Review Gay Cam Site

Are you craving kinky live cam action featuring hot studs with meaty cocks? Webcamwankers promises exactly that, but we’re here to check up if it’s able to deliver. You should be wary, though, a lot of live gay webcam sites out there could seem like they’re worth the effort, but upon closer inspection, it turns out that you’re cheated into paying for sub-par entertainment.

That’s why when Webcamwankers got on my radar, I was more than interested in seeing the deeper story. For what it’s worth, it’s in all of our best interest to separate the wheat from the chaff. There are a lot of things to go through, so let’s not waste your time, but dive straight into the action!

Issues From the Very Start

I’ll be honest with you right from the start, I’ve gone through a lot of cam sites in my time, and I know a fake when I see one. That’s exactly what Webcamwankers is, a copy, or in other words a whitelabel of Chaturbate. It’s an easy thing to spot because they’re practically the same thing, at least that’s how they look at first glance.

It’s a hard thing to hide because Chaturbate is one of the most popular sites in the world, not only in adult entertainment but the internet as a whole. Which of course means someone will try and do the same thing, but a cheap copy of it. For the most part, you’re hoping that some things are changed for the better, but the reality is grim.

One of the issues I instantly stumbled upon are some features being marketed on the copy as if they’re new or revolutionary. In fact, they’re already established Chaturbate features, which serve a certain purpose, like “Discover” page, which is just a list of top-rated cam models/shows.

Webcamwankers is Blatantly Lying to Your Face

This is where the site starts falling apart, first of all, it’s definitely not a male-only sex cam site. You’re possibly thinking “Chaturbate isn’t either”, but the reality is, Chaturbate doesn’t claim or market itself to be. In hindsight, you are being deceived with a cheap trick, and I’m sure no one likes to be fooled.

Does that actually mean that they’re offering the same content? On paper it should be like that, the gay models are the same, the whole site seems to be, but it’s actually not. Webcamwankers has a serious issue, maybe it’s of technical nature, not really my area of expertise, but you don’t even get the whole experience fully translated.

Some models aren’t there, when they absolutely should be, there’s just no excuse to not include some of the guys, and they’re not small-time cammers either. Then you’ve also got the fact that it takes a lot of time for the shows to load, and when they do, well, good luck, because it’s in 240p.

Is There Place for Redemption?

Well, I’m not clairvoyant, but my firm belief is that things aren’t going to magically do a 180 flip and get better. There is no serious support to the core of this site so it could actually do something like that. It seems like a low-effort thing that’s supposed to earn some guys a passive income, and I wouldn’t bet that they will.

Especially not with their support being nonexistent. If there is an issue, like there obviously is, you have no place to turn and issue a complaint. It takes them way too long to answer, and that’s if you’re one of the happy ones who actually get an answer. For all they care, you’re not their problem, and they don’t want to further invest in this badly done copy.

Which is imposing a question, why would you even be here? The answer is quite simple, you shouldn’t. If you really want to experience the height of adult entertainment, then go to Chaturbate instead of lining pockets to some lazy people who thought they could cheat anyone into paying for their ridiculous replica of one of the best live sex sites.


Webcamwankers is full of flaws, no, scratch that, it’s a disgrace. The only thing that works properly here are tags with which you can browse through tags. Issues keep piling up, and at some point, they just become unbearable, for what, the same price as Chaturbate? You’re straight-up getting robbed at this point.

Let’s be real here, you should definitely check out or Streamen if you’re intrigued by webcams and male models. There are even gay couples performing blowjobs, stuffing each other live, and you can watch hundreds of them no matter the time of day or night. And not to mention that your experience will be flawless, with no lags, bugs, or other annoying things, just pure pleasure.

Jizzroulette Review

GayFreeFun Gay Cam Site

There is no doubt that gay cam sites are certainly a great piece of entertainment we can all appreciate, but not all of them are what they promise to be. It takes a lot of effort to provide the end-user with a pleasurable experience, and with so much competition out there, it’s safe to say that everyone is open to critique.

There are some basic things to take into consideration, the ones you can instantly spot, but others are not noticeable to the naked eye. You need to take a deeper look, where all the underlying issues might arise during private chat sessions, which is time and money consuming and can lead to serious disappointments, which is why this review of is necessary.

Roulette or Not?

To kick it off, it doesn’t look good, maybe for a first-timer who sees a “roulette” type homepage it seems fine, but the reality is a lot different. It’s just a gimmick, possibly to play along with the site’s name, but there’s nothing random about it, nor is it a roulette site, it’s just a normal live sex site with an added feature to make it look (supposedly) cool.

What it does instead is give you a false product, you’re thinking it’s a bunch of random people chatting together with you, and it absolutely isn’t. They have even added your camera under the model camera, but there is no function to it, you’re just seeing yourself, and no one else does.

It’s confusing really, especially for someone who might not know what this whole site is about, so you’re just left there, wondering why this gay dude on the other side doesn’t respond to you. But, once you click on “Browse All Guys”, the who thing is revealed, and you’re redirected to the actual cam site where all the models are.

What Actually is Jizzroulette?

Further down the line, this site seems to be a completely different thing, once again. It’s a whitelabel of, or in layman’s terms, a copy of it. So not only is it not a roulette site, it’s not even original, and the disappointments keep lining up. To put things into perspective, Jizzroulette is a business built upon using something else and rebranding it.

There are some things that changed though, like the background color, from black to white. Does it look better? Of course not, the whole gay webcam site seems to have this cheap look to it, and I’m not a fan at all. Especially because they were keen to switch the homepage to something else, but they didn’t even bother to switch other things around.

Except for models, they sure made it a mission to copy that properly. Some guys aren’t even included, even if you put the sites side-by-side, there are some distinctions. So not only are you getting a false “original” product, but you’re getting it watered down and essentially ruined, which needless to say, is a real shame.

You’re Better Off Somewhere Else

I’d like to assure you that Streamen is an awesome site, a personal best gay sex cam site, so seeing it ruined by this attempted copy makes me even more furious. Wait until we reach the actual shows, I was debating whether even to try them out, but it had to be done. To my surprise, Jizzroulette made even them worse.

The quality isn’t the same, some shows are grainy where they should be full HD, others might be ok at first glance but the playback keeps buffering. They didn’t even bother translating that properly into their fake cam site. All around, it’s a massive failure, and a waste of brain cells, all you can do here is get frustrated, even if you knew nothing about Streamen.

Usually, when people make a whitelabel, it’s supposed to be different, or an enhanced version of the original, but it’s not the case here. Everything is downgraded, or you’re being lied to, and that kind of etiquette brings nothing but bad publicity. If you really want to experience these guys, who are awesome entertainers, it’s better to just head over to Streamen.


Jizzroulette is a massive disappointment, it pains me enough that they’re copying Streamen, but to actually do such a lousy job makes my blood boil. Instead of hanging out with some hunks, and knowing what to expect, I’m led to believe that there is nothing wrong, and it’s different from all the other live gay video sites out there.

This site is a certified failure, you’re better off going to Streamen or CameraBoys and actually grasping the full scope of male cam sites. The hot studs there are definitely going to give you a lifetime of fond memories, and the site as a whole is stable, user-friendly, and most importantly, honest about what they do. So don’t be discouraged by this copy, the original has a lot more to offer than you can imagine!

PayPal Gay Webcam Sites

Do you value privacy before anything else while rubbing one out to hot gay studs on live cam sites? There are plenty of ways to go about it, but payment processing seems to be one of those things that a user can control, the rest is on the site to keep you safe. Most importantly, you don’t want your name plastered all over the bills, which is something credit cards can’t guarantee.

PayPal however, is one of those rare things that you absolutely should use to maximize your anonymity. Besides offering a safe haven to your money, rendering it untouchable by anyone but you, it also covers your identity while paying for adult entertainment, and we’ve got a list of trusted sites that go hand-in-hand with PayPal. Review

When we’re talking filthy pleasures, then we’re thinking of Streamen. It’s a wonderful place where all the fetishists gather to entertain each other. The male models are especially open-minded, they’re willing to act upon anyone’s desire, be it spanking, foot fetish, bondage, or anything out of the ordinary, they’re here for you.

Click Here To Visit Streamen Site!

It wouldn’t be possible unless there were so many of them, and not just buff sexy dudes, but also some hairy bears, mature daddies, twinks, you name it! When it comes to actual shows, they’re well equipped with toys and other accessories that make it all come to life, some of which got their private sex dungeons.

Streamen is just one of those places where you must use PayPal for the sake of your privacy on their gay webcam site because you know something dirty is about to go down. Setting yourself up with some GOLD couldn’t be faster and easier, after just a couple of minutes, you’ll have the resources to fund your entertainment for days to come.

