Gay Humiliation Cams Chat

The eruption of alpha male hormones from your master on gay humiliation cams chat is a statement of superiority from the very start of a session. You will get all teary-eyed while being forced to deepthroat a dildo, sniffing his feet and bowing before him to worship every bit of that enchanting body because he’s an embodiment of a dominator.

What could a man who’s got everything want from someone like you? One thing only, to express his masculinity and sadism on a lesser man, berating and laughing at you, and doing everything in his power to bring shame to your name.

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Gay Humiliation Cams Chat

There are only a few things that could be more humiliating than getting denied all the pleasures, but Bigdaddy_Darryl saves them for the most resilient. Are you even able to stand in front of this hairy bear who’s smoking a cigar without your knees shaking?

It’s going to be good if you don’t piss your pants, which is not a rare occurrence during his live gay cam2cam shows on the SM website. You will have to wear a diaper just so he’s sure you won’t soil yourself, although that would be hilarious, but he wants your morale to hit a low point and make you feel like a total loser.

He will make you watch steamy porn, the one you like the most, and while you might think that’s a good thing, it’s the way he tortures his slave. There’s no stroking around here, you’ll have to patiently sit, feel your dick getting firm, and getting more irritated and desperate with each passing moment.

Maybe you’ll offer him anything to give you that freedom of jerking off, but it’s of no interest to him. Instead, you’ll write a big fat “Loser Faggot” on your chest during the gay humiliation webcam session, and watch as he takes a handful of oil, rubbing it over a dildo, and stroking that cock with passion, exactly the thing you won’t be able to do.

Some masters are deceptive with everything they do, playing a game of push and pull with you like AlphaTom. This dazzling man is going to make you look at nothing but his chiseled body, taking your breath away and muddying up your mind so you can’t even think straight.

He will strip down and tell you to do the same, ordering you to put a chastity cage on your cock for some dirty entertainment while he’s lightly stroking his tool while having a gay humiliation cam chat with you. Then you’ll be blindfolded and restrained with furry cuffs, sitting calmly and waiting for the next move.

Gay Smoking Cams Chat

Once he takes off your blindfold, you will see him with another man right next to him, still not aware of what’s going on. Then the rain of insults will come your way, did you really think such a guy would fuck you? Now you’ll be watching from the sidelines, getting cuckolded while quietly whimpering.

They will blow each other’s cock, fuck like true lovers, and moaning loud enough that their sounds tear through your ears. When one of them is not busy blowing or rimming, he’ll keep mocking you, and you can’t even get a hard-on, a new low point before they disgrace you by blowing the thick loads of cum all over your face.

It’s true that you can get it even tougher, how would you feel eating out of a bowl, or wearing girly clothes? With the gay humiliation cams chat there is no ceiling to what can be done to you by a bully master during a private show, and it guarantees that you’ll be embarrassed like nowhere else.

Maybe there is something specific you would want to try out? Make sure to tell it to a dom, but there is no going back once you decide to go through with it, it’s all or nothing over here.

Gay SPH Webcams

There doesn’t seem to be a type of humiliation that’s out of bounds for a real master, he knows how to strike where it hurts the most, and your small dick is the easiest target. They do love the feeling of total supremacy over an inferior man, berating him both verbally and physically, and showing where his place is.

Are you one of those masochistic microcock manlets? Then you’ll be pleased to meet the gay SPH webcams models who will dominate and bring total shame unto you with their massive dicks, and that’s only the beginning of long and inexhaustible berating.

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Gay SPH Webcams

For those of you who get a “hard-on” for a muscular stud with a deep, demeaning voice, TommyDom is the perfect fit. He’s wearing a leather vest and skin-tight leather pants only so you can see those chiseled abs and a meaty dick outlining.

He will yell at you to get nude, and show him the goods, no matter how small it is, he wants to see it first. You can expect some degrading laughs at your expense, he will roll on the floor while pointing at your little dick and watching as your face gets all red from embarrassment.

It’s looking like a pin to him, worthless to any man, and he will call it a clit. It’s obvious that you’re a sissy, so you will look like one, top to bottom, all with pretty pink lingerie, make-up, and a wig. Prance around for him in the gay small penis humiliation cam chat and act like a hooker who wants to have her booty stuffed with dick until it’s gaped wide.

He will stroke that cock of his while you’re kneeling and sucking a dildo, moaning with a squeaky voice and praising your master’s big tool. You’ll ride it for him, get your “pussy” impaled balls deep, and he will reward you with a fat cumshot, showing you what a real man can do.

If you want to test the limits of your endurance then check out Master8inch_Corey, this seasoned veteran of humiliation will show you the true meaning of pain during the gay SPH action on the SM site. But first, you will be collared and led around the house like a dog, forced to go on the toilet and piss sitting down, it sure is impossible to aim with that thing.

He will show you just how insignificant and small you are, fitting for a guy with a baby dick, and he will make you remember all those times other guys would laugh at you. It’s almost like you’re built to be a bottom, the cum guzzler, good only to be used as a fuck doll and left to replay all those moments you were left without any dignity.

Then you’ll feel all his wraith on your miniature cock by getting it tied tightly with a shoelace, and flicked like it’s an annoying mosquito in the gay SPH webcam session with him. A heavy boot will leave its mark on your genitals, at first just a bit to get you prepared for some harder kicking.

Gay SPH Cam Chat

He can pour hot and cold water on it one after the other in quick succession, and after you’ve gone through it all, he will order you to stroke it. No matter how tough it must be, you will jerk off the way he orders you, and then denying it, ruining an orgasm, and making you wear a chastity lock until you come back to him crawling to beg for mercy.

Who could even lay with you? No one wants to have business with a man unable to fulfill his duties in sheets, but these dominating studs will gladly express their sadistic tendencies on your body, or at least on the sad joke of a dick that mother nature has played on you.

Your cock will be compared to tiny objects on these gay SPH webcams, it’s one of the favorite tactics that lead to shaming, but besides that, it’s just funny to see you measuring it against common household objects. Are you ready for all of that? You better be, because that’s just the tip of an iceberg.

Gay Anal Cam Sites

Have you got a sudden craving for some juicy buns? Today we’ll show you that all kinds of men love stuffing them with toys and fingers, some can take more, others less, but the most important thing is that they will be there waiting for you.

That’s why we all love gay anal cams, there’s no resisting a bubble butt Latino when he starts to shake it, especially if he’s twerking on top of a solid prick on the live chat sites. Maybe you’d rather feel the sphincter clenching around your tool, everything is better with some tight booties!

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Gay Anal Cam

If you love those perky little butts, then you can lean on Jacob_Cumz, a real petite twink who will always be there when you need to explore the depths of that bunghole. He loves a firm man who knows what he wants, so tell him to bend over for you and spread the cheeks with his hands.

Right there between them, a brown hole, winking at you, so make a move. Tell him to push in a finger, only one, slowly going inside while he’s pouring lube over it. It will pave way for future endeavors, namely a couple of fingers more, and you’ll enjoy watching him squirm with a wide-eyed look on his face.

This sexy boy’s behind is going to turn into a hungering cum deposit, so whip out your cock and tell him to keep going, but faster. Imagine pushing in your mushroom tip inside, and then slowly going inside balls deep without ever pulling out during the gay anal cam chat, a couple of thrusts and you would be ready to spill the seeds.

Who doesn’t like themselves a firm booty of a hot bodybuilder? It would be a sin not to watch BuffBrian and his sexy striptease, especially with those moves, he does it like a pro. He’s going to tease you like no one ever did, giving you a flash of his behind, pulling the jeans down slightly and then back up, until he rips them off totally.

His massive cock will bulge, but that ass is the reason you’re here, he will make sure it’s facing you while shaking it left and right, pouring massage oil over so you see it slide down between the buns while having the gay anal webcam action with you. They are so big and firm that he’ll need a really stiff tool to probe, luckily his best friend, a dildo is here to serve its purpose.

While laying straight on his back with legs raised up, he will push the oiled up dildo inside, but it won’t be enough to please him. Get ready to witness two toys plunging inside, tearing him open so you can enjoy a proper double dicking, and asshole gaping show.

