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GayFreeFun Gay Cam Site

While there are a lot of gay cam sites out there, you won’t always be getting new content exactly, since you’re more likely to find a copy of a quality website. That’s also the case with GayFreeFun, it’s a whitelabel of Streamen, but the question still remains, is it worth your time?

Although some sites try to be innovative and switch some stuff around, others fail to deliver even on the simplest features, and that is unacceptable. We’re here to take a close look at this site, and see which one of those groups it belongs in so you can get the full picture.

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Comparing Original to the Copy

If you were to compare the homepage of the two sites, you won’t see much that is changed, the logo is obviously different, and the background layer is a different color, the rest seems to be the same. Even the drop menus are presented the same way, the same font, size, everything has remained the same.

Gladly the filtering options haven’t changed as well, some things are better left untouched, but others could use originality, a bit of an effort goes a long way. Personally, I didn’t like the quick log-in boxes being removed, instead, you get a pop-up to type in your credentials.

Despite its name, the business model of this live chat site is not free, you can watch some shows without paying, but there’s not much to see unless you’re going for a private chat. It’s deceptive marketing at work, for which there’s no reason, most people are aware that money is needed for sexual gratification on gay cam sites.

Some Minor Slip-ups

The details to some sections of GayFreeFun discover a certain kind of laziness, the “About Us” is straight-up copied, not that it’s a huge no-no, but things like “GayFreeFun Over 12 Years Serving Adult Entertainment” is far from true.

A quick and easy check-up discovers that the domain itself is 8 years old, and as suspected, even that simple number isn’t changed out. I have tried contacting the support about this issue through all three options, and it didn’t quite pan out as expected, so far, no response, even on e-mail.

Such features aren’t supposed to be lacking on a site that works tightly with people’s money and is responsible for any mismanagement happening. It doesn’t have to be a site’s error, you could easily add a zero while purchasing the on-site currency, and there would be no way of returning that money fast enough.

The Final Nail In The Coffin

The models themselves are the same, you will enjoy them without a doubt considering there are shows varying from amateurish to full-blown professional entertainment. One of the issues you would face on GayFreeFun is that not all models are listed, there are quite a few lacking, so your choice is reduced.

Compared to Streamen, the streams of shows are lagging behind, a couple of seconds at best, but it’s enough to hinder your overall impression. Just imagine asking a model to do something for you, and by the time you get a wish fulfilled, so much time will pass that your dick will get limp.

From time to time the quality of streams also suffers, it’s a weird issue, but it did happen that two of the same shows have different standards, GayFreeFun was 360p while Streamate was going steady at HD.


In all honesty, there is literally no reason why you should pick this site before Streamen, it’s a copy, and it’s doing everything the original does, but worse. I’m sure some other problems would surface if I was to dig deeper, but everything that I’ve witnessed is more than enough to be convinced that it’s just not worth any more of my time.

Streamen is a well-established gay cam site, you’ll definitely have some fun with it, and in the meantime avoid visiting this whitelabel, unless you’re a masochist towards your wallet.

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