If you like parties, then you’ll get them here, and for cheap. The special gold sex shows are a place where a bunch of men like you gather and bid a tiny fraction of their money, in return for a proper private show, so the model gets guaranteed pay, and all of you get your guaranteed orgasm once he’s done. Review

Some live chat sites like to have a tighter grasp on their models, but it’s all good because they want to keep the quality at a pristine state. You won’t find a lot of live nudity, or some fetishes here, but you will find a bunch of pretty hunks who are the best at what they do, and that’s entertaining other men.

Click Here To Visit CameraBoys Site!

It’s usually filled with 20-something guys, all looking like they’ve been selected at a prestigious fashion week event. Behind the curtains you’ll see their true face, the one only a man who knows how to tease and seduce another man has, full of pleasure, especially when you’re using a cam2cam option and watching each other stroke those rock-hard cocks.

The role of PayPal in achieving that “Premium” quality is essential because it enables you to totally relax and pay attention to things that matter. If you’re buying credits for the first time, then you’ll get extra bonus tokens, which exponentially increase the higher amount you’re looking to purchase.

Chaturbate Gay Review

Chaturbate is filled to the brim, when it comes to sheer numbers there’s no one who could compare. There’s a lot of stuff here, for some you’ll have to dig deeper and dedicate some time, but you’ll find a man of your dreams, and it will be worth it for sure. Maybe you even find a group of boys, which isn’t so rare here, the more the merrier.

Click Here To Visit Chaturbate Site!

Live gay shows are the most common form of entertainment here, although private shows are definitely an option, and you’ll find willing gay couples or solo studs doing them. On average, Chaturbate is probably the cheapest of three, but it also comes with a bit of chaos, and if you manage to sort through it, then it’s insanely fun.

The sole reason PayPal is even included here is because of people who have been vocal about it, and their voices have been heard loud and clear. Considering both are dedicated to offering the user what they deserve, your pleasure couldn’t be in safer hands, from the moment you purchase tokens until you’re enjoying a show.


Besides PayPal, these gay cam sites don’t have a lot in common, as a matter of fact, they each represent a certain style. Streamen is where you get those pretty boys who mostly do vanilla live sex shows, Chaturbate is the bad boy of the industry with their steaming hot live shows, while Streamen is a mix between the two, with a strong accent on fetishes.

You know that your money and identity couldn’t be any safer than with PayPal, but when it comes to which one of these to pick it’s entirely up to you. Although, there might be some bias, but Streamen seems to be the most well-rounded of the bunch, you simply can’t go wrong with it.

Best Live Gay Video Chat Sites

It certainly isn’t easy to find hot dudes who would do some nasty things in the sheets, or maybe you want to expand your horizons and see what other corners of the world offer. If it wasn’t for gay video chat sites, you would be stuck, but thankfully that’s not the case, and you truly can explore your sexual desires.

In order to set yourself up for good, there needs to be some quality at hand, and that’s entirely dependent on the site you use. Plenty of them out there claim to have the best hunks, but in reality, they’re often lacking diversity, professionalism, or a user-friendly interface, which is why we’ve decided to help you out and shine some light on those who deserve the attention. Review

This best live gay cam site is all things men at one place, just close your eyes and imagine a sexy stud who’s going to do whatever you desire, and you’re granted to find him here. Your search couldn’t have been made any easier, simply click on a certain category, or filter them by additional options like “Age” “Ethnicity”, and similar.

Most notably, you’re going to find a tab with fetishes, so if you’re one of those who love harder play during sex, Streamen is a no-brainer. Whether you prefer widely accepted stuff like foot fetishes, spankings, and smoking, or you’re an edgy guy who wants to see some bondage, gay domination, CBT, and other hardcore stuff, it truly won’t be an issue finding some.

There’s such a diverse cast of models on Streamen, there are mature daddies, young twinks, black bulls, shy Asians, even straight webcam guys who are exploring their sexuality. You can see the flags next to chat windows, who automatically play the live cam of a model when you hover them with your mouse, so you can also get a preview to make things smoother and ease the whole searching process.

If you love parties, then you’re at the right place, the Gold shows are a cheap way of getting premium entertainment. You will watch the show with other people, and all you have to do is tip a tiny bit of tokens together before it starts. In conclusion, Streamen covers all bases, which is something you’re rarely going to find. Review

While some features might be similar to Streamen, CameraBoys has a whole other feel to it. You’re usually going to find yourself some pretty boys in the live gay video chat rooms, regardless of their physical appearance, be it twinks or muscular guys, it doesn’t matter. You actually feel like you’re chatting with real-life runway models, who just happen to have some fun on the side.

One thing is for sure, they actually care for what they do, making this site’s focus on premium quality. The shows are breathtaking, and that’s the opinion of many who have tried the guys here. They’re always giving it their best, you’re seduced, slobbering over their stiff cocks, and fall in love with the way they toy themselves and moan loudly.

Standardized HD video quality propels CameraBoys above many other competitors, they’re relentless in offering you the best and models are functioning strictly under those guidelines. Prices can get a bit higher, but you pay for what you get, there’s just no way around it, and every dime will be worth it.

Chaturbate Gay Review

Chaturbate seems to have found a thing that only works for them, and they execute it perfectly. There are no rules here, which to some may sound like total mayhem, but in reality, it offers so many various shows that your jaw drops to the floor in disbelief. The sheer numbers are insane, going around more than 1000 male webcam models at all times.

Going through them all in one sitting is virtually impossible, although you could try, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, you should check out the tags, the models set them up themselves, and there are so many to choose from, which can make your search as detailed as possible.

When it comes to payments, that’s where Chaturbate is unique, most shows are focused on live, all you need to do is tip, as much as you want, there are no limits. Those trigger special “rewards”, and models act upon them, or their toy vibrates, just to name some. This usually means that the shows last longer, so if you find someone who gives you the butterflies, get ready to rub one out for hours.


How horny you are doesn’t matter to these live sex chat websites, because they’re about to make your cock bulge like never before. Be it if you’re a lover of BDSM and head over to Streamen, someone who enjoys passionate encounters on CameraBoys, or wants something new, exciting, and freaky on Chaturbate, your boner will be taken care of.

When it comes to my gay webcam sites and ultimate adventures, these three are the kings, and dethroning them is seemingly impossible at the moment. What each of them offers may differ, but one thing in common is standout supremacy when it comes to pleasing you, their customer. Review

SuperMen Gay Cam Review

Say what you want about gay cam sites, but it’s been some time since we’ve seen such a narrow number of choices like has. The guys are actually hot, which is a real shame because they’ve put a lot of effort into their bodies, but I can’t think of a world where muscular white men are everything we crave for.

Still, there are heaps of issues around this particular website that make it look like a child’s play compared to some serious contenders like So if you want to see just how bad Hunkycams is, follow us into this detailed review where you’ll see for yourself why it’s to be avoided.

The Whitewashed Website You Should Stay Away From

Now, no disrespect towards white guys, but come on, who in their right mind thought it would be ok not to hire an Asian or a black man. What if someone has the hots for darker-skinned gentlemen, or they would rather have a hairy bear to manhandle them? Are shaved beefy dudes going to fill in that gap?

From the consumer standpoint, their game is weak, you can’t even find some slender teen guys to play around with, or at least find group cammers where you can watch some live gay bondage shows. If you’ve wanted to scratch some dirty play off your bucket list, it’s not going to be done here.

Yes, even dominant guys are out of play, and that’s plain sad. When you really think about it, all you get is an old-fashioned handjob or some dildo play on this webcam site, but nothing too hard, no, these guys want to earn their money quick and easy without breaking a sweat, which is ironic since they’re gym rats.

In the age of inclusion and barrier-breaking, this site is falling behind Streamen, not one or two steps, but a whole staircase. Instead of offering the public what they want, you’re left wondering if there is some secret agenda behind it all, even if there isn’t, they’re open to criticism and will need to change things around here if they want to function.

There Are More Problems Than the Eye Can See

Let’s hypothetically say you do decide to chat with some of these hunks. They’re strong, full of themselves, ready to flex those muscles and ride a dildo hard with that firm booty. Or that’s what you might think because it turns out, they’re outright rude and lazy.

Needless to say that we’re flabbergasted, these guys refuse to do one thing they’re supposed to; entertain their guests. When you enter a chat and try to hit them up in a private video chat, they usually don’t respond. Nothing seems to work, compliments, dirty talk, let alone regular messages, chances are, you’re going to be ignored.

