottom of the page, you can click on the “Deals” section, it’s a bit small and hard to find, but it’s a hidden gem. If you want to get some discount codes for the shows, then you will find them here, which usually go like “Free 3 mins after 7 mins”, or akin to that, where you can get up to 30 mins free.


Your choice is what matters in the end, but I can promise you that going with either one of these won’t make you wrong. We all love sexy boys who can put out and stroke their cocks or pound those yummy booties with toys, but we also love them in tight spandex with whips in their hands, ordering us how to behave.

Do you want to see other gay cam to cam sites that are worth visiting and those that you need to avoid, then you will learn about them on the, you just have to click on the link and you will see them all.

Some guys will do it better than others, but in the end, you can sign up for all of them and check out for yourself, maybe you’re picky and just need to see for yourself to find the one.

Gay Cam Sites Accepting PayPal

Before you enter a gay cam site loaded with hunks, you should take care of security and privacy first. PayPal offers you a stable way to deposit money, and grants protection of your account, money on it, and personal information.

Recognized by both users and websites for its superiority, PayPal is a part of your favorite live chat websites, and even though their popularity is a reason to visit, safe cruising will be a reason to stay.

LiveJasmin Gay Review

A well-known player in the game, the red background of the user interface makes it stand out, it’s total eye candy. LiveJasmin’s main focus is on the quality of male performers, you won’t find anything less than good-looking when it comes to these muscular boys, and their cameras are in HD, so you can safely admire the chiseled jaws and veins popping out on their arms.

For anything more than the usual chit-chat in public, you will have to go private. So go ahead, create an account and sign up, just make sure to link your PayPal account to buy some credits and you will be set for a frisky adventure. Now you can do anything you like without worries on your mind, so relax and get started while your money is protected from any hard.

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The price per minute depends on a performer and the rate they set. Some will go for less than 1 credit, while the majority are in the 1-3 credit bracket. Even if your favorite hunk is in a private chat with another user, don’t be jealous, you will be able to take a peek and see him in action for only 1 token. Review

When a website is solely focused on gay models, then you can hope for the best experience and a whole lot of fantasies that are closer to your kinks. Daddy, Guy Next Door, and College are just some of the options you have at your disposal in the sidebar, and there are a lot more for you to research.

If you wish to dwell deeper into the life of a certain model, you can do it through their detailed profile page, and possibly you will find the right match. When you’re all ready and set, it’s time to make an account and trade PayPal money for gold, which is an in-site currency.

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It’s the safest bet you can make, just in case you were worried about your privacy, with PayPal you won’t gamble it away, but rather keeping it with yourself where it should be.

To add the cherry on top, you should look for GOLD shows, which are discounted and probably the best price to value ratio. One more unique aspect of this website is a $15 monthly membership, which grants you unlimited video streaming.

Chaturbate Gay Review

If there’s something that makes you rock hard, then you will find it here. Crowded with performers, from muscular to twinks, old dudes, couples, group sex, pretty much anything you like is going to be here. It’s no wonder Chaturbate has such an immense amount of traffic because it really does offer diversity.

Each model here has a certain goal they want to reach, no matter how much, the token system is set so you could have some fun interactions with them. Usually, they will have toys that are controlled by the number of tokens donated, each new donation regulating the speed and length of vibrations.

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The price of tokens is regulated differently from other sites, going at about 10 for a dollar, and the more you spend, the more extra tokens you’re going to get.

Linking your PayPal account to Chaturbate is going to be a piece of cake, and the funds are transferred to your account faster than all the other methods.


Out of all the gay cam sites, these three are the most popular, filled with various content, and to no surprise, they all have PayPal listed as a payment method.

Streamen and LiveJasmin are your best bet when it comes to the quality of shows, cameras, and sexy studs that perform live.

Don’t forget Chaturbate, they give you the best value for your money, there are so many amateur models, especially groups of guys which bang any time of the day, and you can control how and when they cum.

