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To a dominant male, you are just another slave, but you already know that, getting humiliated and tortured gives you excitement in your life for a change, and he certainly loves showing off his sadistic side. When you enter into the world of gay master webcams, have your focus on one thing only; how to serve your overlord.

Each one of them loves it when you’re keeping your mouth shut, follow the orders, and offer your body for any kind of filth they imagine. It’s a never-ending game of endurance, made to form you into a slave, and if you behave then there might be some sexual relief coming your way as a reward.

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Richie85_hot loves brandishing his leather outfit which clings tight to that muscular body and clearly outlines all of his bulges. From the buff arms to his stiff cock, you won’t be able to decide where to keep your sights focused on because he’s so stunningly beautiful.

He will see you staring, and shut you down quickly, ordering you to bow before him and untie his shoelaces with your teeth, quickly turning into a harsh master on the live cam chat. Once his boots are off, you are ordered to get your nose closer and take a deep breath of his sweaty feet, inhale all that salty stench and keep it in your lungs for a while.

Come to think of it, he needs them clean, and your tongue might be just the perfect thing to scrub them. Start from his soles and then move towards the toes, don’t forget to get the area between them clean as well, and then move your focus towards sucking each and every one individually.

Once you’ve done your job, it’s time for a reward, he will let you jerk off, but only the way he’s instructing. While his feet are moving around a dildo, you will stroke your cock the same way, no matter how slow or fast, and he will make sure to delay your orgasm for as long as possible.

Some bear doms like badboy.Brandon are there to really show their dominance, and you will most definitely respect him out of fear during a gay master webcam session. He’s especially harsh towards petite fags, your frail body and submissive act are enough to show him what a little bitch you are.

He’s going to brandish his meaty cock and you’re going to like it, worship it, and bow before it. Your tiny prick doesn’t stand a chance before him, it’s like a measly worm when compared, so you better put on a chastity lock as to not embarrass yourself any further.

Not like you’re going to be the one using a dick anyway because he will turn you into a sissy. Such a slender thing, when he puts on girly pink lingerie, make-up, and a wig on you, it will mark the beginning of your humiliation, just imagine how dirty and small it would feel.

You will have to tease him by seductively dancing, pulling down your pink panties with that perky ass facing him, and then bending over to spread your ass cheeks and show that tight “pussy”. Entertain him, grab the biggest dildo you’ve got and ride it without lube, the only thing allowed is to suck it, but it has to be a deepthroat so you’re choking.

There is much more to gay master cams than you could imagine, from simple derogatory writings on your body to cock and balls torture, these studs aren’t afraid to show you what a master can do. Sometimes you are going to beg them to be released from your ropes and shackles, but they know better.

Once all the suffering is over, even the slightest sign of affection will result in a raging orgasm. What kind of a slave are you? You can never know until you try different things out, all it takes is a bit of courage, and some new rough play might turn out to be the thing you were longing for.

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