Hats off to those who are good, but there are too many rotten apples around here to find the unspoiled ones, or even waste your time trying to look for them. When you take into account that live chats have no nudity, the whole thing becomes even more bizarre, there might be some internal issues we don’t know about, but even so, you’re here to have fun, and this doesn’t look like it.

Too Much Money for Nothing

Here comes the worst part, after you invest a lot of time and effort to go private, get ready to have your wallet fucked. The shows are so expensive that there’s just no excuse for going that high with pricing. Or maybe the models were high when they were setting up their rates, it keeps getting worse however you take it.

If you want to see how it’s done, then check out, it’s what a gay sex cam site should look and feel like. You get what you want, quite literally the body type and sexual interests that line up with yours, and given that there are so many professional models, the prices are cheap due to competitiveness.

Or you could stay here, haggle with the customer support which doesn’t even exist, desperately trying to contact them because you’ve been essentially scammed. These guys will try to drag out the teasing for as long as they can, only to get some more money, until you run out dry, both financially and erotically speaking. Is One Big Failure

We’ve said it, and we stand behind our words, this has to be the biggest let-down ever, since the site actually looked nice, visually speaking. It pulls you in, only to chew and spit you out mercilessly if you go in without any prior knowledge of what’s waiting, and sadly, many have fallen for this.

You could be amongst those who will put a stop to such disappointments by going with something better. Check Streamate out, treat all your senses to the excitement, release all the pent-up cum with the gay studs, twinks, or whatever it is you like, and never settle for anything less than perfect. Site Review Review

Sometimes nothing is better than something, especially if you’re led to a certain expectation from a site and disappointed. is everything but a proper camming site, and unlike many others, it fails to deliver even on the simplest points, and you’re going to see just how ugly it is with a simple comparison.

For that reason, we’re going to use as our anchor, it’s a well-established site that does everything right in the eyes of many, and personally, I dig it. This review is going to show you what makes a gay sex cam site good, and where GayCam went wrong with their whole setup, so buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride.

Your Head Will Spin in Circles… From Confusion

GayCam is built like one of those anonymous chatting sites that died away a decade ago, which can make it confusing for a first-time user. There are loads of options, all scrambled around and hard to discern from one another, so it might take you a lot of time to figure out what’s used for what.

The only way you can know whether or not someone is camming, is by the “play” button next to their avatar, and even if you navigate through, there are more negative surprises coming your way, but more about that later. What really grinds my gears is the “Next Model” option, because you sure as hell won’t be getting what you want, instead, there might be some girls popping all over your screen, which is mildly infuriating.

Now let’s take a look at Streamen, one quick glance is all you need to soak up all the information. Model windows are there, big, the main focus point, filtering on the site so you can find what’s in your interest, everything is effortless. If you want to chat, then you can do it after clicking on a model window, easy as that, simple, no-nonsense, and most importantly, user-friendly.

Can You Even Find Your Type?

As a somewhat anonymous board, GayCam has cornered themselves, you don’t know who you’re chatting with, or have an inkling of an idea of what they look like. Let’s say you want a Latino hunk, how do you find him? Well, better get ready to painfully click on each and every live sex show to see if there is any at all, and regardless, you will probably be let down.

There are so many fetishes out there, so many kinks, different people, and yet you won’t have a definitive answer for any of that on this gay webcam site. Your best bet, again, is to do it manually, which is a pain in the ass, and not the good kind, so finding what you desire is not worth the effort, considering there is a higher chance of hitting the lottery than doing that.

So how do big boys handle those “problems”? Well, they add special filters, which aren’t really a revolutionary idea. Want your BDSM, big dicks, black studs, a combination of that, or something else entirely? Just a couple of clicks and you’re there, or just go with what’s trending on Streamen and be done with it, diversity couldn’t be implemented any easier.

Where Are All The Good Men?

Even if you do stick around after all of that, you’ve got those negative surprises looming around the corner. First of all, if there are 10 gay men streaming you’re lucky, the site could as well be dead and hardly anyone would notice. That’s just scratching the surface, the models use shitty equipment, so bad that it’s exhausting to even think about it, HD seems to be some kind of a fantasy.

Seeing as users are stuck in a time machine with this site, their mindset is no different. A lot of these guys are afraid to show their face, apparently swinging your dick in a chair is their definition of a good time. On top of that, they’re hardly responsive, gay private webcam shows aren’t really encouraged, even though it’s how they earn a living. Everything about models GayCam is ass-backwards, and there really is nothing you’re offered.

With Streamen you won’t have to go through that horror, you find a guy (Out of thousands available), you hit it off in a live sex chat, and then it’s all pure action. The models there are happy to meet someone new, and they will work their asses off to keep you a satisfied customer, no matter which fetish and desire you have.


Oh boy, where do we even start, is a lousy wannabe cam site that’s got everything wrong. From utterly disgusting interface, the “Gay” part being just a catchphrase, to lack of models and their interest in doing what they’ve signed up for, there’s no wiggle room for me to say that there is a fix, this one has gone beyond repair.

There are plenty more problems, but there’s too much to be put into one text. Thankfully, there are sites like Streamen where you get what you sign up for. All the gay men there are focused on fulfilling your wildest dreams, and finding the perfect fit for yourself is straightforward, which makes it not only a viable option but vastly superior to most other gay cam sites on the web. Review Review

Are you a fan of gay cams as much as we are? Then you must be looking for something new, so why not let someone else take care of that job? A thorough review is all you’re going to need in order to find out whether or not a site you stumbled upon is worth it, and today we’ve got GayCamShows on the menu.

Things might look all sexy and fun on the outside, but it’s never a good idea to judge a book by its cover. It takes a lot to satisfy a wide array of customers, pretty faces and hot bods won’t cut it by themselves, although they’re a good introduction. Brace yourselves, because we’re about to find out all about this live gay cam place now.

Can Beefy Boys Do All the Heavy Lifting?

A site is primarily defined by its performers, they’re the faces that hold the pillars of their success, and as such, they need to be held to certain standards. GayCamShows has done a great job of hiring some of the hottest guys around, we’re talking chiseled six-packs, muscular bodies, stunningly beautiful faces, the whole nine yards.

This also raises some eyebrows with the majority of users – there is not enough diversity. What if you desire to watch a twink stuff his booty with dildos while he’s wearing cuffs? Or imagine a mature daddy, spanking you and controlling your orgasm. Well, here they’re going to stay just that; dreams.

But if you’re a fan of that, then, by all means, go ahead, there is a tonne of gym rats you can jerk off with. On the other hand, you can choose another site, for instance, The reason why it’s used as a comparison is the fact that there are more different body types to choose from, making the offer a fair amount richer than on the majority of other gay webcam sites that we reviewed here.

What Kind of Shows Can I (Not) Expect?

When something’s so one-sided, you shouldn’t be too surprised that the rest is bland as well. You can find all the “jerking off together” types of private shows, though any fetish no matter how common is probably off the table. Really there’s not much to do, but that’s on the models, or maybe it’s company policy?

However, it is, as a consumer you’re getting stifled for a lot of fun because there’s mostly vanilla stuff here. Seeing as there are no twinks or bears, you’re not going to be able to have a gay BDSM session with him, and also, it’s natural for most beefy guys to be dominant, or at least in control, and unfortunately, even that is not an option.

So what are you left with? Maybe some teasing, flirting, the usual stuff, and I can’t say that it’s enough since most of us are searching for a thrill. Honestly, another webcam site is your best bet, you’ve got a good choice in the aforementioned Streamen, where you’ll find most of those kinks and fetishes offered.

The Test Run of Private Shows

I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but even for those of you who are okay with these types of dudes, GayCamShows is not the best choice. They’re snobby as if the roles are reversed, and you’re the one who needs to wait around if they’re going to respond to private messages, that’s if you’re lucky to get a response at all.

It’s rare to see, I can’t even remember if I’ve had the “privilege” of stumbling upon this kind of behavior. You can be a masochist all you want, and you still wouldn’t like it because there’s nothing sexual about being ignored. The ones which were kind enough didn’t give me a single thrill, even after I’ve lowered my standards.

If I’m being generous, I would call the shows lukewarm, they don’t help, but they aren’t bad until you count in the money that’s basically wasted away. For a cam site that has a couple of qualities, they’re failing to cash in on them as they’re poorly executed, so there’s still a lot to be fixed and polished before they’re any good.


Well, there you have it, GayCamShows should be avoided at all costs, it’s not worth the time or the effort. While it does look appealing to the eye, beneath that is an empty shell, straight up hollow with no real content to fill it.

