GayFreeFun Gay Cam Site is a website where gay guys and girls can hang out and do nasty things through the camera. Whether or not the models can step up and please a viewer is left to be seen, and that’s hardly the only thing we’ll be paying attention to. We’re looking for excellence here, so when sites like this one come across, it just seems like there’s something missing, and it turns out that a lot is.

Can you imagine going online and being all excited about spending time with other gay dudes who are aroused as much as you are just to be disappointed and leave their live video chat rooms? That’s the kind of experience you will get at this website and I will tell you why in detail.

The Design Is Lacking

How a site looks, and especially a webcam site where you hopefully spend a lot of time, is what really matters. While initially, it may seem like Gayroulettechat might be promising, it fails really hard. For starters you get a nice greeting window with cool, modern-looking buttons, where you choose if you’re gay, lesbo, trans, etc.

And that initial design completely disappears after that function, instead, you get something out of the early 2000s. It almost looks like Winamp, but for cams, there are no pictures, instead just lines of useless text, which is at times too hard to read. There is no incentive, no way of seeing what the models look like before going for shows.

Of course, you are heckled into creating an account, but that will hardly happen when I’m not stimulated in any way, shape, or form. Just take a look at these premium gay video chat sites like LiveJasmin and CameraBoys, and you’ll see why the design matters. Over there, everything shines, it’s pretty, and you’re glad to be a part of some private shows.

Gayroulettechat is Almost Empty

When you first get on to the website, you will notice that it is kind of slow and that there are not a lot of people going around waiting to step into the action. For a website like this one, there needs to be a bunch of people, constantly circulating and waiting for a perfect opportunity to jump into the live sex action and get all nasty. This is the first problem I had with it and I was disappointed.

What you need is excitement when visiting, and you are already having your rock solid cock in your hands, hoping that you will find someone who is doing exactly the same. That was me, and I was waiting and waiting, until I decided to stop searching for anyone. It felt like there were no more than ten people online and it really pissed me off. I wanted some jerk-off session and all I got was blue balls.

Another point is that sometimes you can start off with someone until you get bored and you want to switch it up a little bit. It’s not like you are committed to one person and you have to spend your quality time with them. You get to know them and after a little bit of a conversation, you realize that this is not the person you want. You would like to switch it up but couldn’t because there was no one there.

Gayroulettechat Has No Diversity

Diversity is a big thing for many people, including myself. Sometimes I like vanilla, and sometimes I like dark chocolate and a huge snake dangling in front of my face. You can already guess but I was let down. All I could find were some neglected guys that did not take care of their bodies. Thank you, but I will pass on that.

As mentioned above, chubby guys and gay bears are among those 10 people. Sure, sometimes you want that kind of action but most of the time, let’s be honest, you need more gay webcams. You are itching to see some muscles, toned bodies, big cocks, and different colors of people. We are here to explore and experiment, not commit to a white chubby fellow who is stroking his small penis without saying a word.

I understand that not everyone has the same taste, but on this website “same” is all that you will find. Literally nothing else. When I saw that and fully understood that this cam site is a bust, I made a strong decision not to go there at all and would like to forget about it as soon as humanly possible.

Summary is definitely not worth checking out. If you don’t trust my words, go check it out for yourself. Poor, ugly, and without any sexual energy. It’s as if someone made it in 20 minutes hoping to attract a ton of people, but we all know these sites take a lot of dedication and work. For example, is a website that is truly at the top of the game.

Another website similar to LJ is Here, it’s all about fun, and there’s a ton of it. Whatever you wanted on you will find it on these live gay webcam sites. You will not have time to think about going somewhere else because there is a ton of guys waiting for you to join them on a nice jerk-off adventure, or something spicier, there’s no going wrong with kinks.

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