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Are you having trouble finding yourself a subordinate to punish and humiliate? You won’t have any of those issues with these gay slave cam sites, featuring numerous masochistic males who are eagerly waiting for someone to take control over their worthless bodies and minds.

These petty manlets don’t have an inkling of resistance in their bones, you can cut through them with harsh words like a hot knife through butter, they will melt, turning into a pile of goo, helpless, and ripe for domination. Any kind of a command you issue, they will blindly follow, no questions asked, so make the most out of it.

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Gay Slave Cams

Slutty_Santi is a Latino twink who looks so frail that spitting in his face would make him break down in tears. It’s best if you test him by demanding he strips down and shows what’s under all those clothes, and there it will be, a petite body, slender limbs, and a shy pecker.

Make him kneel in front of you, and pick a body part he has to worship, depending on your preference. You can use your sweaty feet to exert dominance in the gay slave webcam chat, tell him to get his nose closer to the ground and take a deep breath, inhaling all the saltiness and alpha male hormones.

See how he reacts when you tell him to lick your soles, if there is even a glimmer of disagreement on his face, make sure to punish him. Spank his ass or slap him across the pretty face, and remind him that doing anything like that again will get him into even bigger trouble.

Put a ballgag on his mouth just as a precautionary measure while you’re spreading open his tight booty cheeks with a long black dildo on these gay slave cams sites. Slowly stick it inside as deep as it can go and then start gaping it, but don’t forget to stroke your dick and spread your sperm all over him as a closing statement that you’re his owner.

Maybe you would rather test the ceiling of tortures a sub can handle, and it’s the best way to blow some steam off on someone else’s skin. Take YourSexySub for example, he’s going against the grain of your usual slave, looking pretty athletic, but still enjoying the “bottom” role in the sheets.

You can start out by clamping his nipples and destroying his confidence by telling him what an ugly loser he is, or that he looks fat, no guy would ever even look at him if there wasn’t for you right now. Change his name into “Cum Stain”, so he acknowledges that you don’t care enough to address him by the real name.

Take those clamps from his nipples and transfer them onto the balls, bonus points if you spread out his foreskin with them as well in the live gay slave chat rooms. Let out your frustration by spanking him with a leather belt, and then give him a dildo to practice the blowjob skills on while wearing a chastity cage so he can’t get any pleasure.

It’s fun watching your slave beg for mercy, especially if he’s craving to bust a nut, that’s where you can play with him. There’s no harm in allowing him some pleasure, let him jerk off, give him a bit of hope and then cruelly take it away from him by denying the orgasm multiple times, and forcing the chastity back on until he deserves to cum.

You have to make it known to your slave that he’s inconsequential, that way you can hold him on a short leash so he’s dependant on you. There are no demands too tough, only slaves who are disobedient, but I’m sure you will find your way around taming his spirit and using him for any filthy sexual entertainment imaginable.

With so many guys ready to be disciplined on gay slave cam sites, you will easily find one that’s worthy of your time, and teach him how to respect you during a cam2cam chat.

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