You should go with Streamen, no, really, just go for it, and you’ll be blown off your socks. The enormous offer combined with a slick design and user-friendly approach is unparalleled. That in and by itself is the reason for such huge popularity and a large base of users, to which you’re definitely going to add a number. Review

We’ve got yet another copycat gay cam site on our hands, but is it able to carry on the spirit of the original? If you were to take a glance at, then it would indeed seem like it, but as the old saying goes “You should never judge a book by its cover”, and we definitely don’t intend to. Review

You should take into consideration that it’s a whitelabel, meaning they’re totally legit, you should still get the same shows and models, only in a different package. It’s left for us to see in detail if is worth your time and money, so let’s see what we’ve got in the store today.

Let’s take a look

With the name change comes a different logo, and this one is kind of over-the-top. It’s stylized as a pride flag, which makes sense if you want to support the gay community, and spread awareness. On the other hand, it’s a gay site, gay men visit and perform on this site, so it might be seen as a cheap marketing trick, which we’ve seen a whole lot during pride month.

Despite posing as a minor flaw, we’re here to actually take a deep dive in live chats, and get the taste of private shows. That is going to give us insight into whether or not we should keep getting our daily dose of sexy hunks over here.

Types of Gay Models on

For what it’s worth, you will have a broad selection of male models over here, or at least there are filters to find them. Obviously, it’s not the truth, for whatever the reason is, some categories are totally empty, whereas on Streamen they aren’t, a bit weird, yes, but it’s a negative point whatsoever.

Let’s go with the most popular categories, you’ve got:

  • Athletic – A sexy body is what most of us crave, who doesn’t want to see chiseled abs while the camera pans over his stiff cock? I sure am not the guy, but somehow there are lads who are far from fitting the bill, in this category, and I’m not the fan of being misled.
  • Gay and Bisexual – This is where things get awkward, the site clearly has “Gay” in their name, and it seems like a cheap way to attract potential customers. They could have done something different and renamed or removed them completely because it doesn’t work with the name of this live gay webcam site.
  • Twinks – Another very popular fetish, the slender boys who love to get fucked by alpha males. That’s what this category is supposed to be, but somehow, you’ve got every other body type on here as well, it’s almost like this site is not trying anymore.

It seems like you won’t be able to pinpoint your search on GayChat like you would hope so, or at least like you can on Streamen. It’s a bit infuriating to be honest, all they’ve had to do was stick to the winning formula and not change some things, but here we are.

Shows and All They Offer

Turns out that GayChat is purposefully giving more space to badly rated models, you’re hardly going to find anyone above 4 stars. With their handle on the English language, it’s no wonder they score lower, these guys can barely converse, there is so much confusion going around that you’ll be left wondering what the hell is going on.

Maybe there is some personal gain in the whole ordeal, we’ll never know, but the most important thing is that they get the message you want to send across. It’s even better if you go for gay cam2cam shows, that way you can physically show them what to do, as long as it’s not something complicated.

Live Chat

  • This is the place where you get the first impressions, and if the model manages to paint himself in a positive light, then you’re almost guaranteed a quality show. However in my venture through GayChat, it was like searching for a needle in the haystack.

Private Chat

  • Once you’re convinced and set your sights on a guy, he will have all the attention from you. It’s his time to shine, and he has to juice every last drop of your pent-up cum with the teasing, moaning, and ultimately raw drilling.
  • Maybe it’s my luck, but honestly, I didn’t feel the butterflies in my stomach here, or anything of the sorts, and I’ve tried quite a few models, who weren’t fit for the job they took.


  • My favorite feature of any cam site, when it actually has something to offer. It’s a bit hard to talk to a model when they don’t understand you, isn’t it? On top of that, cam2cam is the pinnacle of a bond with a hunk that’s performing, and needless to say that I wasn’t ready to use it on GayChat.


As a connoisseur of live shows, I am really disappointed, and as a casual user, I’m beyond appalled that such gay sex cam sites like GayChat exist. There were some additional issues like streams cutting and glitching from time to time, but there’s no need to go into every detail, this site is simply not worth the effort.

Let’s just stick to our guns and shoot the loads with the help of ones who can offer it. Streamen is where you should take your attention to, it’s the original, and naturally a better option, but even without the comparison it’s one hell of a cam site that’s worthy of every praise.

3 Top Gay Sex Cam Sites

There are only a few good gay cam sites that can make your cock pulse from the amount of sexual tension between you and a hot man, and we can show you which ones they are. There are a lot of things to take into consideration, from the smooth user experience, and ease of navigation, to actual models.

They need to have your attention the moment you click on a live show, and then it’s all about keeping you entertained. Be it with toys and teasing, or pure filthy sex, we can vouch for these camming studs because there is yet someone to disappoint, and that won’t happen any time soon. Review

Talk about a site that goes straight to the point. StreaMen is making it clear that they don’t want to spam things in your face, here you have it, the models are clearly the thing that matters, and they’re playing to their strengths. None of it would matter if guys here weren’t so diverse with their offers, anything goes, as long as you’ve got imagination.

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For those who want to take a dip before a swim, there are gold shows which are a cheap way of getting time-limited shows for a few bucks, but they’re long enough to keep you sated. Other than that, you’re free to explore the categories and filter them to find that dreamlike dude you can play with.

There’s no going wrong with StiffRod69, a hot, muscular guy who loves pouring oil over himself and teasing by performing workouts and flexing in front of the gay sex webcam. The moment he whips out his thick cock, you’ll be stunned, it’s so massive that you’re going to have troubles believing it’s even real.

Still, you won’t have much time to think once he starts stroking and telling you how much he’s been waiting for a man like you to jerk off together. He doesn’t want just to cum, he wants you to come together and make that moment special as your cum guns shoot in unison.

Slick, beautiful, and groomed, those are all the epitomes that could be used for both CameraBoys and the models performing here. You’ll notice how easy it is to find a guy you like, simply because they’re all dazzling, and anyone you choose will be worth your time.

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In case you need something specific, then make sure to check out the model bio, you can find all about them, even the things they’re willing to do which is the most important thing. This way you’ll be able to mold the private show to your measures and do exactly the things that get you excited.

MarkDaniels is a sexy dark-skinned twink, he might come off as a bit shy, but that’s just because he wants to know you better before he’s bending over on this gay sex cam site. If you like toys, well, that’s right up his ballpark, and he’s got a big collection, so pick out the ones you want to see him using on himself.

Put a buttplug in his perky tushy, and make him parade around for you, maybe even perform a sexy lap dance before he plucks it out. There’s only one thing left to do, make him ride a rubber cock, and choose the biggest one you’ve got, he’s guaranteed to gape for you, and you can bet that he’ll like it.

The “Male” section of LiveJasmin is thriving, simply because the models are held to a high standard. You’re guaranteed to enjoy a full HD show unless there is someone new, but even so, these boys don’t like to stay behind their competition, so they try their best to keep up with others in terms of quality equipment.

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This site is like “Playboy” if it was full of gay men on its covers and even better than that. No one in their right mind could say no to such a thing, and it gets even better, in live gay cam2cam shows they are able to see and hear you as well, which creates a special kind of atmosphere.

You should try that feature out with someone like JuanDante, a real bad boy with his ink and leather clothing style. He can make you bend over and spank that naughty ass of yours with his belt, and then demand you kneel down to suck his cock.

He’s open to taking turns at each other, you can switch around and play with each other’s body, tease one another, and then fuck like animals. Maybe your style is more BDSM-leaning, there’s plenty of ways to dominate, and you will have the honor of trying them out with this stud.


It really doesn’t matter what your preference is, each of these sites offers something you’re going to like, that’s why they’re the 3 top gay sex webcam sites you can find out there. Fetishes are also included, although, that’s a broad term but you might be surprised with all the dirty ones you can find here.

More importantly, they’re trusted because there are no scams, and your money won’t be gone or stolen like it would at other sites. Even better, you’ll be getting some bonuses on your first purchase, which makes it much more appealing, and gives you a chance to explore the site to the fullest.

Gay Private Webcam Sites

All the best hunks who will get your dick as hard as a rock are willing to get it some much-needed action on our gay private webcam sites. If you’re craving a real man, then you’ll have to go one-on-one, that way they’re able to commit to the craft of making you bust a nut, and believe me, they’re the masters at that.

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Gay Latino Cams

There’s no shortage of studs built like bulls, nor are you going to lack any daddies and experienced men, there’s someone for everyone over here. So what is your calling? It’s time to find out, don’t hold back from asking all the dirty questions, every naughty fetish that comes to mind, or which toys they’re willing to use.

A stud like MachoMike isn’t just a pretty face, he’s got the body to follow with stacked muscles, and a schlong so big you’ll fall in love. Despite his rugged looks, he’s a total seducer, you will be sweet-talked into taking off your pants, while he’s flexing and posing for you, so make sure to show him the fruits of his labor.

