Best Gay Amateur Cam Sites

If you’ve ever wanted a cam site experience to be special, as if you’re meeting with a hot dude for the first time, and the two of you are exploring each other’s body, then amateur models will make you feel at home. I sure know that whenever there’s a new guy performing, it feels like we’re both losing virginity all over again.

One major thing that it all depends on is which site to use? Not all of them host guys, some have none at all, or they carry out the sessions like professionals, and when you want the opposite, it’s best to know where to turn, so here are two of the best gay amateur cam sites. Review

There’s nothing like a site full of sexy models who have decided to take up a side hustle of pleasing other men. By hot I mean that there are various types of men, from muscular to twinks, hairy bears, teens, mature daddies, or anything else you can think of which in itself is admirable.

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The numbers here are great as well, hosting an average of 200 gay studs all day long, Streamen is nicely populated, and you will obviously have a great choice regardless of what’s in your sexual interests.

For those who love to dabble in fetishes, it’s a great webcam site to begin with, I’ve found a couple of hunks interested in being dominated, and we’ve had so much fun from beginning to end. One of those was running by a nick of Andy_badboy, a slender twink who was quite amusing with his perky ass.

I’ve made sure to gain control from the beginning, ordered him to strip down so I can better observe his booty, and see if he needs a couple of spanks. Turns out I was right, nothing a leather paddle isn’t going to solve, a couple of hits across it, and he was already moaning that he’s my little bitch.

His pecker went under a lock, and I’ve made him kneel in front of me to blow a fat dildo as if it was my cock. Nice and easy, slowly going balls deep, and I could hear him gurgling, gasping a breath of air, and then repeating it again. You can bet that I’ve busted a load, and he even stuck out his tongue like a good little sub. Review

You might think that ultra-high quality shows and amateur men aren’t supposed to be used in the same sentence, but CameraBoys is here to prove you wrong. These models are hand-picked, and the standards are kept quite high here, they might be new to the whole thing, but they look absolutely perfect.

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HD streams are a site-wide rule, it ensures a pleasurable viewing experience, and makes sure you don’t get a grainy picture. What may be surprising to some is the age of these guys, they are mostly 18-21 years old, with some up to 30-ish, which is especially good if you’re on the hunt for young blood.

The model bio is one of the most detailed things on this site, you can really get a better shot at who these guys are. It helps with keeping it real and getting an honest encounter with guys like MattGill, a super sexy, muscular 23-year-old, who is here to dazzle you with his looks.

It’s especially exciting when he takes off his tank top, and rubs his whole body with massage oil, teasing you with a striptease while caressing his muscles. His cock is already rock hard, you can clearly see it while he’s thrusting the hips, but it seems like you need some more incentives.

Would you like to see him finger that hairless bunghole? That’s certainly going to raise your spirits, and from there on you’ll be stroking your cock, watching his booty take more and more until he joins you with a dick in his hands and you’re reaching an orgasm simultaneously.


Everything flows more naturally when you’re having a cam2cam session with an amateur hunk. It’s just the way you’re communicating with each other, testing out the field to see how much in common you’ve got, and that’s what makes these sessions so sought for.

It’s like you’ve gained a fuckbuddy, he can be your equal, a sub, or even the one in control, and he will always be here to share those erotic moments with you on gay cam sites like Streamen and Cameraboys.

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