We’ve got yet another copycat gay cam site on our hands, but is it able to carry on the spirit of the original? If you were to take a glance at, then it would indeed seem like it, but as the old saying goes “You should never judge a book by its cover”, and we definitely don’t intend to. Review

You should take into consideration that it’s a whitelabel, meaning they’re totally legit, you should still get the same shows and models, only in a different package. It’s left for us to see in detail if is worth your time and money, so let’s see what we’ve got in the store today.

Let’s take a look

With the name change comes a different logo, and this one is kind of over-the-top. It’s stylized as a pride flag, which makes sense if you want to support the gay community, and spread awareness. On the other hand, it’s a gay site, gay men visit and perform on this site, so it might be seen as a cheap marketing trick, which we’ve seen a whole lot during pride month.

Despite posing as a minor flaw, we’re here to actually take a deep dive in live chats, and get the taste of private shows. That is going to give us insight into whether or not we should keep getting our daily dose of sexy hunks over here.

Types of Gay Models on

For what it’s worth, you will have a broad selection of male models over here, or at least there are filters to find them. Obviously, it’s not the truth, for whatever the reason is, some categories are totally empty, whereas on Streamen they aren’t, a bit weird, yes, but it’s a negative point whatsoever.

Let’s go with the most popular categories, you’ve got:

  • Athletic – A sexy body is what most of us crave, who doesn’t want to see chiseled abs while the camera pans over his stiff cock? I sure am not the guy, but somehow there are lads who are far from fitting the bill, in this category, and I’m not the fan of being misled.
  • Gay and Bisexual – This is where things get awkward, the site clearly has “Gay” in their name, and it seems like a cheap way to attract potential customers. They could have done something different and renamed or removed them completely because it doesn’t work with the name of this live gay webcam site.
  • Twinks – Another very popular fetish, the slender boys who love to get fucked by alpha males. That’s what this category is supposed to be, but somehow, you’ve got every other body type on here as well, it’s almost like this site is not trying anymore.

It seems like you won’t be able to pinpoint your search on GayChat like you would hope so, or at least like you can on Streamen. It’s a bit infuriating to be honest, all they’ve had to do was stick to the winning formula and not change some things, but here we are.

Shows and All They Offer

Turns out that GayChat is purposefully giving more space to badly rated models, you’re hardly going to find anyone above 4 stars. With their handle on the English language, it’s no wonder they score lower, these guys can barely converse, there is so much confusion going around that you’ll be left wondering what the hell is going on.

Maybe there is some personal gain in the whole ordeal, we’ll never know, but the most important thing is that they get the message you want to send across. It’s even better if you go for gay cam2cam shows, that way you can physically show them what to do, as long as it’s not something complicated.

Live Chat

  • This is the place where you get the first impressions, and if the model manages to paint himself in a positive light, then you’re almost guaranteed a quality show. However in my venture through GayChat, it was like searching for a needle in the haystack.

Private Chat

  • Once you’re convinced and set your sights on a guy, he will have all the attention from you. It’s his time to shine, and he has to juice every last drop of your pent-up cum with the teasing, moaning, and ultimately raw drilling.
  • Maybe it’s my luck, but honestly, I didn’t feel the butterflies in my stomach here, or anything of the sorts, and I’ve tried quite a few models, who weren’t fit for the job they took.


  • My favorite feature of any cam site, when it actually has something to offer. It’s a bit hard to talk to a model when they don’t understand you, isn’t it? On top of that, cam2cam is the pinnacle of a bond with a hunk that’s performing, and needless to say that I wasn’t ready to use it on GayChat.


As a connoisseur of live shows, I am really disappointed, and as a casual user, I’m beyond appalled that such gay sex cam sites like GayChat exist. There were some additional issues like streams cutting and glitching from time to time, but there’s no need to go into every detail, this site is simply not worth the effort.

Let’s just stick to our guns and shoot the loads with the help of ones who can offer it. Streamen is where you should take your attention to, it’s the original, and naturally a better option, but even without the comparison it’s one hell of a cam site that’s worthy of every praise.

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