Experience outshines youth, and that’s why a mature guy like Arthur.Hart always comes prepared with a buttplug peeking between his hairy ass cheeks. He will twist his nipples and fiddle the cock and balls while keeping eye contact with you during a cam2cam chat.

He’s the master of gay anal cams, namely because there’s no booty banging that he’s going to shy away from. After pulling out the plug, he will put in an anal hook, and kneel, begging you to spank him because he’s been really bad.

Gay Anal Webcam Chat

You can punish him with a fucking machine, getting him bound in ropes with that aged ass wide exposed and ready for use. Set the speed and relax while he’s getting drilled relentlessly until you’re both busting fat loads of cum from the intense pounding.

What kind of an ass is your favorite? Personally, I like them all, and I would lie by saying anything else, no discrimination over here, all booties are beautiful. There’s just something about seeing a behind that gets me excited, and if you’re not like that, the gay anal cams will turn you into a booty lover after just one show.

Let’s face it, you love them too, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading all about them, and thinking of your next move. Well, there’s no need to tell you this, but you’re already on the hook, so don’t deprive yourself of enticing anal sex shows any longer.

GayFreeFun Review

GayFreeFun Gay Cam Site

While there are a lot of gay cam sites out there, you won’t always be getting new content exactly, since you’re more likely to find a copy of a quality website. That’s also the case with GayFreeFun, it’s a whitelabel of Streamen, but the question still remains, is it worth your time?

Although some sites try to be innovative and switch some stuff around, others fail to deliver even on the simplest features, and that is unacceptable. We’re here to take a close look at this site, and see which one of those groups it belongs in so you can get the full picture.

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Comparing Original to the Copy

If you were to compare the homepage of the two sites, you won’t see much that is changed, the logo is obviously different, and the background layer is a different color, the rest seems to be the same. Even the drop menus are presented the same way, the same font, size, everything has remained the same.

Gladly the filtering options haven’t changed as well, some things are better left untouched, but others could use originality, a bit of an effort goes a long way. Personally, I didn’t like the quick log-in boxes being removed, instead, you get a pop-up to type in your credentials.

Despite its name, the business model of this live chat site is not free, you can watch some shows without paying, but there’s not much to see unless you’re going for a private chat. It’s deceptive marketing at work, for which there’s no reason, most people are aware that money is needed for sexual gratification on gay cam sites.

Some Minor Slip-ups

The details to some sections of GayFreeFun discover a certain kind of laziness, the “About Us” is straight-up copied, not that it’s a huge no-no, but things like “GayFreeFun Over 12 Years Serving Adult Entertainment” is far from true.

A quick and easy check-up discovers that the domain itself is 8 years old, and as suspected, even that simple number isn’t changed out. I have tried contacting the support about this issue through all three options, and it didn’t quite pan out as expected, so far, no response, even on e-mail.

Such features aren’t supposed to be lacking on a site that works tightly with people’s money and is responsible for any mismanagement happening. It doesn’t have to be a site’s error, you could easily add a zero while purchasing the on-site currency, and there would be no way of returning that money fast enough.

The Final Nail In The Coffin

The models themselves are the same, you will enjoy them without a doubt considering there are shows varying from amateurish to full-blown professional entertainment. One of the issues you would face on GayFreeFun is that not all models are listed, there are quite a few lacking, so your choice is reduced.

Compared to Streamen, the streams of shows are lagging behind, a couple of seconds at best, but it’s enough to hinder your overall impression. Just imagine asking a model to do something for you, and by the time you get a wish fulfilled, so much time will pass that your dick will get limp.

From time to time the quality of streams also suffers, it’s a weird issue, but it did happen that two of the same shows have different standards, GayFreeFun was 360p while Streamate was going steady at HD.


In all honesty, there is literally no reason why you should pick this site before Streamen, it’s a copy, and it’s doing everything the original does, but worse. I’m sure some other problems would surface if I was to dig deeper, but everything that I’ve witnessed is more than enough to be convinced that it’s just not worth any more of my time.

Streamen is a well-established gay cam site, you’ll definitely have some fun with it, and in the meantime avoid visiting this whitelabel, unless you’re a masochist towards your wallet.

Male Bodybuilder Cam Sites

Male Bodybuilder Cam

There are a lot of hot men with chiseled bodies out there, and if you’re looking for an easy way to hook yourself up to some testosterone-infused live shows, then we’ve got the best male bodybuilder cam sites in the game prepared for you.

One of the most important things you can ask from a site is the larger number of guys with perfectly built physique, which is why that’s covered. Let’s not forget about the quality of shows as well, it’s crucial that you get HD streams back to you, and both Streamen and CameraBoys are going to satisfy your taste.

More often than not, you will picture a younger guy built like a wall of bricks when thinking of gay bodybuilders, but Streamen has made sure every age group is included. There are some seriously muscular mature men for all those who crave to see an experienced cock in action.

Any kind of niche you’re interested in, this site has made sure to include it, even if you’re going for an unorthodox type of fetishes, there is someone out there that fits your description of a perfect man. Maybe you should give a shot to Marcus_naughty, a mid-thirties black stud, who’s naturally gifted in many ways.

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You can catch him chilling, vibing to some music, and flexing his guns, while you’re mirin him and drooling all over the floor. You can only get harder the longer you watch until he makes you drop beneath him to worship every inch of that heavenly body out loud.

He will gladly get you restrained, spanked, and forced to suck a big black dildo while he’s grabbing his meaty dick. Every stroke is a step closer to watching him juice out a big load of jizz out of his stiff pole, and you will have to kneel and stick out your tongue.

Remember all those male underwear models from magazines, and you will get the picture of performers on Cameraboys, and it’s no exaggeration by any means. Besides being total Greek gods the way they look, these studs are usually 18-30 years old, that youth and enthusiasm are the driving force behind their cam2cam shows.

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It’s refreshing to see all live gay shows in HD, and every one of these studs awaiting you with a big smile across their face, more than willing to chat and agree on details before you go private. I have to recommend SteveWhite if you want to get a taste of a 21-year-old pleaser with an 8-pack of stacked abs.

He usually starts the private shows with a slow striptease, taking off a bit by bit, and each time he shows you some more of those firm muscles your head is going to spin, all until it’s fully unveiled. Once he gets done flexing every one of them, you won’t be able to hide your excitement.

Go ahead and show him that you’re equally aroused as he is, and start stroking your cocks simultaneously. Every drop of sweat that flows down his body will make it stand out even more, and the veins on his strong hands are going to pop out while he’s masturbating, and you will feed off each other’s energy until both of you start orgasming uncontrollably.


You can definitely find some material with buff guys, but after a while it gets boring, it’s better if you have someone in the flesh to communicate with and make a real connection with. More importantly, you get to decide the course of the show, it’s almost like you’re a big movie director, and all the pieces of this play are set by you.

Most of the sites give you that power, but none do it so good as these two male bodybuilder cam sites. With Streamen and CameraBoys, you can immerse yourselves into live shows and wonderous models performing their hearts out on them.

Small Dick Cam Sites

There is a certain joy in unpacking a guy from all the tight clothes and discovering he’s got a tiny dick, but it’s even better if you know what to expect up front. With small dick cam sites, you know what you’re getting, massive respect from your entertainer, and his total dedication towards your pleasure.

That’s why there is only a handful of gay chat sites you can rely on to have those types of models readily available at any point in time. Thankfully we know the very best ones, and we’re happy to share our experiences during the time spent with models, which is the most important way to evaluate their worth. Review

You can tell a lot by the sheer number of models on this site, going well into the thousands, and allowing you to have a broader choice. Maybe you like them dark-skinned, or have a certain ethnicity in mind, or none of that matters because you’re after a certain type of a show.

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Luckily this gay site has more than one could wish for, and you might just be surprised at everything that’s offered. Say you need a guy to tease you with his hot body and perform a sensual striptease before you start insulting and mocking him for having that miniature prick, you’ll find him here.

Someone like Arthur_Hot would fit the description quite well, this tattooed bad boy has all the right bulges on his body, except in his pants. No matter how tough he looks like, the moment you whip your dick out, he will blush from embarrassment and bow down before you.

