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There doesn’t seem to be a type of humiliation that’s out of bounds for a real master, he knows how to strike where it hurts the most, and your small dick is the easiest target. They do love the feeling of total supremacy over an inferior man, berating him both verbally and physically, and showing where his place is.

Are you one of those masochistic microcock manlets? Then you’ll be pleased to meet the gay SPH webcams models who will dominate and bring total shame unto you with their massive dicks, and that’s only the beginning of long and inexhaustible berating.

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Gay SPH Webcams

For those of you who get a “hard-on” for a muscular stud with a deep, demeaning voice, TommyDom is the perfect fit. He’s wearing a leather vest and skin-tight leather pants only so you can see those chiseled abs and a meaty dick outlining.

He will yell at you to get nude, and show him the goods, no matter how small it is, he wants to see it first. You can expect some degrading laughs at your expense, he will roll on the floor while pointing at your little dick and watching as your face gets all red from embarrassment.

It’s looking like a pin to him, worthless to any man, and he will call it a clit. It’s obvious that you’re a sissy, so you will look like one, top to bottom, all with pretty pink lingerie, make-up, and a wig. Prance around for him in the gay small penis humiliation cam chat and act like a hooker who wants to have her booty stuffed with dick until it’s gaped wide.

He will stroke that cock of his while you’re kneeling and sucking a dildo, moaning with a squeaky voice and praising your master’s big tool. You’ll ride it for him, get your “pussy” impaled balls deep, and he will reward you with a fat cumshot, showing you what a real man can do.

If you want to test the limits of your endurance then check out Master8inch_Corey, this seasoned veteran of humiliation will show you the true meaning of pain during the gay SPH action on the SM site. But first, you will be collared and led around the house like a dog, forced to go on the toilet and piss sitting down, it sure is impossible to aim with that thing.

He will show you just how insignificant and small you are, fitting for a guy with a baby dick, and he will make you remember all those times other guys would laugh at you. It’s almost like you’re built to be a bottom, the cum guzzler, good only to be used as a fuck doll and left to replay all those moments you were left without any dignity.

Then you’ll feel all his wraith on your miniature cock by getting it tied tightly with a shoelace, and flicked like it’s an annoying mosquito in the gay SPH webcam session with him. A heavy boot will leave its mark on your genitals, at first just a bit to get you prepared for some harder kicking.

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He can pour hot and cold water on it one after the other in quick succession, and after you’ve gone through it all, he will order you to stroke it. No matter how tough it must be, you will jerk off the way he orders you, and then denying it, ruining an orgasm, and making you wear a chastity lock until you come back to him crawling to beg for mercy.

Who could even lay with you? No one wants to have business with a man unable to fulfill his duties in sheets, but these dominating studs will gladly express their sadistic tendencies on your body, or at least on the sad joke of a dick that mother nature has played on you.

Your cock will be compared to tiny objects on these gay SPH webcams, it’s one of the favorite tactics that lead to shaming, but besides that, it’s just funny to see you measuring it against common household objects. Are you ready for all of that? You better be, because that’s just the tip of an iceberg.

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