The money from your PayPal account is going to be worth it on any of these sites, and you will get your banger shows for sure, while at the same time having a reliable option to deposit your money while keeping your address and name away from anyone who might misuse it. Review Review

Let’s face it, having a great, sculpted body takes some hard work, and watching muscular studs flex is hot at hell. That’s the premise of this site, or at least what it’s promising to be. If you’re into bodybuilders, then watching them work out, and seeing as sweat makes their six-pack stand out is a dream come true.

Watching hot guys flexing and posing for you has immense value, but it largely depends on the quality and how it is presented to the consumer.

There are a lot of gay cam sites out there on the, and the majority of them have a bunch of hot studs, so can this one offer something out of the ordinary?

Severely outdated design

The first sight you’re going to be greeted with is absolutely horrendous. A steel-theme website that looks like terminator himself made it back in the early 2000’s. Despite getting stunned I picked up the courage and dwelled deeper by clicking “Accept” so I could enter the site, hoping my first impression is going to get somewhat better, and surprise, surprise, it did not.

The homepage is kind of more of the same, except you get to see a long list of models, and some who are online, as well as pics and videos, archives, and purchase section.

If you are looking for some quality gay cam sites we have listed them on the for you all and you are guaranteed to get lots of great live action when you visit them.

The whole look is making it seem as if it was a scam, and I was even questioning whether or not to continue, but for the sake of others, it had to be done.

There were a couple of models online so I’ve tried watching their shows, but as expected I am supposed to create an account, which was pretty basic.

What happened next had me really disappointed, the cams still run on adobe flash player, which most browsers do not even support, so I had to go through the hassle of activating it just to see what’s going on.

Inactive Community

I’ve had the pleasure of choosing, oh wait, no I didn’t, there was one guy online, so I obviously picked him. His picture looked promising, but I couldn’t really tell because the camera view was focused on his hand, and I got a close-up of his pores.

In the meantime, a couple of other guys started camming, so I went over to check them out. One of them was nothing like he seemed in the pictures and actually was unresponsive.

The third and final one was spot-on, responsive, and really up for some action, but the camera quality was pretty bad, as is with all the guys that are camming here, and the money that was sent made no difference at all.

That’s it, a total of three guys on a supposed live sex cam, during a weekend when shows are supposed to be packed.

It comes as no surprise that paid content is scarce, especially pics which cost $2, and videos which are $10-$30, and you only get a preview from the beginning, so throwing your money at them is a big gamble, and same can be said for the recorded shows.

Only one payment option (Not that you will need it)

The way this site works is that you transfer funds from your credit card onto the site, and with it, you are paying for content and private shows. I would advise you not to do it unless you want to throw away some hard-earned money on sub-par content and lame live shows, neither of which will give you what you came for.

You should put your money into some more popular live cams, and get the treatment you deserve. LiveMuscleShow is ancient, it possibly had some following once, but it didn’t stand the test of time, nothing about it is up to standard, and the list of cons is longer than could be put into words, so it’s safe to say that this site is going to die out completely pretty soon.

BongaCams Gay Cam Review

BongaCams Gay Cam Review

Do you guys know Bongacams? It is is a sex cam site that has a section for Female, Couple, Trans and Male shows. This review’s sole focus will be the gay cam section which coincidentally is supposed to be the Male tab, which already is not a good sign. Well, you will find it out in this post that we have done for you.

BongaCams is missing a proper divide of Gay and Male models

We are off to a rough start, if you wish to interact with a gay hunk, you might instead find yourself chatting with a straight guy, something is awfully wrong, and ultimately a boner-killer.

The lack of clarity is bringing the consumer in an unpleasant situation. If I am unable to find a personal preference without any hiccups, then the site is doing a bad job communicating with its customers. It is more of a get paid or get lost type of thing, and why would that be you are wondering? Well, that is because of the damn pop-ups.

Ah, the famous pop-ups. Yes, those damn ugly things no one wants to have their face blasted with, at least not the kind of face-blasting I am here for.