Those plump nuts you’ve got are about to be juiced out, his mission is to get the last drop out of it. His body is going to look even more stunning once it gets doused in massage oil, you’ll see how it drips down to his crotch and between the firm buttcheeks, and it’s going to make you crave for some anticipated action.

He’s got an ace in his pocket, a dildo, and he wants you to guide him on how to use it during a live gay private cam. Be it sucking, or rubbing the tip against his nipples, or even a good old blowjob, it’s just an intro before the real deal. Tell him to start fingering himself, at first a finger only, and make him spread those cheeks so you can see it getting probed.

He will start sweating, the lust is making him overheat, and he’s just waiting for your command to stick that rubber dick in his anus. While he’s entertaining you, riding the toy, and impaling himself deep until he gapes, you’ll be spreading that load all over him, as a simple “thank you” for a job well done.

Hairyman_Scott isn’t a man of many words, and he doesn’t need to be with that cigar between his lips and a cowboy outfit. The manliness is radiating out of this man, and only he can be the alpha male during this private chat. He will establish dominance from the start by slamming his leather whip on the floor and commanding you to lick his boots.

Make them squeaky clean, stick out that tongue, and once you’re done he will up the game and demand you to do the same with his feet on these gay webcam sites. Only this time make it sexier while you’re sucking on his toes, one by one until your mouth is stuffed with his foot and you can’t talk any longer.

It’s not like you’re here for that, your only calling is to get his dick saturated with worship and care. He will grab your head and move you under him, and he wants you to suck like a good boy while holding eye contact with him. Get that cock lubed up with your saliva, you’ll need it since he intends on exploring the depths of your anus.

While he’s bending you over backward to face that asshole towards his tool, you will get choked out, and the grip will get tighter while he’s pushing that meaty monster further inside. There’s no such thing as deep enough over here, he goes hard, and you will beg him to fill you up with warm semen halfway through.

There’s a reason so many say that gay private cams are the place where the magic happens. You might get some lukewarm entertaining shows in public, but nothing compares to being eye to eye and having a moment while moaning out each other’s name during a jerk-off session.

What matters the most is that you’re enjoying every moment of it, and these models are solely dedicated to making your experience better, but the only way to soak up every moment is to try them out yourself. Review Review

If you’re looking for a new gay cam site, then you won’t find it here, is not original by any means, but it’s still worth taking a look. You should know that in all actuality there is nothing wrong with it, you’re not going to get scammed, and you can rest assured that the shows are going to be enjoyable, but, there are still some things worth looking into before you make a decision.

Overall, if you want to get a taste of what these shows really have to offer, then make sure to visit which is the original site. Fingers crossed for this one because we can only hope that all the things we like about are left untouched.

Landing Page

There’s not much changed here, and it’s for the best, although you do get some extra visibility since they’ve moved the categories up to the navigation bar. This is mostly a good change, some might like their porn sites the way they are, but we have to give credit where credit is due, this is a breath of fresh air.

Other than that, not much is changed, the filtering options are still the same as the original, although it would make no sense to change it at all either way. For the easier process of picking the type of a hunk and the show, the filters go as following:


  • Guys – Mostly focused on the body and show types, all the good stuff from Asian to Black studs and Twinks to Mature guys, the choice is yours.
  • Friends – Shows which are usually just for chatting, maybe you’re trying to rack up the courage for your next visit to the gay bar and need to practice your social skills with absolute hunks? This is where you find them.
  • Recent – Pretty much self-explanatory, all the Categories you’ve visited recently will be shown here.


  • Usually where you pinpoint your search to certain types of shows, HD, Audio, Phone, Party Chat, and Gold Shows.


  • Models over here come from all corners of the world, and you’ll have the luxury of picking them from any continent in the world!

Chat Language

  • A lot of the countries, and even more languages, lucky for us these guys aren’t just pretty faces, they are usually bilingual, smart, and love to talk in languages other than English, like French or Spanish, which can sound hot even if you don’t understand them.

Models and Shows

There’s nothing without the gay cam models, and oh boy, we can thank Streamen for that one because they’re going into private shows like hotcakes. But let’s keep our cool, GayCams is not that keen on listing all of the models, some are left out, purposely or not it doesn’t matter, but your choices will be cut in half.

Still, if you’re not that picky, and want to try out something new, then you could use some of the information that’s listed right on the chat room before even entering, there you’ve got:

The name of the country they are streaming from

  • Hey, we all have our cravings, sometimes it’s a hot-blooded Latino, other times, it’s mild-mannered Asian boys.

How old they are

  • Sometimes it’s not enough to take a look, you would be surprised how many older hunks looking like 30-year-olds there are out there.

The type of show (regular or gold).

  • Gold shows are the best value-for-money options, so you might find them a good way to start.

Let’s say you’ve picked your poison, there’s a certain guy just for you, what can you expect from a show? Well, everything you would if you were to go on Streamen, but there’s a little catch, the quality of service from the site can be horrendous on GayCams, usually not good enough to translate the beauty and depth of its original.

The options are pretty standard, from volume control to gold tipping, and of course, the private shows. Those work as intended, but the resolution could vary, sometimes going back all the way to 240p, which is an unacceptable number of pixels for a BBC, so in hindsight, it can be annoying.

Payment Options and Customer Support

You already know that all of these sites are focused on making a bank, so you’re usually going to find more than one payment option. It doesn’t hurt to go incognito on your browser, but let’s face it, some of you don’t want to be traced so they use the alternatives to Credit Cards and Prepaid Cards, which is where PayPal steps in, what more could you want?

One issue I’ve repeatedly faced is the annoying pop-ups whenever I’d click around, leading you to another website, hot singles in your area type of a deal. That’s the one that usually deters potential customers from chipping in, and overall, it’s a bad practice, but there’s always customer support to step in, right?

Wrong, it’s just a placeholder button that wastes your time, and compared to Streamen, that is a total disgrace. We can’t all be perfect, and sometimes copying perfect doesn’t work half as well as you would expect it to, which is what is, a cheap copy of another cam site.

Final Conclusion

Apart from the first impression, has managed to fail on almost all other fields, the prices of the shows are still the same, starting at $1 per minute, but you’re essentially not getting the same product.

There is a long way to go before it becomes a worthwhile replacement, but until then, switch your focus to, and reap the full benefits of using one of the best gay cam sites out there.

Gay Bear Cam Sites

In the age of hairless men, it’s hard to find manly studs with a full body of hair, especially on their chests, but these gay bear cam sites allow us to connect with them, and indulge their shows in a way they’re supposed to be, raw, hard, and natural.

You can expect a lot from them, the teasing, sexy stripping, long cock strokes, but they are going to exceed those expectations, offering so much entertainment that you’ll be swept off your feet. Once these men show off all the skills, you won’t spend a moment of your day not thinking about them and all the kinky things they do.

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Gay Bear Cams

Brandon_Bigbear is a hot chubby man, with a carpet of hairs on his chests and back alike, visible under his tank top. Despite his rugged looks, he’s quite meek, a real pleaser who will take care of your dick properly until it’s shooting loads, maybe even multiple times during a session.

He will give you a tour of his body, stripping the top off on these gay webcam sites and then his trunks, getting fully nude and showing how hairy he is. Unsurprisingly even his round booty is decorated with a full bush, and he’s ready with an interactive toy in his bunghole, vibrating on demand.

It’s time you flip the script and be the one teasing instead, changing the speed of vibrations and watching how he squirms on the bed while swinging your dick in front of him during a cam2cam show. Now you’re both prepared for the real deal, so grab your cum guns and start charging them until they’re ready to shoot.

His whole body is going to shiver, the droplets of sweat sliding down his chest and making the hairs swirl as they get soaked up. All along he will restlessly pump that meaty dick until the anal stimulation makes him clench and gets him to jizz.

Big uncut cocks on daddy bears are one of the best things one can stumble upon, and there is no lack of them on gay bear cam sites. My go-to is RobbertBC, he can be your sensual lover, or you can let him take control and decide what is going to happen during a private show.

Once you see the way he pours oil over his body and lubes up that dick along with it, there’s nothing off the board for him. You will show him how hard you wish to be his fuckboy by blowing a big rubber cock, and moaning out his name when you manage to catch a breath, making that dick of his firm as a brick.

Your appetite for a bear cock will expand, so much that you’ll willingly kneel before him and plead him to stroke his dick faster. Bend over and show your tight ass to him, use your fingers to spread it, and then prepare the toy to sate his cravings.

