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Are you craving kinky live cam action featuring hot studs with meaty cocks? Webcamwankers promises exactly that, but we’re here to check up if it’s able to deliver. You should be wary, though, a lot of live gay webcam sites out there could seem like they’re worth the effort, but upon closer inspection, it turns out that you’re cheated into paying for sub-par entertainment.

That’s why when Webcamwankers got on my radar, I was more than interested in seeing the deeper story. For what it’s worth, it’s in all of our best interest to separate the wheat from the chaff. There are a lot of things to go through, so let’s not waste your time, but dive straight into the action!

Issues From the Very Start

I’ll be honest with you right from the start, I’ve gone through a lot of cam sites in my time, and I know a fake when I see one. That’s exactly what Webcamwankers is, a copy, or in other words a whitelabel of Chaturbate. It’s an easy thing to spot because they’re practically the same thing, at least that’s how they look at first glance.

It’s a hard thing to hide because Chaturbate is one of the most popular sites in the world, not only in adult entertainment but the internet as a whole. Which of course means someone will try and do the same thing, but a cheap copy of it. For the most part, you’re hoping that some things are changed for the better, but the reality is grim.

One of the issues I instantly stumbled upon are some features being marketed on the copy as if they’re new or revolutionary. In fact, they’re already established Chaturbate features, which serve a certain purpose, like “Discover” page, which is just a list of top-rated cam models/shows.

Webcamwankers is Blatantly Lying to Your Face

This is where the site starts falling apart, first of all, it’s definitely not a male-only sex cam site. You’re possibly thinking “Chaturbate isn’t either”, but the reality is, Chaturbate doesn’t claim or market itself to be. In hindsight, you are being deceived with a cheap trick, and I’m sure no one likes to be fooled.

Does that actually mean that they’re offering the same content? On paper it should be like that, the gay models are the same, the whole site seems to be, but it’s actually not. Webcamwankers has a serious issue, maybe it’s of technical nature, not really my area of expertise, but you don’t even get the whole experience fully translated.

Some models aren’t there, when they absolutely should be, there’s just no excuse to not include some of the guys, and they’re not small-time cammers either. Then you’ve also got the fact that it takes a lot of time for the shows to load, and when they do, well, good luck, because it’s in 240p.

Is There Place for Redemption?

Well, I’m not clairvoyant, but my firm belief is that things aren’t going to magically do a 180 flip and get better. There is no serious support to the core of this site so it could actually do something like that. It seems like a low-effort thing that’s supposed to earn some guys a passive income, and I wouldn’t bet that they will.

Especially not with their support being nonexistent. If there is an issue, like there obviously is, you have no place to turn and issue a complaint. It takes them way too long to answer, and that’s if you’re one of the happy ones who actually get an answer. For all they care, you’re not their problem, and they don’t want to further invest in this badly done copy.

Which is imposing a question, why would you even be here? The answer is quite simple, you shouldn’t. If you really want to experience the height of adult entertainment, then go to Chaturbate instead of lining pockets to some lazy people who thought they could cheat anyone into paying for their ridiculous replica of one of the best live sex sites.


Webcamwankers is full of flaws, no, scratch that, it’s a disgrace. The only thing that works properly here are tags with which you can browse through tags. Issues keep piling up, and at some point, they just become unbearable, for what, the same price as Chaturbate? You’re straight-up getting robbed at this point.

Let’s be real here, you should definitely check out or Streamen if you’re intrigued by webcams and male models. There are even gay couples performing blowjobs, stuffing each other live, and you can watch hundreds of them no matter the time of day or night. And not to mention that your experience will be flawless, with no lags, bugs, or other annoying things, just pure pleasure.

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