Once or twice in a span of an hour would be fine, but this thing will block your entire screen by popping up every 30 seconds or so, forcing you to sign up or buy a gold membership, and that button you are supposed to close the pop-up with is hard to find, I have had to play Where’s Waldo with that thing, but at least you get the promised 10 bonus tokens when signing up so that is nice.

Lack of model filtering is a big turn-off on Bongacams

When there are not enough tags to go through, navigation through the models is a living nightmare. There is not enough diversity to start with, the majority of models are from Russia, with a few in-between American and western European.

The filtering is very vague, you got the usual Masturbation, Chatting, Cumshot, and a lot of varieties of the before mentioned ones.

Right of the bat, you can notice that even those live-cams that are tagged a certain way are a complete let-down, there is a guy tagged with Stripping, and he is sitting there in his hoodie for like a half an hour, what is up with that?

The overall amount of guys sitting there in their clothes is too high, finding the one to share some joy of masturbation is a tough task at hand, especially if you need a beefy, muscular hunk because you will go limp before finding one.

It goes without saying that there are models who are worth it, of course, their shows are private, and you do get a blurry sneak peek in case you were wondering what is going on, but to be able to enjoy the full show you have to tip 60 tokens minimum.

Buying a membership will not bring you pleasure on BongaCams

I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but in case you were not following so far, this site has to resolve some issues before it is worth my time and money, mainly because there are not so many different types of guys you can choose from.

The free 10 tokens you get will get you nowhere though, the least you need to have is 20+ for the minute actions from a model, and 200 or more in order to properly interact.

If you do decide to spend your money, then be prepared to drop $20 to buy yourself 292 tokens but even then you will not get much action that will satisfy you.

The Male model section is many things, but it definitely is not worth it before it gets some proper care and attention to improve the quality of the site so better check out other ones like Streamen and LiveJasmin that we reviewed here a while ago.

Cam4 Gay Site Review

Cam4 Gay Site Review is an online platform with a great selection of amateur webcams from all around the world. This site has three categories from which you can choose your desired gender with whom you want to interact with in a private chat room – male, female and trans. The landing page is clear and simple, but not so user friendly.

They do not have the drop down filter options on the left side, instead, you will need to hover over your mouse on the desired menu for hidden filter window to appear. Here, you must manually enter your favorite things that you wish to see on your models. Not so convenient if you ask me. I am going to be focusing this review on the gay selection and give my honest opinion on how can improve overall experience.

Language and public content problem

Male selection of Cam4 is mainly based on amateur models. The selection of entertainers is huge and there is a country flag on every chat window from which can you tell where is the origin of the model. Most of them are from Europe and Colombia, but very few models are from the USA.

Language barrier can be a problem on the platform and you will need to find performers who can actually speak English. Sometimes, it can be a daunting task but eventually you can find a model who knows how to entertain you in the language you can understand. When a performer goes online, his picture appears in the websites live grid and it may or may not include his face.

Sometimes a guy chooses just to show his cock or his butt or a different part of his face and body. The guys are allowed to do as much or as little as they want. You can tip performers, pay for a private show, buy videos, but nothing is free except the performer chats and streams when you are watching their rooms.

Everything else is going to cost you, and buying those tokens can really drain your wallet. Another thing that can ruin the whole interaction on this platform is the low quality of the model live shows. One thing I’ve noticed is that some cam models have loads of pictures and videos on their pages while others have very little and that can be disappointing. Cam4 should set the minimum amount of content that must be published on a models public account.

Platform which needs your money

Tokens are the main way you can enjoy the site. Once you sign up and get your free membership, you can proceed to buy various token amounts that cost as follows:

  1. €9.95 for 50 tokens
  2. €18.99 for 100 tokens
  3. €44.95 for 250 tokens
  4. €84.95 for 500 tokens
  5. €159.95 for 1000 tokens

You do not have to buy any tokens, but you may want to get some sooner or later. Since the site is offering you many ways to use your tokens at every turn, they could go quickly.