He will grab a fleshlight and plant it on his cock, pumping as you take in more inches of the dildo until there’s nothing more to fit inside and you have gaped wide open. He would love so much to fill up your slutty ass with his semen, and make it drip out like it’s going to flow out from the fleshlight.

When you feel like chatting and flirting with a hairy beefcake, or need to let out all the pent-up cum with the help of an alpha male, gay bear cam sites are going to fill in that gap for you (quite literally in certain cases).

It’s certain that you’ll enjoy your visit because it’s an erotic journey from start to finish, so take advantage of every aspect these cam shows have to offer you and feed all your cravings to a big portion of sexual delights.

Euro Gay Cams

Are you looking for something different in a guy, and can’t seem to find it? I’m sure you can find a perfect fit on Euro gay cams, and with so many different cultures intertwining, it’s a no-brainer. You could say that these guys are no different than you, they also love meeting some new men from other countries and sharing their experiences.

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Gay Big Cock Cams

Let me tell you, they’re no strangers to some kinky stuff like roleplay, and they absolutely adore BDSM and everything that goes with it, so you’re in for a real adventure. Personally, I can’t get enough, and I never settle for one guy, there are too many of them, each one better than the last, even when you think that’s not possible.

You should definitely try out someone like LucasLust, a sexy European teen who will do everything you need him to. He’s such a sweet, pretty guy, it’s almost hard to boss him around, but the more you delve deeper into the session, the nastier he’s going to get, uncovering his true colors.

He can perform a striptease for you, starting by shaking his perky ass, rubbing his cock over the clothes, until they drop to the floor and you’re left with a slender figure and a raging boner in your sights. If you tell him to stroke it for you, he might throw in a surprise, a self-sucking show for however long you want.

His dirty mouth will take a meaty filling, and he will suck that cock like there’s no tomorrow in his gay cam room. Spice it up a bit, ask him what toys he has, and order him to use a buttplug on himself, get that puckering asshole prepared. Make sure to follow as to not let him cum too early, you don’t want to leave without an orgasm.

Show him your stiffy, and tell him to imagine that tool is about to drill his asshole, he will moan out loud, call you daddy, and beg to get fucked harder. The longer you go, the wider his booty hole gets, soon enough you’ll be busting a load, and he’ll tell you all about how much he craves to have it all dripping out of his booty, sliding down his thighs.

Spanish studs are no strangers to wild parties, and they’re quite open to all kinds of experiments, so whenever you’re feeling like trying out something new on live gay webcams, don’t hesitate to visit Hugo_69. Do you want to know how it is when you’re begging to be fucked? Then he’s the right man for the job.

First, you’ll have to wear a collar around your neck, get yourself tied to a bed, and kneel in front of him like a true obedient slave. Thus European master will take off his shirt, exposing the manly chest, hairy, buff, and he’ll caress himself until his fingers reach the crotch, where he’ll take off the pants, and start jerking off in front of you.

Don’t even think of doing that yourself, he’s your master, and his word is your command, no matter how tempted you might get to take the matters into your own hands. He will sit in a chair and spread out his legs, ordering you to worship them and suck his toes while he’s enjoying himself.

All the teasing and no fun? Oh, it’s coming, after all of that, your longing, the boner sticking out, he will allow you to jerk off with him. Without hesitation you’ll grab your dick, and start masturbating, only a dozen of strokes, that’s all you’re going to need in order to reach an orgasm, explosive, your body trembling in pleasure, the mind going numb, and total nirvana achieved at last.

What makes Euro gay cams that much better than others? It’s simple, you get all the fun you need set in one place, the sexy accents, so many ethnicities meddled together that you’ll want to savor each and every one of them.

Regardless of the type of a hunk you choose, your private session will be filled with dick-slinging fun, and that’s not even scratching the surface of all the possibilities. All the details, twists and turns, everything depends on you, so the only way to find out how good the guys from Europe are is to try them out yourself.

American Gay Webcam Sites

Hot male models from the USA are always looking to have some fun with a complete stranger, and if you’re searching for some erotic online thrills, then it’s a match made in heaven. These dudes will welcome you with a pearly white smile, eager to show all their attributes, bust some loads, and overall, they just want to have fun.

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Gay Anal Cam

With the America gay webcam sites, you can rest assured that your dick will be in good hands, handled with care and respect. Unless you’re searching for a master and want to experience the other side of a spectrum, they are skilled at cock and balls torture, and know how to postpone your orgasms or completely deny them.

DannyLust is one of those college boys who do striptease as a side hustle, and with a football player type of a body, he’s a major hit. His skillset is definitely better utilized on cam shows, where he can take the time and reveal his body in an arousing fashion to make you salivate over him.

Your jaw will drop to the floor once he starts playing some sexy music, dims the lights, and gets down to business. His leather vest leaves just enough to the imagination, but he doesn’t want to keep you waiting for too long. While thrusting his hip, shaking them, and simulating sex with a hat, he’ll slowly strip down the clothes.

All until there’s barely anything left to be revealed, except that stiff prick under his hat. The fact that he’s hanging it on his dick as if it’s a coat hanger, gives you a hint at how stiff his tool is on these gay cam sites. Finally, it’s revealed, a young American cock, ready to be stroked, and he’s sure you’re also prepared for a stroking session.

A bit of saliva is all he needs to lube up that dick, and you can also follow in his footsteps. Your breaths get heavy while jerking off, the intensity is increasing with each passing moment, until you feel that thing in your hands pulsating, and suddenly releasing a thick load of jizz, to which he responds with an orgasm of equal intensity.

If there’s something the boys from the United Stated are better at than the rest of the world, it’s rough play. You will love Mister_Moulder, a bearded, big guy, with patches of hair all over his beefy body, which are a real sign of superiority in men, and he’s got them everywhere.

There’s no doubt that he’s the one in control, especially once he sees how lacking you are in that area, or when he notices that tiny dick in your pants during gay webcam chat with him. Maybe it shrunk from the sheer sense of fear and respect towards this man, but that means nothing to him, you’re packing a cheeto down there, and he won’t stop degrading you for it.

He even starts picking up random household items to compare, like AAA batteries, needles and pins, and all kinds of other things. Real men are packing a meaty schlong like he’s got, thick, long, and hard as a rock, but you’re not even close, and there’s no use out of you other than being his little sissy.

You will wear pink girly underwear, make-up, and a wig, all together will make you look so pretty, yet you’re going to be humbled and humiliated. Now it’s time for you to blow a cock, deepthroat it, get skullfucked, and then have that brand new pussy impaled balls deep, all through the whimpers which he’ll muffle with a ballgag, and there’s no stopping until you’re begging for mercy.

There you have it, a piece of atmosphere from the America gay webcams, and the deeper you decide to dwell in shows, the better it gets. It cannot be put into words how dedicated these guys are to pleasing you, turns out the “customer is always right” mentality pays off big time.

Maybe they’ll view you as a friend, it does take some time to build a relationship with a sexy gay stud, but after some shows, you will become a personal favorite. Before any of that happens, you have to make the first step and check out these men to find some for yourself.

Straight Male Cams

If you’re lusting to fulfill your cravings and hook up with a heterosexual man, there are a lot of open-minded models who are ready to please you. These hunks love affection, and they are equally excited to perform for other men, if not more, getting their cocks and chiseled bodies praised and drooled over will get them rock hard.

With straight male cams, you can finally get that one-on-one action, try out some blood-boiling fetishes, or even get dominated. Once you step in, be prepared, because they love seeing how horny you get, on your knees, moaning for a dick, and ready to do whatever it takes for sexual gratification.

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Uncut Gay Men Cams

Calvin_Hot is a stunning stud who has years of experience under his belt, and just like you, he also knows what it takes to please a man. He’ll sweet talk you into getting rock hard, and then he’ll keep that erection standing firm by caressing his sexy, nude body, from the manly chest to his crotch.

You can choose to guide him on what to do next, like licking his fingers in a seductive manner, and then rubbing the nipples. Or even pouring oil all over himself and spreading it out, while slowly stripping off the underwear to show you what a meaty cock he’s got.

Of course, he’ll stroke it, slowly pulling the foreskin down, and then returning it to the starting position, making the veins pop on his tool from excitement during a straight male webcam chat. Don’t hold back from showing him what you’ve got packing as well, it takes two for tango after all, and he can’t wait to see how eager to jerk off you are.

On top of that, you’ll be able to control a vibrating toy in his bunghole, make it shake so he loses control over his body, and starts preparing for a raging orgasm. His eyes roll back into his head, and he can’t hold it in anymore, a rain of semen thrusts uncontrollably out of his dick, and soon enough you will follow up on it.

