SuperMen Gay Cam Review

Say what you want about gay cam sites, but it’s been some time since we’ve seen such a narrow number of choices like has. The guys are actually hot, which is a real shame because they’ve put a lot of effort into their bodies, but I can’t think of a world where muscular white men are everything we crave for.

Still, there are heaps of issues around this particular website that make it look like a child’s play compared to some serious contenders like So if you want to see just how bad Hunkycams is, follow us into this detailed review where you’ll see for yourself why it’s to be avoided.

The Whitewashed Website You Should Stay Away From

Now, no disrespect towards white guys, but come on, who in their right mind thought it would be ok not to hire an Asian or a black man. What if someone has the hots for darker-skinned gentlemen, or they would rather have a hairy bear to manhandle them? Are shaved beefy dudes going to fill in that gap?

From the consumer standpoint, their game is weak, you can’t even find some slender teen guys to play around with, or at least find group cammers where you can watch some live gay bondage shows. If you’ve wanted to scratch some dirty play off your bucket list, it’s not going to be done here.

Yes, even dominant guys are out of play, and that’s plain sad. When you really think about it, all you get is an old-fashioned handjob or some dildo play on this webcam site, but nothing too hard, no, these guys want to earn their money quick and easy without breaking a sweat, which is ironic since they’re gym rats.

In the age of inclusion and barrier-breaking, this site is falling behind Streamen, not one or two steps, but a whole staircase. Instead of offering the public what they want, you’re left wondering if there is some secret agenda behind it all, even if there isn’t, they’re open to criticism and will need to change things around here if they want to function.

There Are More Problems Than the Eye Can See

Let’s hypothetically say you do decide to chat with some of these hunks. They’re strong, full of themselves, ready to flex those muscles and ride a dildo hard with that firm booty. Or that’s what you might think because it turns out, they’re outright rude and lazy.

Needless to say that we’re flabbergasted, these guys refuse to do one thing they’re supposed to; entertain their guests. When you enter a chat and try to hit them up in a private video chat, they usually don’t respond. Nothing seems to work, compliments, dirty talk, let alone regular messages, chances are, you’re going to be ignored.

Hats off to those who are good, but there are too many rotten apples around here to find the unspoiled ones, or even waste your time trying to look for them. When you take into account that live chats have no nudity, the whole thing becomes even more bizarre, there might be some internal issues we don’t know about, but even so, you’re here to have fun, and this doesn’t look like it.

Too Much Money for Nothing

Here comes the worst part, after you invest a lot of time and effort to go private, get ready to have your wallet fucked. The shows are so expensive that there’s just no excuse for going that high with pricing. Or maybe the models were high when they were setting up their rates, it keeps getting worse however you take it.

If you want to see how it’s done, then check out, it’s what a gay sex cam site should look and feel like. You get what you want, quite literally the body type and sexual interests that line up with yours, and given that there are so many professional models, the prices are cheap due to competitiveness.

Or you could stay here, haggle with the customer support which doesn’t even exist, desperately trying to contact them because you’ve been essentially scammed. These guys will try to drag out the teasing for as long as they can, only to get some more money, until you run out dry, both financially and erotically speaking. Is One Big Failure

We’ve said it, and we stand behind our words, this has to be the biggest let-down ever, since the site actually looked nice, visually speaking. It pulls you in, only to chew and spit you out mercilessly if you go in without any prior knowledge of what’s waiting, and sadly, many have fallen for this.

You could be amongst those who will put a stop to such disappointments by going with something better. Check Streamate out, treat all your senses to the excitement, release all the pent-up cum with the gay studs, twinks, or whatever it is you like, and never settle for anything less than perfect.

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