If wants their male selection to be better and more recognized in the gay industry they should be focusing on three things they need to improve – the language barrier, the minimum amount of profile content and boosting the live chat quality to at least 720p. Now, if you need a solid free cam site that has lots of hot male models then check out this Chaturbate review and see what they offer. | Gay Review Review

Many people have been around for long enough to know about the main live cam sites out there. Places like Chaturbate and CamSoda have been available to people for quite some time now. However, these places do not really seem to focus on the needs and wants of the gay community.

That is where sites like come into play. This website is created to specifically offer a huge number of gay cams for people to enjoy and it is a male version of Streamate. There are plenty of cams to enjoy here and they are all available for free when you join the platform with a free account.

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Private rooms are always more fun than public ones is a site that focuses on private shows and they do it with pride. Why? Well, it is because public shows can sometimes be a bit of a downer. While you can have fun on those, someone can always come alone and outbid you to transform the show.

With private shows you are either one-on-one with a male cam model for a personalized experience, or you are in a private group of tightly-knit fans who all want the same thing. This is the main advantage to private rooms and it is why is exclusive in that regard.

Every category and genre you could ever have hoped for

Finding the right man for the job is easy as pie on this platform. All you have to do is take a quick glance over at the categories on the left-hand side of There you will find all the genres you could ever have hoped for, and they all make sense from a gay cam perspective.

You get to see all of the different genres available, and on top of this, you get to see how many cams are online for each specific category on the website. This is a feature that many live pages choose to leave out, but it can be a real lifesaver when you want to know which category offers the most content, and therefore the most diverse shows.

Use all the features to filter through thousands of cams

You can also set the Chat language, the Region of the cams, the Features of the cams so that you can customize your gay cam experience even further. There is even a way for you to change up the layout by making the thumbnails of the cams smaller so that more of them can fit on your screen.

These options are found in the top-right part of the platform. The most impressive thing, however, is just how many men are on this platform at all times. At any given time you will see upwards of several thousand gay cams to choose from!

Modern and slick UI design that looks and feels phenomenal

The design is something else to talk about and it is definitely something that needs a certain amount of praise. When it comes to these more niche cam sites like, they do not usually do that well in the UI department. However, noticed that users definitely want a good interface so that they can quickly and effectively use the site to serve them, and so they implemented that.

There are so many good things to mention here, but just to look at one would be to appreciate all the modern graphics and colors. All the button animations work well, and the website loads really quickly as well! It’s like a dream come true for web designers when compared to other live cam sites out there.

Find every type of male cam model out there

If you still are not sure about which cam you want to check out, then you can filter through these dudes by using the Advanced filter settings. Here you can set everything from the age of the male cam models to their hair color, sexual orientation, ethnicity, cock size, body type, and so on. Then, after you enter all your desired filters in place, you can look at the ratings of the different cams to figure out which one of these bad boys is the one you should be looking at for the best content and entertainment. You will not be wrong about any of them when it comes to

I always love to visit this amazing gay cam site and I every time I do this, I have a good time with their hot male models that are willing to do all kinds of stuff for me from a regular masturbation, striptease to a more kinky action like humiliation, ass play with huge dildos or biceps flexing. I am sure that you will have a very good live private experience on so check this out now and see for yourself why they are so loved.

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LiveJasmin Gay Review

LiveJasmin Gay Review

In the world of online gay cams, there are many platforms you can go to for free content. Now, that content does not necessarily have to be good though. If you want to find the high-quality stuff, then your best bet is to go to a premium cam site like This place has its own dedicated gay section that you can always count on when you want to enjoy the hottest private shows around.

These men are here to please you, but they will only do it in private. They do not just show their body to anyone, and this makes things even sexier, since you will be one of the rare people to see these guys nude and do all kinds of naughty things just for you.