From that point on he is your little playdoll, and you can torture that cocklet until it fully retracts back into his pelvis. You are free to jerk off, brandish your dick like a mighty weapon, while he’s suffering, and watching how real men do it, even opening his slutty mouth while you’re busting a load. Review

Modern user interface meets professional models, or in other words, Cameraboys. This cam site is the top dog for all the lovers of engaging shows, and hot guys from all around the world are handpicked, which is definitely going to leave a strong impression on even the most seasoned veterans.

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The models here are not just pretty faces, they possess skills that will get your boner hard as steel and keep it that way until you’re ready to treat them to massive cumshots. Even though they are not as strong in numbers, the quality of streams (HD only) and shows is more than enough to pique your interest.

AdamCarter is a stunning twink with a cute little pecker, and he loves seeing you all worked up while chatting with him. He will rub oil all over his body, and give you a tour of it by dancing in his candle-lit room while running his hand over the crotch. The dildos he has are going to be used for deep anal plowing, and he will drill it the way you would fuck him, syncing it up with the speed of your stroking.  

The loud moans followed by a loud “fuck me daddy” is going to work you up, but he will most definitely be the one to cum first, and he’ll use whatever droplet of cum gets juiced out to rub it over his body instead of the oil while you’re enjoying yourself to the sight.


Both of these gay sites have a certain charm to them, and if you’re having trouble deciding on one, why not try them both out? StreaMen even has a lot of amateur guys who are just starting their journey, and it doesn’t get any more genuine than jerking off with them.

On the other hand, CameraBoys is the place where you go to have a show executed by your measures, or you can treat yourself to something new and thrilling for a change. No matter what you decide, these small dick cam sites are as good as they get, and once you see them for yourself, you’ll know it’s true.

Gay Smoking Cams Chat

If you think that guys look extra hot while smoking a cigarette, then you wouldn’t be in the minority, there are a lot of customers and models alike who share your sentiment. For some it can mean that a hunk is totally dominant, he can just stand there in full leather clothing, smoking, and judging you.

While others might see it as a hot thing, the puckered lips puffing the smoke simulate oral pleasuring, which will gradually turn into an erotic private session on the gay smoking cams chat. You can be any of those two, or maybe you’re in another league, it’s up to you to decide how you wanna play.

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Gay Smoking Cams Chat

For those who like to take their time, flirting and engaging with an entertainer, AdamBadBoy is the man you want to chat with. His tattooed body is a real eye-candy, but the way he steadily holds the cigarette in his hands and lights it up while seducing you with a smoldering look, set the expectations high.

He loves doing cam2cam shows and watching you light one up as well, and each puff of smoke will draw you closer to each other, no words have to be said. You will automatically reach for your crotch, and free that already excited pecker, in the meantime, he’s going to start stripping down.

This guy doesn’t take it slow, he just drops all the clothes off his stunning body and shows you his meaty dick. He will blow out a thick gust of smoke that dances around it, leaving behind that well-known smell of nicotine on it.

You will daydream of licking it and sucking to feed your addiction, and he will moan out your name, jerking with one hand while still holding the cigarette in the other. Moments before his orgasm, you will see him take a deep inhale of it, and release the smoke at the same time as his semen.

What about those muscular men like DomBrandon? If they get your blood boiling during the gay smoking webcam, and you’re happy to serve to such a supreme specimen of a human being, then go for it. He will order you to kneel before him and open your mouth wide for starters.

As his servant, total obedience is a must, and for that reason only you are required to become a human ashtray. Whenever he shakes off the ashes, it’s going to go in your mouth, and you will have to crouch there and serve this one purpose until he decides it’s enough.

Maybe he takes it up a notch and blows smoke up your nose, or makes you inhale the cigarette through it, so you feel the heat going through and inside your lungs in the gay smoking chat room. You will be his little bitch, and he’ll make you work extra hard by riding a thick dildo.

Your anus will gape on it, and he will light up another one, still holding a cigarette in his mouth, and snickering at your ungracefulness. Keep entertaining him and you could be allowed to jerk off your dick as well, or he might get angry and dispose of ashes on it.

What is it about the guys smoking that makes them interesting to you? That’s the question only you can answer, but regardless of what you type looks like, they are guaranteed to be on these gay smoking cams. It all comes down to how you want to be treated, you’re free to select how, and when it’s going to happen.

You can only gain by trying out some of the nasty studs over here, because they will try their best to sexually please you, no matter what it is you’re craving for.

Gay Roleplay Cams Chat

Have you ever dreamt of being manhandled in a prison cell by a daddy cop, and made to bend over so he can fuck your puckering bunghole with his baton? That’s just one of many popular scenarios, and you can be a part of them today in a cam2cam session with a superior model.

Leave the hard part to gay roleplay cams chat where you can find one of many hunks to become a figure of power, gaining control over your body, and dominating all throughout the private cam chat. They can be anyone you imagine thanks to the various outfits, and the convincing acts glue it all together.

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Gay Roleplay Cams Chat

Do you sometimes fantasize about your strict boss? JoeyLong can fill in his shoes and show you what it would be like if you made a big mistake that costs him money, and now he has to get something in return to cover the expenses.

You’ll be invited into his office, he shuts the curtains so no one else can see you in there, and makes you sit in a chair across him. There is hardly anything you can do to make it up to him in the gay roleplay webcam chat, but you’ll beg and plead for him to forgive you, even bowing under his desk and kissing his feet.

He will whip out his dick and tell you there is one thing you can do, grab a dildo and suck it like you’re blowing his tool. Make sure to go for a sloppy blowjob, and deepthroat it until you’re struggling to catch a breath.

Put a buttplug in your ass, while he clips your nipples and nuts, and demands you start jerking off the way he’s commanding. Each stroke will be tougher to execute than the last one, but you’ll be reaching orgasm quickly, which he will deny, bust his nut on your face, and demand you to take a walk of shame through the office.

Maybe you’re into something a bit spicier, like having a macho stepdad who will teach you to respect him once and forever. Meet Matt_LordBeast who knows how to treat unruly brats like yourself  during the gay roleplay webcam session, by showing his superiority, and that big dick of his is the source of arrogance.

He’ll bend you over his knees and spank your tushy, but despite the punishment, you will get a hard-on, which he’ll feel poking through. Is that so? You’re in for serious manhandling and domination, and his first choice will be to put a chastity cage on your prick.

You will get ball gagged and restrained, laying on the ground while he stapes on your cock and balls in his live cha room and rests his legs on there for a while. He’ll slap his dick across your face, and you can imagine how hard those 10 inches of stiff dick feel like while striking you at full force.

Barely able to even move, he will make you ride a big fat dildo, telling you that he’s your daddy now, and you have to listen. Once you wiggle over the rubber cock, sit on it and impale that asshole, ride it until your new master is satisfied with the end result of a gaped asshole and total obedience by your side.

What’s your story? Does it include a hot cop, a doctor, or someone you know? I’m sure you’ve got more than one circling around your mind, and regardless of what it is the gay roleplay cams are always ready to step up to the challenge thanks to open-minded, skillful models.

Once you try them out, your everyday routine will revolve around daydreaming which filthy imagination you’re going to turn into a reality, and how you would like these studs to tame you.

Gay Muscle Cams

If strong, muscular gay men are your type, then you shouldn’t suppress your desires, there are a lot of them who can’t wait to flex for you and have you admire their bodies. Some of them are playful and love to bond with their audience, while others are total alpha men, craving to dominate.

You can find both on these gay muscle cam sites, and there is always going to be someone live who can entertain you, as long as you like. They will be dedicated to bringing you the best experience, whether you’re into bondage or something lighter, for the faint of heart.

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Gay Muscle Cams

JohnGrace will stun you with his pretty face and ripped body, you will be able to see every striation on his muscles while he’s posing for you. As much as he likes being seen, he’s also into watching his customers and interacting with them, watching some cock stroking while you do it in unison.

Before any of that happens he will tease you into getting rock hard by slowly stripping down his clothing, bit by bit during the gay muscle webcams. His shirt is going to get unbuttoned so he reveals the six-pack, and then the pants, under which are beefy thighs, all of which took some heavy lifting to get chiseled.

