Cam4 Gay Site Review

If you’re into buff, muscular guys, then it’s not so hard to find them on male cam sites. But your battle doesn’t stop there, they have to be worth your time, diverse, high spirited, and focused on your pleasure. That’s where most models make their mistake, sure, the muscles are awesome, but they’re not the only reason for your visit. seems to rely on their models too much, and the models don’t seem to care too much. If we were only to judge by the looks, this site would probably top all the lists, but we’re not. So, let’s get into the full story behind it, and face you with the facts of everything there is to this live gay sex website.

Visually Pleasing

I know first impressions are important, if everything sucks, you won’t even bother with the site, but if it’s appealing, then there is a chance. And Jockmenlive gives off that vibe, it’s all neatly presented, with a modern design, making you think “Why didn’t I discover you any sooner?”, and then you see those hunks.

I have to admit, credit where credit is due, they are drop-dead gorgeous. I mean, these studs are the very definition of sigma males. Buff bodies, chiseled jaws, and perfectly round booties, not to mention delicious cocks. From outside looking in, they’re a real treat, and you won’t be able to contain yourself from clicking on one and checking him out.

But as we all know, it’s best not to judge the book by its cover. If everything was so great, you would have heard about this site sooner, it’s anonymous by the gay webcam site metrics, especially regarding low traffic. And everything bad about it starts once you choose to explore it deeper, which is a shame as it has so much potential.

Troubling Technical Features

The next most important thing is filtering. It’s practically your way to browse through live sex shows and find one that suits your taste. That’s where the issues start. You’ve got the usual, size of their cock, ethnicity, even body type for some reason (the site’s name is literally “jock men”, so you’re here to watch athletic guys), but that’s about it.

We’re not here for vanilla-type shows, we all want some spice in our jam, and unfortunately, there is no option for it. BDSM shows are practically nonexistent, not even a tiny option to choose some hardcore stuff. I get it, they want to have a certain image and keep their site “untainted”, but that’s way too boring.

Some of those filtering options aren’t even working, you’re just getting random results, which honestly does get frustrating. On top of that, even the pictures of models get bugged out from time to time, like insanely stretched, so they look like midgets or something along that line.

After all, although frustrating, and somewhat disappointing, those matters aren’t so problematic, like some others are. Namely the shows, the streams are in HD, you gotta give it to them, but oftentimes you’ll find that the gay cam shows are lagging for some reason. No matter how fast your internet and device are, it just seems to fizzle out, and you’re forced to watch lower resolution streams.

The Big Boys in Private

Let’s pretend there are no issues at all, or at least that these guys are so hot that they’re worth it. I would somewhat agree with that statement, you have to give them a try at least, right? Well, let’s start with how they’re acting towards you in private chats, and even better, during the private shows.

First of all, the process with all models starts by asking them what they’re willing to do, or what they won’t do. These guys, however, won’t usually bother typing back, and it seems like they’re so arrogant that you’re left without an answer. You know what gets their attention? Tips! That’s right, free money, before they even do anything, especially considering live shows are “family-friendly”.

When you do reach those private cam shows and take a shot in the dark, it’s a total disaster. They do what they’re comfortable with, and that’s the bare minimum. Some teasing, stroking his cock, maybe throw some anal fingering in there, but nothing more. And the worst thing is, they’re trying to stretch out the time, hoping you’ll pay them more for nothing but teasing.

Not only will you leave with a serious case of blue balls, but they’re also going to financially ruin you. Not in a fetish kind of way, but more in greedy, “give me your money for nothing” kind of way. When you account for horribly expensive shows, the whole site seems like a total scam.


Jockmenlive is mud in a candy wrapper. It looks great, but when you try to get some sweetness out of it, you’re left with a bitter taste in your mind. So, no, you should in no way visit it, or spend your money here. If you’re wondering what your other options are, then I’ve got real candy for you, and its name is

StreaMen is my top favorite male cam site for a lot of reasons, and the shows have to be number 1. They’re gritty, kinky, full of excitement and pleasure. A lot of models are roleplaying, being dominant, or submissive, and it doesn’t matter if they’re muscular or not. The best of all is, every penny spent is worth it, especially considering the live gay shows are not that expensive in the first place.

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