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Private shows provide a much better cam quality and experience

Now, LiveJasmin Gay does offer some teasers that you can see for free. For example, before the men go into sexy mode and start stripping down, they will host a free and public stream where they wear all of their clothes.

It is not until they go private, however, that the show really starts. The dudes on LiveJasmin Gay know how to throw a party, and it will be apparent once you start watching them perform on camera. If you ever had doubts that live cams can be insanely high production and high-quality, then you should go on over to the LiveJasmin Gay platform and see whether that is actually the case.

There are so many gay male cam models to choose from here

There are always dozens of male models ready to show their stuff on the platform. At peak hours these numbers reach the hundreds of cams too. If you are lucky, you might just find the perfect private cam from the first time on the platform.

If you want something ultra-specific though, you might need to go through a couple of private sessions on the platform in order to really get a feel for every single guy and model who performs in the Gay category. This will not be an issue, since it is really easy to switch between live streams and there are always new models to check out and enjoy on the platform.

Group private streams and one-on-one private sessions

Now, one thing that you are probably wondering is how the format of the live cam works if it is all in private? Well, there are two types of private sessions. One of them is a private one-to-many session where it is almost like a regular chat room, except you are joined by other gay live cam enthusiasts.

Then there is the one-on-one session which many people even prefer because it makes them feel special and intimate with the gay cam model in question. It also allows you to enjoy them on a very personal level as they’ll do pretty much anything you want them to do while you jerk off and enjoy yourself.

The user interface provides you with all necessary features

Finally, we should probably talk a little bit about the design of the website. LiveJasmin Gay really looks amazing from every UI web design standpoint. They have all the necessary features that will allow you to filter through the cams, change up the layout, and even get personalized recommended cams.

The categories are found on the left side of the site, while the layout options are in the top-right section of the main container on the cam browsing page. You can set the price you are willing to pay, the fetishes, the language, age, ethnicity, appearance and so on. It is all here on LiveJasmin Gay and you get to experiment with it all.

Well, the LiveJasmin gay page is so popular in the cam industry for a reason, it has very hot male models that are willing to do almost anything for their clients during the private shows with them. I totally recommend this cam site to anyone that is into guys and is looking for a live sex so join it for free and browse it before you find your favorite hunk to have a spicy fun with.

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SuperMen Gay Cam Review

SuperMen Gay Cam Review

When you first open you will see a statement on the bottom of this gay cam site about how many auditory visitors and models they have. Unfortunately, I think they are missing both.

All their performers can be seen on the landing page, and as for the auditory, I am sure that they will lose all of them if they continue to misrepresent something they can not deliver. One thing I like about this platform are hot male models who are trying their best to entertain their paid costumers and show them an excellent live show.

Exploring the flaws on

Usually when I am writing a review about the content on gay cam sites I always check how many users are online and doing a live chat show. A total of three users were online when I was writing this.

Now that is something that can seriously damage anyone’s online business. If you are super lucky and arrive at a certain time, you could catch these shows but your chances of that are slim to none. If you are serious about joining their community, you can buy credits and enjoy paid content posted by popular amateurs or professional porn stars on the website.

There are male models that can be classified as pro stars, who post only for paid accounts and charge a ridiculous amount of coins for a private show. If you are looking for something cheaper, then you should look for amateur live shows which can be affordable and adjusted to your budget.

There is no option to chat for free, and of course you will need to register in order to start flirting with your model. You will not find live chat shows where there is nudity for free. When you find a model with whom you want to interact, you will quickly see that SuperMen has limited chat video options that can drive you away from using their platform. Biography of the model, snapshots and gallery, are standard options that can be found on every major gay website. is super!