He will even do some push-ups, or bicep curls with a bar, so you can see him in action, from which he gets beefier and veins pop up, as blood starts pumping through his muscles. If that wasn’t enough, he has some oil ready to be used, which is going to make his body glow, and he’s also going to lube up his cock with it.

It’s time you watch him rub that firm cock, and you can ask him to do it faster or slower for your pleasure. Don’t shy away from using toys on him, he will gladly grab a dildo and lick it as if it’s your cock, before stuffing his craving bunghole with it and moaning your name in the gay muscle cam session. Take your time and command him when and how to cum, because he’s yours to play with.

If you would rather have a strick, chiseled bull dominate you, then don’t miss out on someone like MasterMuscle. He will tame you, turn you into his little slut, and you will have to obey his every word, and follow his directions no matter how rough it might be.

You will have to kneel for him, worship every inch of that body, and tell him how strong and sexy he is in that leather outfit, which makes him look quite intimidating with the muscles popping out underneath. Go ahead and put a collar around your neck, and write “Master’s Toy” on your forehead, so you’re marked as his belonging.

You will have to put a buttplug in your ass while he makes you crawl on all fours like a puppy while you’re barking, just for the fun of it during the gay muscle webcam chat. He will stand above you, spank you, and order you to fetch him a dildo in your mouth, which is going to be used on no one else but you.

He will make you deepthroat it, all the way, and you will try to catch a breath as your beefy master makes you go deeper until you’re gagging. He will whip out his meaty cock, big and thick, just what you would expect from someone who looks like he does, and you will have to watch him stroke it while you’re sucking.

Here are other gay cam sites that you will not regret spending your precious time on so do not wait a second and go have some naughty fun on them.

He will command you to stroke yours, even though it’s nothing as impressive, but you will have to follow his instructions, and every time you get close to an orgasm, he’ll make you stop. All until he decides to have some more fun with you and makes you cum on the floor, only to lick it all like a thirsty dog.

You can always rely on these jacked-up gentlemen to get entertained on this gay muscle cam site. No matter what your desire is, if you want to dominate, or be dominated, they will be ready for any challenge.

You will watch them work out, pump some iron to get you worked up, shirtless with sweat sliding down their heavenly bodies, which is going to make them look like a Greek god, and you just can’t resist that. 

You can bring to life any fantasy you have with mind-blowingly stunning bodybuilders on these gay muscle cams, and they will do whatever it takes to get you pleased, and you will be back for more.

Live Gay Porn Sites

It’s hard to beat the feeling of a live performance enveloping in front of your eyes with hot male models who give their best to please your kinks. What makes it even better are the means through which you can find out some personal details and interact with them, and a lot of sites do it in their own way, but the general feeling of connection with hot studs is what they all have in common.

If you’re looking to treat yourself to some unforgettable moments in real-time, then we have got you covered with some of the best live gay porn sites that you can see reviewed right here. Review

Out of all the pure cam shows, you will be getting the best stream and model quality here. The HD standard is what brings the shows to life, making them look vivid, and you will have quite a lot to enjoy.

All of the guys are quite stunning, and besides the pretty faces, you will have a choice of athletic guys and twinks which are the most common types of guys here. Take your time, find the one you like the most, and you can rest assured that they will please you.

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Don’t skip out on LeoCam, he knows how to strike a chord with his customers, and makes them feel like they’re with a long-time lover. He can be sweet, but once you get the ball rolling, he will turn the page and show a wilder side on this live gay porn site named CameraBoys.

All the kinky talk and sensual dancing will be a good intro while he slowly strips down and reveals his firm pecker. You can order him how to stroke it, and make sure to grab yours and do it in unison, it’s best if you get to an intense orgasm simultaneously.

You can not forget to visit our homepage on the to see the top gay webcam sites which are not going to disappoint you in any way so make sure to bookmark them now. Review

Even though this site supports 4K streams, there are various types of cams, some of which can be of lower quality, but those are rarer. If fetishes are your thing, then Streamen will have you covered, there are a lot of gay models, so finding some BDSM, foot fetish or even rougher variations will not be a problem.

There aren’t certain rules set for models, so you might stumble upon some professionals or total amateurs. It definitely won’t hinder with your experience, their goal is to do the best they can, and it’s up to you to set some demands.

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For all spanking and domination purposes, you should go with MasterJack, his body dressed in tight latex and a whip he’s holding are showing just how serious he is about his role as a dom on this best live gay porn site. He will make you bend over for him, get spanked, and ordered to worship his cock.

The way it’s bulging is quite obvious, but you will have to work extra hard to prove your worth before seeing him stroke that meaty schlong. Once you go through all the trials and tribulations, he will treat you with it, but you can also expect some orgasm denial just so he could have the upper hand.

LiveJasmin Gay Review

LiveJasmin is well known for its female section, but don’t expect anything less from the sexy boys here. There aren’t so many of them, but those that do perform are held to a high standard which reflects on the quality of private shows, and their dedication towards clients.

Male models here will leave you breathless, you can check out their bio, and ask them some personal questions in chat to see if they’re willing to get dirty just the way you like it while you visit this live gay porn site tonight for a spicy chat.

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For dominating men out there who need a submissive twink on the cams, there’s no one quite like MattOwens. If you want to feel in power, make him put a vibrating toy in that tight booty, and order him to slowly stroke his cock.

Be persistent in your desire to get pleased, and make him switch the vibrator for a dildo, watch him plug that bunghole with it while you’re enjoying yourself. You can even put a chastity ring on his cock to prevent him from cumming, or getting hard even, and he will do it to please his master.


These live gay porn sites are the best you can get, some offer more variety, while others focus on the quality of models and shows. You can’t go wrong with either of them, it all comes down to what you’re craving at the moment.

In order to watch any of them, it would be best to sign up, creating an account takes only a moment of your time, and offers you other benefits, like chatting, which ultimately lead to the most important thing – private cam shows.

Gay BDSM Cam Sites

The world of domination is vast and filled with men who are eager to show their sadistic side. You can watch porn and enjoy your time watching other studs bounding each other, dominating, and doing all kinds of perverted anal pounding, but it’s always better if you’re experiencing it first-hand on gay BDSM cam sites that we review here.

There are various fetishes, and I’m sure you already know what’s your preferred poison, so the next logical step would be to choose a cam site which best fits your kinks, so here are some of the top dogs in the industry. Review

One of the few gay sites with a dedicated BDSM section, and it’s populated with bears, daddies, and muscular studs who are ruthless dominators. I have had the luck to try out multiple masters here, and every one of them was up to challenge, doesn’t matter which kinks you’re looking for, chances are you’re going to find a dozen models who will turn you into a slave.

My most memorable private show was with a beefy hunk named UncutLoverBoy, and you should have seen his muscular body squeezed in leather pants, the exposed top half of that yummy body, with a bow-tie on his neck. While I was busy drooling over his scorching hotness, he was eyeing me with squinted eyes, thinking of how to humiliate me.

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In a blink of an eye, he turned me into his little bitch, made me wear some girly clothes, tight and uncomfortable, commanded me to bend over, and fuck my bunghole with the biggest rubber cock I have at my disposal, and it went deeper than I ever thought it can go.

It was a cathartic adventure, and I’ve experienced in 4K resolution, which you won’t find anywhere else, I saw every drop of sweat sliding down his six-pack and it felt as real as it can get. Review

You can’t go wrong with CameraBoys, there are so many talented guys over here who can transfer your kinky dreams into a reality and it is one of my favorite gay BDSM cam sites out there. Make sure to explain what it is you’re expecting, they will listen closely to all your demands, and after that, it’s pure unfiltered domination.

There’s no going wrong with JacobBig, and you can already guess it, he’s packing a meaty cock in his pants. He’ll gladly mock your junk while swinging his around and making you feel worthless from the barrage of harsh insults.

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It’s more than enough to break you down, and next, he’s going to make you wear a cock ring, while your balls are tortured with weights tied on them, and you’ll have to squat on a suction cup dildo, experiencing a mix of pleasure and pain.

