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Don’t let yourself be dominated by some lesser models, leave to the professionals, guys who have the bodies built for admiration, thick cocks to humiliate you, and filthy minds without which they wouldn’t be complete. That’s what petty little male slaves like you need, to get called a faggot on these gay domination webcam sites while choking on his dick until your throat gets sore.

You’re weak and you know it, there’s not a bone in your body that can make a decision on its own, but that’s where these masters step in. Their deep voices will issue commands, and you’re going to shake from the very sound, trembling in fear and bowing down to become a faithful servant.

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Gay Domination Webcam

In the eyes of a beefy stud like MadnessMike, you’re a speck of dust, irrelevant to him or anyone else, but good enough to get the last bit of your pride stomped on. The way he’s standing, that perfect chiseled jaw clenching, his big arms crossed, judging you from afar, as if he’s reading your mind and looking for insecurities.

We’ve all got a magic word that makes us bend over backward and our knees shake in fear, except him that is. He won’t need to waste too much of his precious time, the moment he says “micropenis”, you will freeze, even try to deny it, but he wants to see the proof so strip down.

It’s going to be exactly as he predicted, a tiny pecker the size of the tip of his thumb. A total weakling, what use could he possibly have for you? One comes to mind, you stroking that prick with tweezers during a live gay domination cam, at least make him laugh, but at the same time, it’s sad as much as it’s funny.

At least you can put those lips to good use, get a dildo and start sucking on it while he’s swinging out that superior cock out for you to see. That’s what a real dick looks like, and he will stroke it while yelling at you to go deeper, sloppier, to the point where you’re struggling to catch a breath, but he doesn’t care, you’ll do it until he’s busting a fat nut.

Hairy gay bears don’t mess around, especially when they’re wearing cowboy hats and leather boots, that’s a good sign that you’re in for a wild ride. Glenn_Masters is one of those mean guys, and he’s always wearing a trusted whip around with himself, and you won’t be spared from it.

He will take his belt and get it around your neck, bending you down with that booty facing him, and ordering you take those panties down, sissy boy in his BDSM webcam room. One strike after another, and you will be branded like a calf, except he will also write a new name on your chest, something like “cum bucket” would work just fine.

Then you’re going to get your nipples clipped, he wants to see you sweating profusely, and see as that sweat drips down towards your feet. Just as he wants them, salty, dirty, perfect for you to lick, and also don’t forget to suck on every last toe before he makes you stuff your face with a full foot.

What kind of a cowboy would he be if you wouldn’t take a ride? He will order you to take a rubber cock and place it under yourself, no lube, slaves don’t need it. Slowly plant your bunghole on it, and keep on probing until your tight ass has eaten it all up, and hop as if you’re riding a bull, or in this case, your able master, and don’t you dare to stop before he tells you to.

For every slave like you, there are multiple masters, and if you make a habit of serving them, then you’ll be tossed around, used, and fucked restlessly to feed their perversion. Ironically enough, you will be the one with a stuffed mouth, from toilet water to your own cum, there are no exceptions.

That’s the thing with a gay domination webcam, you know what you’re searching for, a real manly man who won’t stray away from using all the tools he needs to domesticate you on these gay domination cam sites. Luckily enough for you and all the other subordinates, that’s exactly what you get here.

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