On the top of the page, there is a button for live sex chat. The price of each chat depends on the gay model and how are they setting the prices. It can get very expensive. They have the 15 credits bonus when you sign up, but you will get it after you made your first deposit. Each credit cost one dollar, and there are several packages members can buy:  

  1. 25 credits for $25 (4 credit bonus)
  2. 50 credits for $50 (10 credit bonus)
  3. 100 credit for $100 (15 credit bonus)


SuperMen has great models and I can honestly say they are super attractive and a real pleasure for anybody’s eyes to watch. Problems will occur when you want to look for a specific model and quickly find out how limitless this search is. Lack of models and pricing in general, can be their kryptonite. You better check out other places that I list every day on MyGayCamSites for you.

StripChat Gay Review

StripChat Gay Review

StripChat is a webcam site with international amateur models from around the world. The website is operating 24/7, and because the entertainers are from different parts of the globe, you can easily find someone doing a live show at any given time.

Today I will be focusing my review on the male section of this website. The landing page has a modern design and every filter for quickly finding your desired performer is on the left side of the website. Although, when I was writing this review there were not so many male models online who were doing their online show unlike on my gay cam sites that I list here.

If you are visiting it from Europe, like I was, you are in for a surprise. The majority of performers are from Latin America with the basic understanding of the English language. I noticed that some of them don’t even speak English so it can be really difficult to start an interaction with them and this can be a huge turn off.

Lack of models from Europe and USA

Finding the right male model who can perform well and communicate in different languages can be a challenging task. If you can not find the models from Europe and the USA or any other country where people can speak English, maybe it is time to tell the old and new entertainers that they should acknowledge the rule of basic English knowledge. In that case, there will surely be more paid customers with premium memberships. Everyone can benefit from it. One good thing about what I found about these guys is that they were more free and liberal with the nudity and cock shots than you will find on a lot more well-known gay websites.

At many other live cam sites the models don’t show you much unless you pay them for a private session, but I saw a couple of guys jacking off their huge cocks in the free chat here. Many of the entertainers are happy to put these free shows in the public area because you can generously tip them with tokens. The drawback is you can only view a few profiles before you have to create a free account.

Expensive shows nevertheless

You can have a Private Chat with models and this costs anywhere from 30 to 90 tokens per minute. Other users may join in using the Spy Chat feature, which can run from 5 to 12 tokens per minute. Cam2Cam feature will cost between 25 to 90 tokens per minute, depending on what the model sets. If you are looking for value for money, the tokens are priced as follows:

  1. 90 tokens for €9.99
  2. 200 tokens for €19.99
  3. 520 tokens for €49.99


If you ask me, StripChat’s male model section has some good features and if you do decide to give it a go, you will quickly find out how these male models can drain your tokens from your wallet. The problem on which StripChat should be focusing on, is finding new models with the right set of language skills so they can comfortably do a show. I suggest you to check out other gay cam site Chaturbate that offers lots of free action and the CB is much better than the StripChat if you need some live sex with hot men.

Flirt4Free Gay Review

Flirt4Free Gay Review

Webcam sites have been around for quite some time and they have really made an impact on the porn industry. When it comes to watching porn it turns out that live-action has a bit of an advantage over the already filmed video content and its clear to see why.

Being able to interact with the models gave the viewers the power to tailor the streams to their desires and sites like Chaturbate have really taken off in those terms. But to find gay content on Chaturbate you have to go to the male section and browse through hundreds of streams to find the right stuff for you.

Even though they feature a large number of gay streams, the downside is that the content really varies and the search bar is not always reliable. That is where Flirt4Free comes in and washes all your troubles away.

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No more scouring the internet in search of beefy muscular men. Get ready to feast your eyes on gay dudes eager to flex their muscles and oil up their bodies just to fulfill your wishes.

The hottest muscle men webcams on the net

Flirt4Free is a webcam site that is slightly different than what you might have been used to seeing. This platform is dedicated to providing only the most ripped and shredded men from all over the internet and they deliver them with style.

To venture into the world of some of the best muscle men webcams on the internet, all you have to do is click on the guys section. This will open up hundreds of naked gay studs looking for someone to appreciate their appearance.

The cams feature gay hunks with incredible muscle tone and out of this world physique flaunting their limbs and abs in all sorts of erotic ways. When it comes to boner-inducing, these guys go straight to the top of my list and some of my favorite models come right from this website.