A lot of models over here might seem like the sweet, pretty boy types, but don’t let that fool you, in private shows, they will roleplay whatever it is you wish for, and show a bit of a darker side to their personality.

LiveJasmin Gay Review

As you might already know, the most beautiful models are coming from LiveJasmin, their professional but friendly persona in live chats is a good way for you to test the waters by simply asking in chat what they’re comfortable with. From there on, you will see their true colors, all shades of dark, and these masters will control you and play with you as their personal sex toys during the gay BDSM sessions. An exclusive site like LiveJasmin will be well worth your time, seeing as you get high value for your money.

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You just can not go wrong with the gay cam sites that we have reviewed for you on the and they are going to give you lots of pleasure every time you visit them.

ClarkBlack is one of the best jerk off instruction performers you can find, and he will make you milk that cock until there’s not a single droplet of um left in your nuts to squeeze out. He loves teasing his subs, making their cocks rock hard while commanding them on how to rub one out, slow and steady, fast, in a certain direction only, anything to drive you crazy.

Your orgasms will be ruined multiple times, until he decides to allow you the joy of cumming, but only if you do it in a cup, and you will collect all of it, because he wants to see if you’re worthy, or it’s just a way to make you eat it up later as a part of humiliation on this gay BDSM webcam site today.

Most certainly you’re going to build a connection with one model, and you will be back for more with him. LiveJasmin makes it easy for you to get the show whenever you see fit by inviting a model through their site, so you can call him and arrange your next adventure.


Picking the right cam site is hard, you can’t go wrong with either of the listed sites, but depending on what you need, checking them all is also not such a bad decision. That way you can see for yourself which one fits you the most, depending on what kind of dominating males you like, or if they perform a certain kink.

I’m sure you will find whatever it is you’re searching for on gay BDSM cam sites, and you’ll be a good slave to your master, performing the hardest tasks while they scold and humiliate you.

Gay Big Cock Cams

Do you need a meaty member of a sexy hunk to play with, and watch in heated action? Of course, you do, and there are a bunch of them offered on these gay big cock cams, thick or slim, white or black, it doesn’t matter as long as they’re 8+ inches, anything smaller than that is unacceptable.

A lot of hung male models are horny, and waiting for someone who will share the joy of cock-stroking with them, and you might be just the perfect guy. Even if you’re an admirer who loves watching them play with a handful of meat, or you want to go cam2cam and show yours, these hunks will be everything you need to reach a full body orgasm.

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Gay Big Cock Cams

BigDickNathan is always seeking new ways to reach pleasures, sometimes you’ll have to work hard to earn yours because he can be quite demanding during the huge penis webcam chat. Don’t let the fact that he has a monumental tool hanging between his legs distract you from being obedient and open to new experiences.

He loves making new subs kneel for him while he’s swinging that thick tool in front of you, and forcing you to glorify him because of that gift that keeps growing while he’s stroking it. Make sure to keep him entertained, or he might have to punish you with some spanks, or he could do exactly that for fun.

You will have to pose for him, slowly strip down your clothes, and bend over while spreading out buns so he can have a clear view of that puckering, hungry bunghole of yours in the gay big dick cam session. Make sure to slap your behind, hard, make that booty jiggle, and leaving a mark on it will earn you extra points.

Do you want to learn about other male sites that also have sexy hunks that will a live sex with you? Just head over to the and you will find them all.

His cock will be in full effect, rock hard, veins popping out, while you’re stuffing your mouth full with a dildo, deepthroating it as if you’re chugging his cock down your throat. Make it all wet and slick so you can start probing yourself, and it’s going to be enough to get him going, stroking that firm cock fast until there’s a river of cum shooting out of it, which is surely going to make you reach orgasm as well.

Some boys on the SM would rather be told what to do, like LongBrody, a slim twink, who has a stick so big that it makes him look like a tripod on the gay monster dick webcam. He usually has a remote-controlled toy deep in his anal cavity, and the faster it vibrates, the harder he gets.

Don’t be shy, say what’s on your mind, make him do things that get you excited, order him to get stripped down and make him cover that body in oil. Make him put on some kinky leather pants, so he can tease you, and replace the toy in his bunghole with a buttplug. The best way to do it would be to make him spread some oil all over that body of his so it glows back at you, while he puts on some sexy music and dances around for you. You will already be having a fistful of dick in your hand because you can’t wait any longer.

Keep stroking your cock, and order him to take off those panties so he too can show what he’s got. You will be blessed with a view of his delightful manhood, while his hands go all the way from the tip to the base of it.

You control how fast he goes, and even if you see him getting close to an orgasm, prolong it for some more, or straight out deny it, and make him play with that perky ass instead until you’ve had your fun on the gay big cock cams at the SM website.

Your private session with a model can take different routes depending on mutual kinks, but one thing is for sure, you will feast your eyes on their monster schlongs which are going to grow big and firm while they’re playing with them and talking dirty to get you hyped up too.

There’s no better way to secure yourself one than tuning in on these gay big cock cams streams, and picking one out of many to be your chosen for the day. All it takes is one time, after that, you will be coming back for more because it’s hard to get enough of their cum guns.

Uncut Gay Men Cams

If you want to have fun with some hunks and their cock in natural form, then don’t miss out on these uncut gay men cams. These guys, no matter what their body type is, or place of origin, are ready to give you the fun of a lifetime while proudly swinging their uncircumcised penises around.

Some people love to sort out through their webcam sites by picking certain features, which is not wrong, but in the end, it all comes down to what kind of a dick they have to offer. That’s why having an option to filter by uncut tools matters, and you will absolutely love each and every one of them.

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Uncut Gay Men Cams

BigAndrew is one of those guys, this mature daddy has 8 inches of pure meat which is ready to be served to any hungry customer. He will swing it around in his room while dancing to get you worked up, and ready to see more of what he’s got to offer.

There’s nothing quite like enjoying an evening with an experienced gentleman who has a remote-controlled toy in his bunghole, which makes him shiver every time the speed is turned up a notch.

You definitely want to check out to discover other great gay cam sites that are going to spice up your life and make you feel happy every time you enter them.

He’ll beg you for more, moan your name out loud, and ask you to stroke your cock in unison with him.

You will see him shivering in pleasure while pulling all that skin over the tip of his manhood, time and time again, wishing you could put it in your mouth and get used as a cum dumpster for his superior cock.

He’ll uncontrollably cum, a huge load splattering all over the room, but he still isn’t milked properly, already in the mood for another round in this gay cam chat. Even if you can’t keep up with him, you’ll have to keep watching, the willpower and ability to jizz so many times will have you stunned, and it’s all thanks to his uncut cock.

Maybe you’re one of those who are more into younger, fit guys, someone like Mateo_West, with his firm cock and all the extra untrimmed skin on it. He likes it a bit spicier, and dominating other men is where he feels in a natural environment.

He might order you to get bound and place a cock ring on yourself during the uncut gay men cams. His schlong is the sole focus of this show, and he doesn’t want any attention away from it, which wouldn’t happen anyway, but this way it’s a bit more interesting, he wants you to feel humbled by his penis.

Blessed by its existence, you will observe him slowly stroking from base to the tip, stroke after stroke, and it’s going to drive you crazy. Overcome with the view, there’s nothing else for you to do but beg, and he loves it when someone begs.

Your balls will be aching from how much they want to be freed, your eyes are taking in all the information, but you will have to just be satisfied with watching for now in the uncut gay men webcam chat. The moment he nears an orgasm, you will have to stick your tongue out and watch all the sticky cum shoot out in your direction.

Only then are you released and allowed to play with yourself. A dildo up your ass, while you’re enjoying the view of his flaccid cock, which is still a sight to behold. The more you admire it, the happier he is, and faster does he allow you to rub one out. Your gay master will be delighted to watch you in a moment of heat while ordering you to tell him how hard you would love to feel him deep inside you.

Even if you come across some bears or twinks, their uncut cocks will be a pleasure to watch, and I’m sure you’re going to soak in every moment of your stay on these gay cams that you can experience only on this site.