Who wouldn’t like to have a submissive straight fucktoy like a slender twink FunboyAlex? You can turn him into your sissy, humiliate him in the wildest ways possible before he even goes through the ultimate domination, or in other words, you make that tight asshole of his gape.

Order him to strip down, so you can see what he’s got to offer, that tight body, perky booty, and a tiny cock in his male webcam room. He won’t be using that thing anyways, and he should see what a real cock looks like, you being the provider. Whip it out and slam it right into his face, while telling him that the only action he will see is by him being on the receiving end.

Get him to wear girly, pink lingerie, some slutty make-up, and a long blonde wig. Make him prance around the room for you and tease you, performing a striptease, and exposing his booty hole. Once he bends over and spreads the ass cheeks, tell him to put a finger inside and play with himself until he’s begging for a cock.

In the meantime you should put a chastity cage on his prick, followed by a big dildo he’s going to suck as if it’s your schlong. While you’re jerking off, make him work that asshole out, stretch it with the toy, and make him ride it like a cowgirl until you’re busting a nut, pleased, and happy to see him turn into your faithful slave.

The hunks on straight male cams are in it to win it, meaning they are prepared to do anything as long as you end up with the cravings sated, and they do a good job. You can find all kinds of male models, from light to dark-skinned, with all kinds of ethnicities and backgrounds, the choice is yours.

Once you find that heterosexual stud of your choice, get it known what your expectations are, how you want him to perform, and when to stop because some can go multiple rounds in a row. It’s all about having fun and trying out some new things, sometimes for the both of you, ending in exotic orgasms.

Gay Fetish Webcams

If you’re stepping into the world of fetish sex for the first time, then let the best and most experienced guide you through it. The models on gay fetish webcams have the knowledge, the tools, and bodies to get you all worked up, craving for yet another session before they’re even done with you.

Your submissiveness is the driving force behind their satisfaction, and I’m sure the same goes for you, in case being dominant excites you. What you’re really gaining is immeasurable, the arousal by a common fetish elevated to the highest point, bringing you to such intense orgasms that you’ll get high just thinking about that moment.

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Gay Smoking Cams Chat

If you’re into big, bristly men, then meet Mike_HairyBear, he’s the one for all your twisted sexual fantasies involving hairy bodies, and even more. He will take off his tight shirt and expose his chest covered in a love carpet, it’s so manly that you just wish to ride his cock while running your hands through the hairy chest.

Make him caress those strands of hair, watch him get aroused as he’s doing as you please, and make him do something more during gay fetish cam chat. His sweaty armpits, covered in a thick, unshaven area of hairs, inhaling his own scent, and getting equally excited as you are, it’s not that hard to notice his hard-on.

Luckily, you can make him show you his bushy cock, thick and yummy, and he will stroke it for you. He loves when someone gives out commands and gives him jerk off instructions, which, I can bet, you will enjoy thoroughly. Make him go slowly, and watch as he’s begging you to let him do it faster, but where’s the fun in that?

Take your time, there’s no rush, at least for you, he can squirm and moan all he wants. Pull out your cock and stroke it the way he can’t, ridicule his inability to do it the same way and keep edging him. Seeing you won’t make him feel any better, as a matter of fact, neither will denying an orgasm, but you’re the only one allowed to have the pleasure as a dom.

For those who would rather be slaves and love all the fetishes from smoking, to impact play, meet Master_James. He will silently watch you, smoking a cigarette, and thinking of what to do with you. Get in front of him and open your mouth, he doesn’t want all that ash to go on the floor when you could be used as a human ashtray.

Just to be sure that you’re faithful to him, he has to give you a couple of spanks, as a precautionary measure. He can see you’ve got a foot fetish by the way you’re looking at his bare feet, with a shine in the corner of your eye in his gay fetish cam room. That’s perfect, he, too, likes using them, but you’re nowhere to touch your cock as he’s playing with a dildo.

Once you’re wearing a chastity lock, he will pour oil over a toy, and start teasing you by stroking it with the tender soles of his feet. The inability to even touch yourself, even while having the hands free, is agonizing, but you’re on his field, watching as those skilled toes tickle the tip and his feet restlessly stroking.

However, he can be merciful and unlock your potential, but only with demand, he will issue some cum eating instructions. It won’t take long before you’re getting all fired up, furiously jerking off, and depositing your entire load in a mug, commanded to pour some coffee over it to go with your creamer, and ordered to drink it up.

The abilities of gay fetish webcams are only scraping the surface here, there’s so much depth to each fetish, and there are varieties, but no matter how out-of-the-ordinary it may seem, these male models know it all.

Every fetish has its master, and every master has his slave, no matter which one of the two you are, the gay fetish webcams are the only place where you can enjoy them the way you desire.

Gay Leather Cams

The rubber outfits on hot studs here at gay leather cams are going to sweep you off your feet, and they’ve got the matching toys to enhance your experience. Their purpose is to bend a guy like you to their will, make you observe every move they make until you’re ready to surrender your body for some sinful pleasures.

You’ll kneel from the very sound of leather boots creaking as he walks until the crisp sound of rubber gloves echoes in your mind as he puts them on and clenches his fists. Such an alpha male has the strength to break you to his will with such simple moves, and you can’t even imagine what he can do to you with some effort.

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Gay SPH Cam Chat

Try DaddyJaxon for example, he’s a simple guy, wearing the minimum amount of clothes, but enough to captivate you. Just a leather vest, unzipped so his abs are showing, and leather underwear because he loves the way his cock feels while rubbing against the fabric, it’s orgasmic at the very least.

Still, there’s nothing like an admiration of a man that gets him off, and with a body like that, it’s guaranteed to happen. You’ll salivate at him flexing those guns, flashing you his abs, and slowly taking off the vest, so you can moan out how hot he looks and that you’d lick off the sweat off his body.

His latex pants are getting tighter, his dick can’t be contained anymore, and it’s about to be released. He will whip it out, a long, thick cock, served for you, so make the most out of it during the gay leather webcam session. Show him how willing to suck you are by kneeling and licking your fingers, then taking a dildo and simulating oral on him.

He’ll crave to see your puckering bunghole, so bend over and spread those booty cheeks so he can inspect your bunghole. No matter how tight, he will get it drilled balls deep, you’ll get to feel every inch going deeper inside of you, and he won’t stop until you’re begging for his cum.

A master like Derek_Dom loves his skinny leather pants that stick to the skin, along with a sexy rubber hat so he can be the policeman of your dreams. This dream has a somewhat different flow, the one where you’re suffering as he’s grinning above you in his gay cam room, and the moment you’re released is the most excitement you’ll ever get.

He will make you feel the leather on your back, the sound of a whip striking the bare skin is out worldly to him, although you might not share the same sentiment. As his slave, you have no other choice but to succumb, unless you want to get punished further by this vile latex master.

Don’t be surprised if his focus gets turned towards your junk, he will twist your nuts, pull them down, and use some tools to make you squirm on the floor from pain. To make matters worse, he is mocking you by doing the opposite to himself, stroking his cock with care, gently fondling his balls, and enjoying while you suffer.

Having such power is invigorating, but he’ll turn merciful for a moment, allowing you to take a break, and even jerk off with him. As you may have guessed, he still has control over your junk, and he determines how you jerk off. After so many trials, you can finally relieve yourself, but your joy will be short-lived when each and every orgasm of yours gets ruined.

Wearing latex is not just about the power it brings to the one who wears it, it’s the admiration and the feeling a stud like the ones on our gay leather cams gains. Strong men like them get respected at first sight, although it shouldn’t be forgotten that the muscular bodies have something to do with it.

Thankfully, they can wear anything from leather boots to gloves, and if that’s not enough, there are some sexy leather bodysuits to be worn. Prepare yourself for anything because you never know what might happen, after all, these are no ordinary gay models you will be dealing with.

Gay Domination Webcam Sites

Don’t let yourself be dominated by some lesser models, leave to the professionals, guys who have the bodies built for admiration, thick cocks to humiliate you, and filthy minds without which they wouldn’t be complete. That’s what petty little male slaves like you need, to get called a faggot on these gay domination webcam sites while choking on his dick until your throat gets sore.

You’re weak and you know it, there’s not a bone in your body that can make a decision on its own, but that’s where these masters step in. Their deep voices will issue commands, and you’re going to shake from the very sound, trembling in fear and bowing down to become a faithful servant.

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Gay Domination Webcam

In the eyes of a beefy stud like MadnessMike, you’re a speck of dust, irrelevant to him or anyone else, but good enough to get the last bit of your pride stomped on. The way he’s standing, that perfect chiseled jaw clenching, his big arms crossed, judging you from afar, as if he’s reading your mind and looking for insecurities.