The only downside to Flirt4Free, and it depends on who you ask, is that it really has nothing else but strong muscular men featured on their streams. This is a paradise for someone like me but if you are looking for chubby or skinny guys than this website might not provide it.

But with tons of high-quality gay content, you are bound to find someone that can grab your attention and get your blood flowing. All you have to do is pick a favorite and tune in to their stream!

Using and registering on Flirt4Free

As you can probably tell from the name of the website, all of the amazing gay porn content is completely free to watch. This means that hundreds and thousands of streams are available to you at any time from any device without worries of it costing you anything.

However, you can add some funds in the form of currency. This currency will allow you to show appreciation to your favorite gay streamers and tip them whenever you feel like it.

By using the chat function you can interact with the models and ask them for special things you want to see. These things can be anything you want and if you are willing to tip them, they can go a long way in fulfilling your desires.

Why use Flirt4Free

To sum it all up, Flirt4Free is a fun website that has a fresh take on the webcam scene. It takes only the most handsome muscular men from around the globe and features them on their streams in high definition audio and video.

The models are well-mannered, open-minded and above all hot as hell. Apart from that, they are eager to show off their bodies and do all sorts of naughty things in front of a camera. What is there not to like?

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Chaturbate Gay Review

Chaturbate Gay Review

Chaturbate has proven to be one of the best live cam sites in the world and their male section is not lacking in any aspect. Notice that it is called male and not gay but you do not have to worry because pretty much every stream you find here is gay-oriented.

Since there are thousands of streams going on at any given time, there really is something for everyone. Whether you want to watch a solo, couple or even group performances you can find it with ease using the well-organized interface.

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On the first page of the male section, you will mostly encounter premium cams that offer the highest quality cams and content. These cams feature the most popular gay models and they tend to have around a thousand viewers (some of the most popular even reach several thousand at peak hours).

The quality of the streams, however, goes down a bit as you venture deeper into the pages. After the first few pages with the premium cams, you will start seeing amateur ones with lower quality videos and as you can imagine, a lower number of viewers.

This does not always mean that the content on those streams is of worse quality. Everyone has their preferences and what works for the majority, does not mean it has to work on you. The gay guys on amateurs cams have a genuine feel to them and are free to experiment with their stream however they want.

Choose between chubby, hairy and muscular guys

Since Chaturbate is in fact an amateur site, you can not really expect every stream to feature a muscular, beefy stud. The website is proud of its ability to reel in new people every day with its easy to setup streaming process. This does impact the overall appearance of the site because everyone with a camera can start streaming.

Most of the streams will feature guys next door, some of them hairy, chubby and some pretty skinny. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. You really have to spend some time on Chaturbate to understand what is it all about and when you do, you will always come back.

No matter what they look like, every guy is friendly, open-minded and ready to provide you with pleasurable content you can enjoy for hours. You can expect to see lots of masturbation, anal play or even blowjobs if you want to watch the male couple cams.

Using and registering to Chaturbate is known for its accessibility and plenty of options they provide on their platform. First of all, you do not need to register or give any details to watch the streams. Simply go on the site, choose the male section and start browsing thousands of streams of hot naked men.

Secondly, the website has a well-made interface that is very easy to navigate. Every page has about fifty streams so you do not have to switch pages that often and you will need only a couple of minutes to get to your favorite stream. There is also a search bar that helps you find a gay model by name or you can use it to list out the cams featuring your favorite fetish.

Finally, using Chaturbate is available and free for all but since the models are there to earn a few bucks, there is an option to tip or support your favorite gay cam. The currency used is tokens and you can buy them on the website and use them freely however you like. Though, you have to register an account to be able to get tokens, which is done in a few easy steps.