Enjoying some uncircumcised cocks is my definition of fun, and I’m sure it’s yours too, but even if it’s your first time meeting with them, or you’re just interested, it will be worth it. From that point on it’s going to become an obsession, and you won’t be able to hold yourself from coming back day after day to chat with some hunks with extra skin on their pricks. Cam Site Review Cam Site Review

Good gay cam sites are few and far in between, and picking them apart and analyzing all the features in the reviews is my favorite pastime. Camdudes looks like a simple well-thought-out website that offers a lot of models, despite the unintuitive design which is tiring for your eyes.

Don’t go into Camdudes expecting you will get some cool new features or even functional ones, this site is a combination of a lot of things, but it definitely isn’t what I was hoping for.

Disappointing from the get-go

You will have the option of choosing gay, straight, or transgender models, Camdudes advertises itself as a site for all lovers of stiff rods, but if someone specifically wants straight models there’s going to be a lot of confusion, it’s filled with gay guys, making that whole tab useless.

Logging into it is quite easy, you pick a username, e-mail address, and a password and you’re in, or maybe not. My address and username were already taken, which I found extremely annoying, so my only choice was to contact user support.

That was a bummer because it goes through the mail and all the kerfuffle, so I decided to give up on it because it would take way more time than I am ready to waste on this one. That’s when it hit me, there was a Chaturbate logo on the sign-up tab which somehow got away from me, but now it was all clear.

Camdudes is basically a bad copy of Chaturbate, they share the same credentials, so you’re literally using the same account, and here I was, expecting to get something entirely new and exciting.

Have you seen our top list of gay cam sites that we have reviewed? You can take a look at our homepage on the MyGayCamSites and you sure will find something interesting for yourself.

A lousy looking copycat

We all know what Chaturbate is, there’s no need to explain it to anyone, we’ve all been there and rubbed one out, tipping the models so they could cum loads. You’re getting that, which is the good part, but there are some things purposefully left the way they are there, which is not the case with Camdudes.

A lot of models are streaming with lousy cameras, but even that is not the issue unless their 360p stream is stretched out on 720p. Which means you’re getting grainy shows where most of the action is going to be indistinguishable, and there’s absolutely no way to minimize the chat screens, god forbid if you’re using a 4K compatible screen, consider yourself fucked, but not in a good way.

You can go for the “Random” menu which goes by “Gay Omegle Chat Alternative”, funnily enough, it’s regular-style Chaturbate streams, which makes it watchable, but you don’t get to choose which models you’re going to watch.

There should be more filtering options

I have to admit that there are a lot of filtering options, but not all are listed, it’s a compilation of the most popular tags, but those with some kinks and fetishes are getting left out, not cool. If you’re looking for Cuckold or SPH streams, then you will have to do it manually, scroll through a bunch of models (Which is an understatement), and eventually give up.

Or you can type the kind of fetish you want, but you’ll have to know abbreviations for them as they’re exactly listed on Chaturbate, and you still don’t get the same results, they’re muddled with other types of show, which seems to be a reoccurring problem on this website.

Another issue arose, it almost got away from me, but I was trying to find the less popular models, the most viewed chatrooms are at the top of the list, but reaching the end gave me some headaches. There are no options to skip right to the end of the line, you will have to scroll, and scroll, and scroll, while more keep loading, and trust me, going through 2000 models just to get what I want is not my definition of user-friendly.

No reason to choose it over the original

I wish I could tell you that Camdudes is going to be worth it, but that’s just not the case. Even though you’re getting streams from one of the most popular sites, in terms of general feel to the site, support system, and comfortability, it doesn’t even hold the candle to Chaturbate.

If you want to keep your sanity, stay away from this site, going through it is straight-up torture, and I’m into BDSM. My advice for anyone looking to tune into fantastic shows is to just go over to the source material, you will get exactly what you want there, without any drawbacks and deviations.

Gay Feet Cam Sites

Finding a male model who is into feet play is not that hard nowadays, but you still want to dip your toes in the water and check out who is up for it. Your best choice would be to use the benefits of a free chat with a model, so you get to know if their kinks match up with yours, and then head over to private and make your fantasy a reality.

Choosing the right gay cam site is incredibly important, but sometimes it’s too hard to pick, there are some who stand out, and I have no doubt that this list helps you with your choice. Review

As a dedicated gay site, Cameraboys offers quality service to their users, primarily because of its wide choice of models who not only are good-looking but also extremely professional. The majority of guys over here are masters of their craft, and they have a wide set of skills needed to please a paying customer.

Finding someone to perform some feet play is probably going to take some time, but you should do just fine by asking a guy you like in the live gay chat, or you might have some luck and see it under their preferred fetishes under the bio tab which is positioned on the left side of their cam window.

Click Here To Visit CameraBoys Site!

You can expect a somewhat higher average rate for models going at about $2.5 per minute, which is worth it considering the dedication and quality you’re getting. One thing is for sure, those who have a foot fetish definitely know what they’re doing, and they will have multiple dildos at their disposal which are going to get stroked by their oil-soaked feet, while you’re beating off in rhythm. Review

Streamen is another men-only site and it’s populated with a wide variety of performers, any body type, race, fetish, you name it and they have it here. Finding a guy with a foot fetish is incredibly easy here, all you have to do is type it in the search bar, and you’ll instantly get at least 50 models listed.

Feet lovers rejoice, because there are even some models who are foot fetish only performers, and you’ll be met with a set of feet in your face, ready to wiggle those toes for your pleasure. If you like to dominate, then going cam-to-cam is your best choice, and you will get a gay sub who’s ready to worship your feet.

Click Here To Visit Streamen Site!

Even though most of the guys over here are amateurs, it doesn’t mean that private shows are going to be any less entertaining, it’s their passion and that’s all that matters. The prices can vary, but they’re usually on the lower end of the spectrum, these performers are not greedy, and their primary focus is to have fun, so most shows go for $1 pre minute easily.

Do you want to see other gay cam sites that are worth checking out? We have got you covered, just go to the MyGayCamSites where we review them all for you.

LiveJasmin Gay Review

Ready to drool over some neatly pedicured toes of fantastic performers? Then you’re at the right place. Even though LiveJasmin’s focus is on female performers, there are some amazing gay studs who are at the top of their game, streaming in HD only.

The male section is less populated, averaging around 80 models any time of the day, but you won’t be able to take your eyes off them, they’re neat, polite, and will try their absolute hardest to please you. Finding a dedicated foot fetish channel is a bit harder, there are a couple of them, but you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled.

Click Here To Visit Site!

One of the best things about this site is that you can call a model who’s not currently performing, he will respond, and be at your disposal in a couple of minutes. Foot fetish specialists here are pricier, you’ll have to dish out $3 per minute, but what you’re getting in return will forever stay etched in your memory.


Foot fetish is not a mysterious taboo that makes people scoff and shake their head in disbelief, it’s so common that you won’t be having a hard time finding some sexy gay models who are experienced in it and know what they’re doing.

There’s no wrong choice with either of these websites, if you want professionals with an interest in feet and knowledge on how to perform, then go for either LiveJasmin or CameraBoys, but if you like connecting with regular people who enjoy doing what they do, then go for Streamen.

I’m sure any of these would work well, and if you’re still indecisive just try them all out for yourself, make sure to create an account, and off you go finding a fellow feet enthusiast to sate your desire. Review Review

If you’re searching for a perfect gay site, you won’t find it, perfection is unachievable, but this one comes very close. It’s highly rated due to a delightful blue-colored layout which is refreshing for your eyes, and the user interface is easy to navigate through, some might argue that there should be more filtering options, but it’s not that big of an issue.

Your interactions with models will be fulfilling, every moment is enjoyable, and they will be dedicated to performing as best as they can.

Click Here To Visit Site!

All gay models here on the are masters of their craft and today we are going to review them, try not to drool too much in private chats, but then again who could blame you? They are absolutely beautiful, and open to various experiences and kinks. The pricing is affordable considering the quality of shows you’re getting, some might charge more than others, but you’re also getting way better shows in return.