We’ve all got a magic word that makes us bend over backward and our knees shake in fear, except him that is. He won’t need to waste too much of his precious time, the moment he says “micropenis”, you will freeze, even try to deny it, but he wants to see the proof so strip down.

It’s going to be exactly as he predicted, a tiny pecker the size of the tip of his thumb. A total weakling, what use could he possibly have for you? One comes to mind, you stroking that prick with tweezers during a live gay domination cam, at least make him laugh, but at the same time, it’s sad as much as it’s funny.

At least you can put those lips to good use, get a dildo and start sucking on it while he’s swinging out that superior cock out for you to see. That’s what a real dick looks like, and he will stroke it while yelling at you to go deeper, sloppier, to the point where you’re struggling to catch a breath, but he doesn’t care, you’ll do it until he’s busting a fat nut.

Hairy gay bears don’t mess around, especially when they’re wearing cowboy hats and leather boots, that’s a good sign that you’re in for a wild ride. Glenn_Masters is one of those mean guys, and he’s always wearing a trusted whip around with himself, and you won’t be spared from it.

He will take his belt and get it around your neck, bending you down with that booty facing him, and ordering you take those panties down, sissy boy in his BDSM webcam room. One strike after another, and you will be branded like a calf, except he will also write a new name on your chest, something like “cum bucket” would work just fine.

Then you’re going to get your nipples clipped, he wants to see you sweating profusely, and see as that sweat drips down towards your feet. Just as he wants them, salty, dirty, perfect for you to lick, and also don’t forget to suck on every last toe before he makes you stuff your face with a full foot.

What kind of a cowboy would he be if you wouldn’t take a ride? He will order you to take a rubber cock and place it under yourself, no lube, slaves don’t need it. Slowly plant your bunghole on it, and keep on probing until your tight ass has eaten it all up, and hop as if you’re riding a bull, or in this case, your able master, and don’t you dare to stop before he tells you to.

For every slave like you, there are multiple masters, and if you make a habit of serving them, then you’ll be tossed around, used, and fucked restlessly to feed their perversion. Ironically enough, you will be the one with a stuffed mouth, from toilet water to your own cum, there are no exceptions.

That’s the thing with a gay domination webcam, you know what you’re searching for, a real manly man who won’t stray away from using all the tools he needs to domesticate you on these gay domination cam sites. Luckily enough for you and all the other subordinates, that’s exactly what you get here.

Gay Master Webcams

To a dominant male, you are just another slave, but you already know that, getting humiliated and tortured gives you excitement in your life for a change, and he certainly loves showing off his sadistic side. When you enter into the world of gay master webcams, have your focus on one thing only; how to serve your overlord.

Each one of them loves it when you’re keeping your mouth shut, follow the orders, and offer your body for any kind of filth they imagine. It’s a never-ending game of endurance, made to form you into a slave, and if you behave then there might be some sexual relief coming your way as a reward.

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Gay Roleplay Cams Chat

Richie85_hot loves brandishing his leather outfit which clings tight to that muscular body and clearly outlines all of his bulges. From the buff arms to his stiff cock, you won’t be able to decide where to keep your sights focused on because he’s so stunningly beautiful.

He will see you staring, and shut you down quickly, ordering you to bow before him and untie his shoelaces with your teeth, quickly turning into a harsh master on the live cam chat. Once his boots are off, you are ordered to get your nose closer and take a deep breath of his sweaty feet, inhale all that salty stench and keep it in your lungs for a while.

Come to think of it, he needs them clean, and your tongue might be just the perfect thing to scrub them. Start from his soles and then move towards the toes, don’t forget to get the area between them clean as well, and then move your focus towards sucking each and every one individually.

Once you’ve done your job, it’s time for a reward, he will let you jerk off, but only the way he’s instructing. While his feet are moving around a dildo, you will stroke your cock the same way, no matter how slow or fast, and he will make sure to delay your orgasm for as long as possible.

Some bear doms like badboy.Brandon are there to really show their dominance, and you will most definitely respect him out of fear during a gay master webcam session. He’s especially harsh towards petite fags, your frail body and submissive act are enough to show him what a little bitch you are.

He’s going to brandish his meaty cock and you’re going to like it, worship it, and bow before it. Your tiny prick doesn’t stand a chance before him, it’s like a measly worm when compared, so you better put on a chastity lock as to not embarrass yourself any further.

Not like you’re going to be the one using a dick anyway because he will turn you into a sissy. Such a slender thing, when he puts on girly pink lingerie, make-up, and a wig on you, it will mark the beginning of your humiliation, just imagine how dirty and small it would feel.

You will have to tease him by seductively dancing, pulling down your pink panties with that perky ass facing him, and then bending over to spread your ass cheeks and show that tight “pussy”. Entertain him, grab the biggest dildo you’ve got and ride it without lube, the only thing allowed is to suck it, but it has to be a deepthroat so you’re choking.

There is much more to gay master cams than you could imagine, from simple derogatory writings on your body to cock and balls torture, these studs aren’t afraid to show you what a master can do. Sometimes you are going to beg them to be released from your ropes and shackles, but they know better.

Once all the suffering is over, even the slightest sign of affection will result in a raging orgasm. What kind of a slave are you? You can never know until you try different things out, all it takes is a bit of courage, and some new rough play might turn out to be the thing you were longing for.

Gay Amateur Cam Sites

If you’ve ever wanted a cam site experience to be special, as if you’re meeting with a hot dude for the first time, and the two of you are exploring each other’s body, then amateur models will make you feel at home. I sure know that whenever there’s a new guy performing, it feels like we’re both losing virginity all over again.

One major thing that it all depends on is which site to use? Not all of them host guys, some have none at all, or they carry out the sessions like professionals, and when you want the opposite, it’s best to know where to turn, so here are two of the best gay amateur cam sites. Review

There’s nothing like a site full of sexy models who have decided to take up a side hustle of pleasing other men. By hot I mean that there are various types of men, from muscular to twinks, hairy bears, teens, mature daddies, or anything else you can think of which in itself is admirable.

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The numbers here are great as well, hosting an average of 200 gay studs all day long, Streamen is nicely populated, and you will obviously have a great choice regardless of what’s in your sexual interests.

For those who love to dabble in fetishes, it’s a great webcam site to begin with, I’ve found a couple of hunks interested in being dominated, and we’ve had so much fun from beginning to end. One of those was running by a nick of Andy_badboy, a slender twink who was quite amusing with his perky ass.

I’ve made sure to gain control from the beginning, ordered him to strip down so I can better observe his booty, and see if he needs a couple of spanks. Turns out I was right, nothing a leather paddle isn’t going to solve, a couple of hits across it, and he was already moaning that he’s my little bitch.

His pecker went under a lock, and I’ve made him kneel in front of me to blow a fat dildo as if it was my cock. Nice and easy, slowly going balls deep, and I could hear him gurgling, gasping a breath of air, and then repeating it again. You can bet that I’ve busted a load, and he even stuck out his tongue like a good little sub. Review

You might think that ultra-high quality shows and amateur men aren’t supposed to be used in the same sentence, but CameraBoys is here to prove you wrong. These models are hand-picked, and the standards are kept quite high here, they might be new to the whole thing, but they look absolutely perfect.

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HD streams are a site-wide rule, it ensures a pleasurable viewing experience, and makes sure you don’t get a grainy picture. What may be surprising to some is the age of these guys, they are mostly 18-21 years old, with some up to 30-ish, which is especially good if you’re on the hunt for young blood.

The model bio is one of the most detailed things on this site, you can really get a better shot at who these guys are. It helps with keeping it real and getting an honest encounter with guys like MattGill, a super sexy, muscular 23-year-old, who is here to dazzle you with his looks.

It’s especially exciting when he takes off his tank top, and rubs his whole body with massage oil, teasing you with a striptease while caressing his muscles. His cock is already rock hard, you can clearly see it while he’s thrusting the hips, but it seems like you need some more incentives.

Would you like to see him finger that hairless bunghole? That’s certainly going to raise your spirits, and from there on you’ll be stroking your cock, watching his booty take more and more until he joins you with a dick in his hands and you’re reaching an orgasm simultaneously.


Everything flows more naturally when you’re having a cam2cam session with an amateur hunk. It’s just the way you’re communicating with each other, testing out the field to see how much in common you’ve got, and that’s what makes these sessions so sought for.

It’s like you’ve gained a fuckbuddy, he can be your equal, a sub, or even the one in control, and he will always be here to share those erotic moments with you on gay cam sites like Streamen and Cameraboys.