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XLoveGay Cam Review

XLoveGay Cam Review

XLoveGay is the gay male and couple’s version of XLoveCam. A dull version to be honest. From the moment you open the landing page of XLoveGay you will immediately notice all the flaws on this platform. They have an outdated design, too many unnecessary filter buttons, and most importantly very few male models you can choose from.

I really do not know why would you filter the weight or height of your model and the length of their hair. What is next, the color of their eyebrows filter? I really do not think XLoveGay needs these options on their website. They should be focusing on more important things and that is attracting more male models to work for you, so your paid costumers could have a great time on your website.

Lack of male models – lack of paid users

In order to have more paid users on your site, you have to be doing something different from your competition. It will attract more customers to your platform. XLoveGay is missing male models and that could be a huge step back for them. When I was there, there were only 7 gay cams who were doing live shows. All the filter buttons on their website are really not helping because of the limited numbers of their models.

Annoyingly there is no option to filter or sort out HD streams, or to search based on common male criteria like cock size, cut vs. uncut, or sexual role. Most of these models are using plain lap top cam so you will not see many of them in HD resolution. Most of the entertainers come from Western Europe, predominantly from France and Spain and some speak good English and some use online translators to communicate with their clients.

These interactions between users and models can be really difficult because of the language barrier. XLoveGay should request that all male models who want to register as performers for the first time should need to know basic English conversation in order to start working.

No free action on XLoveGay

You will have to top up your account with credits in order to have more than an innocent conversation with models. Free image galleries are available on each model’s profile page, as are some free videos and pre-recorded shows. For private shows, of course, you need to purchase credits. You are not going to see models jerk off, play with their butts or even pose naked for you in the public chat room.

Credits are directly tied to euros – that is, €1 is 1 credit once converted. The cost of credits can vary somewhat based on the payment method used to purchase them. The rates for each performer are decided by the performer, so the cost for private shows can also be quite variable.


XLoveGay will surely need to work more with their new models. They should have good quality cameras and at least a decent knowledge of English. Most importantly, XLoveGay should find more entertainers or their platform will be quickly forgotten. There are better gay cam sites that you can visit and we list them on our homepage. Site Review Site Review is supposed to be a platform where you can chat with your favorite gay model but from the first moment you open this page you can tell that expectations are going to be different from the reality. The landing page can really paint the picture of something that could have been a great place to have some live sex, can be quite the opposite. Even if you do have some small portion of great looking gay performers, it will not cover the fact that you are way behind in quantity and even quality from the more well-known gay cam websites that we list here.

Where are the models on has a plain landing page with an average design and non-existing filter buttons which will let you choose something that you like in a model. Filter option is a very useful function on every major gay website and should not be exception.

The purpose of these features is to help you find what you are looking for, but on this website they decided not to have this meaningful preference. With so little models to choose on you do not even need it. When I was writing this review I could not find any single model online on their platform. Not even one.

The site also used to offer video clips that were free to watch for anyone, but they removed them so you will now need to pay to watch these videos. These videos are prerecorded cam shows and they are available at a size of 320×240, pretty small by today’s standards, with below average quality. Most of these videos are not even mobile compatible so you will need to watch them on your PC or TV. I could not find a date for the next scheduled live show, and the reason is lacking the numbers of online models. They will need to find a lot of male models if they want to attract more people who are willing to use this platform.

Should you top up your account?

There is no option to chat with these models for free. I do not think this site offers memberships anymore, although they did previously and it would be a much better option for the user. The join tab takes you to the free membership, and upgrading your account lets you only buy credits so you can buy videos of models.

Instead of a monthly paid membership for all model access, they made something that will shake your head in disbelief. These cam models run their own Fan Clubs which you can join to get access to videos, photos, and diaries. Some of the male models who do not have quality content offer subscription for $10 per month while another, who had lots of content, charges $30 per month. So, the standard price for a member site subscription, will only get access to the one guy’s content, which is if you ask me, is a bad way of running this business. 

Everyone can set their value for money on They should be using the old recipe for success but instead they wanted to revolutionize the game which only brought them a major fail.