Getting Started allows you to view the chatrooms for free, it’s a good way to start so you can check out the models and tune in on what it is they do. Some of them are singing along to the music and teasing you with their sexy moves, while others are flexing firm muscles is tight tank-tops, whatever it is, you’re going to get some insights on their personalities and interests.

If you want to communicate through chat, as with other sites, you will have to create an account, it will take 2 mins of your time tops. If you go to log in through a chat, there will be a pop-up that is going to give you extra credits once you sign up.

You will also have to link an account to a payment option, of which there are multiple options:

  • Credit Cards – Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Electron, JCB, Discover, Solo/Switch, Bleue
  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Etherium, +50 Altcoins
  • Gift Cards
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Other Alternative Payment Options – Skrill, Paysafe Card, and many others depending on your geographic region

Pretty much any major payment option is included, which is hard to say for any other site. The amounts vary depending on your package, payment option, and geographic location, for example, $22.99 Credit Card NA, €23.99 Credit Card EU, €26.99 PayPal & Crypto EU, all of which buy you 17.99 credits.

The more you buy, the more bonus tokens you’re going to get, and you can even deposit a custom amount of money to trade for credits.

Types of Shows and Models

As mentioned before the filtration is pretty simple, primarily focusing on body types, but considering this site doesn’t have that many models compared to some others, you don’t really need that many.

The number is usually hovering around 100, which in itself is a solid amount considering the quality.

One thing that struck my eye is how beautiful and professional these models look. Cameraboys has made sure to hire only the best performers, for which no one can blame them. They have strict rules when it comes to camera requirements, and most of these guys are pros at what they do.

Most of them are between 18-30 years old, and you will be surprised by how many 18-19 year-olds there are here, so in hindsight, there are a lot of twinks, some athletic types, and some next-door neighbor you would like to bank type.

It’s easy to check out what’s going on in the chatrooms, you can hover over the picture and see for yourself what’s going on, but don’t expect to see much other than usual chatting with potential private cam customers.

Their openness to communication stands out, always ready to reply to any questions, and will even ask you back, in order to find more about you, so it’s not all pretending, they want to know who they’re sharing time with, and it deepens your connection, making private shows an absolute banger.

User Options

Once you enter a chat, besides the big screen with the performer on, you can see everything about them through their bio, where they got all their interests and kinks listed, it’s a good way to find out more about the model.

If you scroll down, there are some pics and videos, some of which are free, but there’s also some locked content that you will have to pay for in order to see. The bad thing is, you don’t know what that content is, there is no preview, or just a snippet so you would have a clue if it’s for you, but then again it’s 3 tokens, so it might be a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Or you can buy a membership and have all that content free of charge.

You can also see how the model is rated by other users, and if you like him, make sure to add to favorites, so every time you log in, he’s going to be at the top of your list.


The shows will cost you around $2 per minute, and those can go up depending on whether or not you want to go cam to cam, and sound on, both of which are paid extra.

It might seem pricey, but considering the shows, you’re getting, and the kind of models you’re working with, I would say it’s quite fair.

Click Here To Visit Site!

The whole experience in private chats is on another level, you’re guaranteed to have a solid, memorable show, and these hot gay men will make sure to treat you properly so you come back to for more.

Gay Cam2Cam Sites

Whichever kink you have, there are certain performers who can do it better than others, or there are some sites that offer a broader choice. Sometimes it’s not about that only, the price, user interface, payment options, every little bit plays a part on the broader scale.

Finding the right gay cam2cam sites can be a tough process, time-consuming, or borderline boring, and you absolutely shouldn’t go through it on your own. Here’s a guiding hand, with a compilation of some top-of-the-line live chat places which all have certain positives that make them stand out from each other.

LiveJasmin Gay Review

A well-done camming site with a stand-out red overlay. Livejasmin is an experienced player in this game, and they hold a certain level of quality. Models are required to stream on HD, and they are handpicked especially the male section.

You can expect beautiful faces greeting you as if you came to a 5star hotel, and making you feel comfortable and stoked to stroke at the same time.

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The price for shows can go as low as $1, averaging at about $2-$2.5 per minute. Pretty much any paying option you can think of off the top of your head is included, Credit Card, PayPal, and pretty much any Cryptocurrency. Review

Already by its name, you can guess that it is a men-only cam2cam site. It has a variety of performers, older, younger, gay bears, twinks, and most importantly some BDSM lovers. Including fetishes and some other kinks is what makes this site awesome, along with the fact that 4K is supported.

For payment options, there are PayPal and CC, so not that much diversity, but it’s mainly because of the system that’s being used. You don’t have to buy any tokens or some kind of a currency, because you’re charged directly for the time you’ve spent in a private chat, which is a bit pricier, $2.40 are the cheapest ones.

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With that being said, you might think it’s easy to get carried away, and you would be right, but hopefully, there’s a “daily limit” option, which bars you from spending your entire savings away. Review

Another one of the fantastic gay cam2cam sites also with an all-men policy. It reaps the benefits of professional models and high-quality cams, while at the same time having hundreds of performers live at any time, which from my experience mostly seem like twinks or athletic types.

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There are plenty of payment options, CC, Crypto, and PayPal, whichever suits you best, and you can even earn some extra credits on your first sign-up. You can use them to check out the models, and maybe your sights will be set on a specific hunk. The private shows cost $2 on average, and you will have to pay extra for audio.

Chaturbate Gay Review

The favorite website of all the freeloaders, pretty much because of the open-to-public live cams. It’s a simple site, easy to navigate, and there are pretty much all types of gay performers you can think of, simply because of the sheer numbers, but despite that, you will mostly find vanilla, playful-style content.

The quality of cams goes from the lowest to 4k, there are no rules and regulations in place. Private shows are a rarity over here, except with the less popular cammers, the higher-ranked ones are usually focused on making a big buck, and they do it with free, public shows.

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The token system in place is mainly used to tip the models, so you can make them do various stuff, which is listed in their chatrooms. The more you tip, the crazier it gets, from toy control to anal creampies, and it all depends on the performer.

Flirt4Free Gay Review

When it comes to hosts, the ones over here look as if you’re picking out of the pool of top models, as in model models, handsome, pretty, bodybuilder type, which you won’t see on other gay cam2cam sites. The user interface is slick, there are plenty of options to filter, you can even pick toy-controlled rooms, just so you get the idea.

Signing up will grant you 120 bonus tokens, which equates to about $13, and private chats cost $3 per minute on average. Some can go lower, as in half a buck, or you can join a multi-user chat, where you’ll pay less, but only the one who started the chat will have the luxury of going cam-2-cam, which along with the audio is automatically included in the price and doesn’t require you to chip in extra for. For the payment options, you can go for CC or PayPal.

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At the bottom of the page, you can click on the “Deals” section, it’s a bit small and hard to find, but it’s a hidden gem. If you want to get some discount codes for the shows, then you will find them here, which usually go like “Free 3 mins after 7 mins”, or akin to that, where you can get up to 30 mins free.


Your choice is what matters in the end, but I can promise you that going with either one of these won’t make you wrong. We all love sexy boys who can put out and stroke their cocks or pound those yummy booties with toys, but we also love them in tight spandex with whips in their hands, ordering us how to behave.

Do you want to see other gay cam to cam sites that are worth visiting and those that you need to avoid, then you will learn about them on the, you just have to click on the link and you will see them all.

Some guys will do it better than others, but in the end, you can sign up for all of them and check out for yourself, maybe you’re picky and just need to see for yourself to find the one.

Gay Cam Sites Accepting PayPal

Before you enter a gay cam site loaded with hunks, you should take care of security and privacy first. PayPal offers you a stable way to deposit money, and grants protection of your account, money on it, and personal information.

Recognized by both users and websites for its superiority, PayPal is a part of your favorite live chat websites, and even though their popularity is a reason to visit, safe cruising will be a reason to stay.

LiveJasmin Gay Review

A well-known player in the game, the red background of the user interface makes it stand out, it’s total eye candy. LiveJasmin’s main focus is on the quality of male performers, you won’t find anything less than good-looking when it comes to these muscular boys, and their cameras are in HD, so you can safely admire the chiseled jaws and veins popping out on their arms.

For anything more than the usual chit-chat in public, you will have to go private. So go ahead, create an account and sign up, just make sure to link your PayPal account to buy some credits and you will be set for a frisky adventure. Now you can do anything you like without worries on your mind, so relax and get started while your money is protected from any hard.

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The price per minute depends on a performer and the rate they set. Some will go for less than 1 credit, while the majority are in the 1-3 credit bracket. Even if your favorite hunk is in a private chat with another user, don’t be jealous, you will be able to take a peek and see him in action for only 1 token. Review

When a website is solely focused on gay models, then you can hope for the best experience and a whole lot of fantasies that are closer to your kinks. Daddy, Guy Next Door, and College are just some of the options you have at your disposal in the sidebar, and there are a lot more for you to research.

If you wish to dwell deeper into the life of a certain model, you can do it through their detailed profile page, and possibly you will find the right match. When you’re all ready and set, it’s time to make an account and trade PayPal money for gold, which is an in-site currency.

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It’s the safest bet you can make, just in case you were worried about your privacy, with PayPal you won’t gamble it away, but rather keeping it with yourself where it should be.

To add the cherry on top, you should look for GOLD shows, which are discounted and probably the best price to value ratio. One more unique aspect of this website is a $15 monthly membership, which grants you unlimited video streaming.

Chaturbate Gay Review

If there’s something that makes you rock hard, then you will find it here. Crowded with performers, from muscular to twinks, old dudes, couples, group sex, pretty much anything you like is going to be here. It’s no wonder Chaturbate has such an immense amount of traffic because it really does offer diversity.

Each model here has a certain goal they want to reach, no matter how much, the token system is set so you could have some fun interactions with them. Usually, they will have toys that are controlled by the number of tokens donated, each new donation regulating the speed and length of vibrations.

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The price of tokens is regulated differently from other sites, going at about 10 for a dollar, and the more you spend, the more extra tokens you’re going to get.

Linking your PayPal account to Chaturbate is going to be a piece of cake, and the funds are transferred to your account faster than all the other methods.


Out of all the gay cam sites, these three are the most popular, filled with various content, and to no surprise, they all have PayPal listed as a payment method.

Streamen and LiveJasmin are your best bet when it comes to the quality of shows, cameras, and sexy studs that perform live.

Don’t forget Chaturbate, they give you the best value for your money, there are so many amateur models, especially groups of guys which bang any time of the day, and you can control how and when they cum.

The money from your PayPal account is going to be worth it on any of these sites, and you will get your banger shows for sure, while at the same time having a reliable option to deposit your money while keeping your address and name away from anyone who might misuse it. Review Review

Let’s face it, having a great, sculpted body takes some hard work, and watching muscular studs flex is hot at hell. That’s the premise of this site, or at least what it’s promising to be. If you’re into bodybuilders, then watching them work out, and seeing as sweat makes their six-pack stand out is a dream come true.

Watching hot guys flexing and posing for you has immense value, but it largely depends on the quality and how it is presented to the consumer.

There are a lot of gay cam sites out there on the, and the majority of them have a bunch of hot studs, so can this one offer something out of the ordinary?

Severely outdated design

The first sight you’re going to be greeted with is absolutely horrendous. A steel-theme website that looks like terminator himself made it back in the early 2000’s. Despite getting stunned I picked up the courage and dwelled deeper by clicking “Accept” so I could enter the site, hoping my first impression is going to get somewhat better, and surprise, surprise, it did not.

The homepage is kind of more of the same, except you get to see a long list of models, and some who are online, as well as pics and videos, archives, and purchase section.

If you are looking for some quality gay cam sites we have listed them on the for you all and you are guaranteed to get lots of great live action when you visit them.

The whole look is making it seem as if it was a scam, and I was even questioning whether or not to continue, but for the sake of others, it had to be done.

There were a couple of models online so I’ve tried watching their shows, but as expected I am supposed to create an account, which was pretty basic.

What happened next had me really disappointed, the cams still run on adobe flash player, which most browsers do not even support, so I had to go through the hassle of activating it just to see what’s going on.

Inactive Community

I’ve had the pleasure of choosing, oh wait, no I didn’t, there was one guy online, so I obviously picked him. His picture looked promising, but I couldn’t really tell because the camera view was focused on his hand, and I got a close-up of his pores.

In the meantime, a couple of other guys started camming, so I went over to check them out. One of them was nothing like he seemed in the pictures and actually was unresponsive.

The third and final one was spot-on, responsive, and really up for some action, but the camera quality was pretty bad, as is with all the guys that are camming here, and the money that was sent made no difference at all.

That’s it, a total of three guys on a supposed live sex cam, during a weekend when shows are supposed to be packed.

It comes as no surprise that paid content is scarce, especially pics which cost $2, and videos which are $10-$30, and you only get a preview from the beginning, so throwing your money at them is a big gamble, and same can be said for the recorded shows.

Only one payment option (Not that you will need it)

The way this site works is that you transfer funds from your credit card onto the site, and with it, you are paying for content and private shows. I would advise you not to do it unless you want to throw away some hard-earned money on sub-par content and lame live shows, neither of which will give you what you came for.

You should put your money into some more popular live cams, and get the treatment you deserve. LiveMuscleShow is ancient, it possibly had some following once, but it didn’t stand the test of time, nothing about it is up to standard, and the list of cons is longer than could be put into words, so it’s safe to say that this site is going to die out completely pretty soon.

BongaCams Gay Cam Review

BongaCams Gay Cam Review

Do you guys know Bongacams? It is is a sex cam site that has a section for Female, Couple, Trans and Male shows. This review’s sole focus will be the gay cam section which coincidentally is supposed to be the Male tab, which already is not a good sign. Well, you will find it out in this post that we have done for you.

BongaCams is missing a proper divide of Gay and Male models

We are off to a rough start, if you wish to interact with a gay hunk, you might instead find yourself chatting with a straight guy, something is awfully wrong, and ultimately a boner-killer.

The lack of clarity is bringing the consumer in an unpleasant situation. If I am unable to find a personal preference without any hiccups, then the site is doing a bad job communicating with its customers. It is more of a get paid or get lost type of thing, and why would that be you are wondering? Well, that is because of the damn pop-ups.

Ah, the famous pop-ups. Yes, those damn ugly things no one wants to have their face blasted with, at least not the kind of face-blasting I am here for.

Once or twice in a span of an hour would be fine, but this thing will block your entire screen by popping up every 30 seconds or so, forcing you to sign up or buy a gold membership, and that button you are supposed to close the pop-up with is hard to find, I have had to play Where’s Waldo with that thing, but at least you get the promised 10 bonus tokens when signing up so that is nice.

Lack of model filtering is a big turn-off on Bongacams

When there are not enough tags to go through, navigation through the models is a living nightmare. There is not enough diversity to start with, the majority of models are from Russia, with a few in-between American and western European.

The filtering is very vague, you got the usual Masturbation, Chatting, Cumshot, and a lot of varieties of the before mentioned ones.

Right of the bat, you can notice that even those live-cams that are tagged a certain way are a complete let-down, there is a guy tagged with Stripping, and he is sitting there in his hoodie for like a half an hour, what is up with that?

The overall amount of guys sitting there in their clothes is too high, finding the one to share some joy of masturbation is a tough task at hand, especially if you need a beefy, muscular hunk because you will go limp before finding one.

It goes without saying that there are models who are worth it, of course, their shows are private, and you do get a blurry sneak peek in case you were wondering what is going on, but to be able to enjoy the full show you have to tip 60 tokens minimum.

Buying a membership will not bring you pleasure on BongaCams

I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but in case you were not following so far, this site has to resolve some issues before it is worth my time and money, mainly because there are not so many different types of guys you can choose from.

The free 10 tokens you get will get you nowhere though, the least you need to have is 20+ for the minute actions from a model, and 200 or more in order to properly interact.

If you do decide to spend your money, then be prepared to drop $20 to buy yourself 292 tokens but even then you will not get much action that will satisfy you.

The Male model section is many things, but it definitely is not worth it before it gets some proper care and attention to improve the quality of the site so better check out other ones like Streamen and LiveJasmin that we reviewed here a while ago.